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    The Lion is Back! (And Needs Your Help!)

    Good Advice Bishop-- I just shouldn't worry about it! Actually, Masters post really help solve my answer as well... Just keep doing what I'm doing.. I still give myself favorable odds on landing this one!!
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    Guys, PLEASE stop being so sensitive

    MOTU, you are the master of course.. I once read that the whole idea of nexting is to teach the guys who have been walked all over to stop tolerating disrespect, and I agree. Once you have built of confidence, things change. One of the problems some DJs get once they get into the...
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    I've gottin a bunch of numbers but no dates

    Good work on getting the number.. I'd say, she might have thrown you a classic bull**** test-- she doesn't have a boyfriend, she just wanted to she how you would respond and you caved my friend, caved mightly like a 16 year old virgin to the captian of the football team.. Remember, keep...
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    The Lion is Back! (And Needs Your Help!)

    Hey Don Juans, How are ya? Lionfox here, it's been a long time, too long really, away from the site. I haven't been keeping up much with the general atmosphere of sosuave at all, but the few times I've dropped in, I've noticed the number of excellent posts have dropped off, unfortunately. I...
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    My "Game" Self Assessment Form

    Morning after clubbing, I did some serious self analysis and ending up writing this great form. You can use it as a tool figure out what your weak points are and create a plan to correct them. Just copy and past the rest of this post into word and then format it so that can use it.. Also, for...
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    Beaten by another woman..? Read this and laugh!

    Hey Djs, This is a follow up on the situation I wrote about in the post "Girl is a better DJ than I Am". I'm still trying to get in her pants, but this one is getting strange. The AFCs are out. Of this, I am certain. The AFC who was trying hardest has been relegated to the LJBF zone...
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    Excellent, Must Read Article

    I know our general opinion around here is.. the less who know, the more ladies for us.. But It's nice to see SOMEONE outside of this forum is really pointing out what's happened to men. http://www.claremont.org/writings/crb/winter2003/moore.html
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    Make Yourself The Best Moment Of Her Day

    Here's a few things I've learn lately.. I don't know how to cold approach. Wasn't born with the gift for it, and overall just don't like it. Want to Learn it, but am working slowly towards it. Fortunately, I've developed a wide circle of friends and acquaintances so I'm always meeting new...
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    This Girl is a Better Don Juan Than than I am

    Hey DJs, It's been a lonnngg time since I've posted anything new, just been away from the site for a long time doing my thing. Very happy and good news to report, my relationships with women just keep getting better and better and I've never been happier.. so.. **** all those who say this...
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    "Average Joe"

    I didn't watch much of the show, but I did the end.. I think it all came to what she said at the end.... The Average Joe had his heart on his sleeve at the end, and she could sense that.. The other guy was a bit more reserved.. they were working two different angles.. The Pretty Boy was...
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    Straight out the Twilight Zone!

    I don't know guys.. I don't think I'm going to call her. .. I just got this picture of her in my head of her head doing a 360 spin around her neck..that keeps my hand off the phone. She was a little spooky, but at the same time sexy and innocent.. Drugs are one thing, I've known lots of...
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    Straight out the Twilight Zone!

    Hey. Djs! It's been a while since I've posted.. Life keeps me busy these days.. that and the girls fawning over me.. As you think you shall become... it's so true.. Listen, this is the weirdest thing that's ever happen to me, and I'd like some advice. This is not a "Should I DJ Her"...
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    Report of Weekend Sarge: Need advice from masters

    Thanks.. anyone have anything else to add?
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    Report of Weekend Sarge: Need advice from masters

    Hey everyone, this is going to be long, so bare with me. A lot happened, and it's raised a lot of questions for me, and I would like some opinions back.. Saturday night I was feeling great and dying to go out and try to sarge. Now, some of you know that before I found this site I was really...
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    North Carolina DJs

    Oh, and if anyone is in Myrtle Beach, SC.. let me know..
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    North Carolina DJs

    Well, my email is Umbielovegrove@yahoo.com if anyone wants to get up with me. --fender85-- let me know if you are ever coming this way, or if you are in the Charlotte area.. --agentavatar- I'm in Wilmington, and going to raleigh on the weekend is no problem for me.. I'm talking to a chick...
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    North Carolina DJs

    I'm in Wilmington, NC. That's kind of far from your Fender, but not completey out of the picture for a weekend sarge.. LionFox
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    3 Stages Of Attraction and how to use them to your advantage

    Good tip. You really spelled out why non-verbal communication is so important..
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    Would you remain a Nice Guy if...

    Yeah man.. Kind of suprising.
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    NO company is better than BAD company

    I think it's a full moon or something because everyone's complaining about their AFC friends, and the stupid things they are doing. I got a call at 3:30 am on a thursday night (I was sleep, I had to be a work the next morning) Apparently my AFC friend had gotten jealous of my jerk friend...