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    Running HOT

    Laptops these days that have good hardware run incredibly hot, make the $30 investment in a laptop cooler (basically a short platform with fans in it that you put under your laptop) and it'll keep things cool.
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    Psychedelics and other misc psychoactive chemicals

    I've tried some weak salvia last year in college, and it wasn't too spectacular. A few minutes of mostly just being confused, and then a high similar to weed afterwards. This summer I started trying LSD, and I have to agree with what's been said: you experience things that seem so simple yet...
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    true f*ckin story!!!!!

    You ever stop and think that not all dad's go crazy when they find their children having sex? As Touchout said, he probably isn't an idiot.
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    For you HS Seniors: What college are you going to?

    Oh snap, can't believe this post got revived. Looking back at it, I probably would have had a much more fun time partying at a larger school but I don't regret coming to Mudd. Sadly, our incoming class less than about 30% girls of which absolutely none were hot, but I've made the most of it with...
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    Those who help themselves - a good QUICK read

    Nice to still be able to live in your home though, isn't it?
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    club dancing music

    Look at the playlists on hip-hop radio stations' websites, many of those songs will be played. Double C has a good start for you.
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    mom threatening to sue me

    Am I the only one who thinks that it's the GIRL that's the problem, not the MOM? Come on, no mother would be able to do all the things you're accusing her of. Maybe the birthday present or the blocked calls, but to me it sounds like you've just been too creepy for her, she's done with you and...
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    MrConfidences thread

    It's because people don't want to walk into you, it's that simple. That is, unless they're moving FAR away, then they probably either hate you or you smell.
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    Name change

    I went by two names in 8th grade. Biggest mistake of my life.
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    Every HS DJ - Click HERE - Cautions Required

    Why don't people just use something like xanga to record their own journal and leave the forum for the important stuff these people have to say such as field reports?
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    She picked football over me. WTF

    If she'd rather go to a football game then spend time with you for the last time before you leave, she isn't worth bothering yourself about.
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    Snakes on a Plane!

    It was the stupidest movie I've ever seen. Yet at the same time it was the best movie-going experience I've ever had.
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    Do You Approve of Prostitution / Hookers / Escorts?

    That's not the question people are responding to in your poll, keep that in mind. Personally, I would not hire a prositute, but I also feel like there is no problem with prostitution so I put "approve" as my answer.
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    Possibly Vegetarian Chick (ugh)

    What I don't understand is why you're all debating the value of vegetarianism instead of calling this guy out on his stupidity. If she wants to be a vegetarian, does that seriously make any difference? And if it does, dump her, it's that simple.
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    Taught myself to moonwalk

    When you go past the moonwalk into glides (that's what samependo is talking about I think) then it starts to impress people.
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    2012 The Future of Mankind

    I turned it off when he said it was obscene for americans accept being knighted, though I probably should have turned it off earlier.
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    My girlfriend+college+my summer...weird.

    Well you will (hopefully) break up with her before she heads off to college, so why not just get it over with now and start dating other girls?
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    Anybody See Superman?

    Superman was just way too boring for my tastes, it could have been great but it just went on too long setting up what happened.
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    What do the tall guys wear?????

    I'm 6' but skinny as hell and have the same problem. Shirts that fit me lengthwise are too wide everywhere, especially in the neck opening. Shirts that fit my frame are just too short.
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    CD Mix- Club Songs

    On a related note, is there any way to find playlists of clubs that spin hip-hop mostly? Or I guess it would be what the individual djs spin and not the clubs, but in either case is there a website or somewhere I can find these lists? I'm interested in keeping up to date with what the big club...