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    Kings rule the world, and the little people just get whats left over...

    AAAHHHHHHHHHH I was young, nieve...Not as sexy... All I can say is that I have changed a lot since I was that new recruit DJ guy.. I have also managed to restict my usage of swear words... ****** ****** ****** ****** ------------------ Absolute Intrigue [This message has been edited by...
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    Would you be mad if....

    My..My..We are feeling a little 'dump happy' aren't we.. Whatever happened to trust?.. Just don't sweat it..If she cheats..It's her loss.. If not..You are the MAN..For letting her go and giving her the trust that she needs to see. Laters ------------------ Absolute Intrigue.
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    Would you be mad if....

    Call me every day?????? Hello..My name is mr insecure.... Laters ------------------ Absolute Intrigue.
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    Your opinions on...........

    Paradox, I've been reading your diary as well, I think I will start one now.. Anyway, quite a few women comment on how my top buton on my shirt is always done up.. Strange but true.. So I always come back at them with some witty response.. Laters ------------------ Absolute Intrigue.
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    Question : Women Who Make The First Move

    Swiss, Swiss, Swiss.. Taking an easy woman's number is just like making love to a beautiful woman.... You wine and dine her with fine wines and Belgian chocolates.... (p.s. I'm just taking the piss out of your name, but you probably already expected that to happen) Laters ------------------...
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    LTR....need expert advice. This is serious stuff.

    Poet, I have seen that you have invested quite a bit in this relationship, and from what I know about you, you are not a person who will give up without a fight. That's why I think Mr Blue's advice is the right course, but perhaps you could jazz it up a bit with your poetic styles. Good luck...
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    My ass is getting stalked!!!!

    Well, in my case, social proof did the trick. It was a dangerous idea, but I have walked past her several times with different, hot looking friends of mine.... No more prank calls, and I haven't seen her in a while. I'm a teensy weensy bit worried that I may have driven her to do something...
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    On the subject of hugging...

    Danjer-MAN, I guess we Brits are a bit more cultured than the American dudes.....They obviously have troble expressing their emotions in public.... Give me a hug my English friend. Laters ------------------ Absolute Intrigue.
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    Success with Sister! (Tips Included) -- But Later Failure

    Great tips man. It seems obvious that dancing lessons are the order of the day, so get them, then show the woman in question that you really can 'cut a rug'.. Laters ------------------ Absolute Intrigue.
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    On the subject of hugging...

    Sorry about before Brod. But with hugging, there is always a giver and a reciever, like with kissing. Recieving a hug is much nicer than giving one. Except if the woman tries to squeeze the life out of you...It has happened So keep a sharp eye out, if she looks like she is about to go for...
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    On the subject of hugging...

    Man, you just made my week. That is damn funny. Laters ------------------ Absolute Intrigue.
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    On the subject of hugging...

    Why not? Laters ------------------ Absolute Intrigue.
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    On the subject of hugging...

    At the ball I attended yesterday, I was getting hugged by women I had never seen before. The hug is coming back into fashion as the 'only' way to say hello/goodbye. Laters ------------------ When you're as great as I am, it's hard to be humble. --Muhammad Ali
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    My own Temptation Island

    Watch out for that right hook! You have never done a woman over the age of 24.....DAMN. The women I'm looking at are a bit older and I'm younger than you. Laters ------------------ When you're as great as I am, it's hard to be humble. --Muhammad Ali
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    My own Temptation Island

    You ain't the only one! Laters ------------------ When you're as great as I am, it's hard to be humble. --Muhammad Ali
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    My own Temptation Island

    This is getting to scary levels now.. I don't think that living with her is a good idea anymore... Resume the search for a new apartment. Either that, or give her what she wants. I don't think that anyone can predict her behaviour after you 'drill' her, so why not do it, then see what...
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    My own Temptation Island

    I don't see that as bad, I see that as social proof. Ask yourself, do you really want her? If you could get by without giving her some 'jungle boogie', then don't. You could put the question over to her in a hypothetical sort of way. or Get a woman round, do her, make it known that you are...
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    My own Temptation Island

    I would go for it!! If one of my flatmates said she wanted to sleep with me, I would jump at the chance... You say she is mature, and this seems to be her idea, so take her for what she is worth, but it should be clear to her that the relationship will go no further than the bedroom and maybe...
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    My ass is getting stalked!!!!

    I have developed a similar problem to NS. My last girlfriend, who I dumped, but in a nice way, seems to be out for revenge. Actually, since we broke, I haven't handled things very professionally, in fact, every time I have seen her, I have totally ignored her. Now I get phone calls in the...
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    What I did to loose my fear, and gain confidence.

    Hi guys. I hooked up with a friend of mine who was working in a bar. She was asked to walk the 'mean streets' and hand out some promotional flyers, so I went with her and took a bunch off her. I had so much fun, approching and talking to complete strangers...I lost any shyness, and...