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    Key to her heart: make her feel good about being with you

    Thanks for keeping things grounded Jariel ! I've learned theres a fine line between, ****y and funny when only you think it's funny...otherwise known as ****yness.
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    Internet profile: avoid fatties, gain attractive girls

    The chicks like your bravado, standards and the fact you know what you want.....but the ? is what did your profile message say?
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    Common Cures - Quick line # 1 -

    "WOMEN ARE LIKE BUSES, YOU CAN CATCH THE NEXT ONE IN 15 MINUTES" Common Perscription Cures : Oneitus AFC Rejection Lack of confidence Dose: Think about it heavily and repeat after any and all infections of the above and sarge on! Elimidate
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    Make Her Feel Like A Woman

    Nice one! Elimidate
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    How can a 30+ year old get one of them nice young gals?

    "get one of them nice young gals? You sound like a stalker! lol :) Elimidate
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    Ahh! Where s my hair??

    Cinch501 Would you rather date an HB with huge guns with poor confidence, low self asteem and no personality or an HB with small boobs, who oozes with sexuality, is funny, confident, sure of herself and is great to be around? Everyone on earth has some feature or attribute they feel...
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    Any guitar players out there

    Acoustic tunes to sing and play when you decide to take her back to your pad: Jack Johnson - Sitting, waiting, wishing Clapton - Tears in Heaven Robbie Williams - Angles Howie Day - Collide I fully guarantee all of the above are official acoustic "panty removers!"...
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    Shave the head.

    I agree 100%. But, you're talking about an before and after senario... Post a pic! Elimidate!
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    Are hot looking women shallow, gold digger?

    HB's usually know they are are hot and set their standards accordingly. Bottome line, they go for they feel is the best they can get because once again, in their opinon they derseve the best. What is the "best" you ask?? Some like the security and power of $$, some like social...
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    GETTING GIRLS TO CHASE YOU (the better looking the chick, the better this works)

    Great post! Sums up one of the universal laws of life : We want what we can not have that second in time! Elimidate
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    for a guy in his 30s

    "Best" is subjective. It depends on the type of club also the type of women you want to attact. Let me ask you a questions...sit back relax, think of the club and act out in your mind striking up a great conversation with a HB. She is totaly into you and the you take her the sweaty dance...
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    Be Here Now!!!!

    As DJ's we are always looking to improve ourselves, is all aspects of our life - career, relationships, spirtitally, and want to live the life we choose to live. A life designed by the high performer! In all aspects of life, being a high performer is about choosing to accept success and...
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    Leaving YOUR # on the bill !?

    I agree and rest assured theres no way I'm about to sit by the phone. LOL, it was a last ditch account to experiment since I'm the prize and also knew I wouldnt see her again when I had to leave ! I appreciate your insights and thinking it over, you're right. If I really want her, I'll go...
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    VERY useful club mentality

    Great mentality, that will get you far in life! Whenever we hit the clubs or any event.. can we really tell who walked into the place with who together? We all share a common interest and are in the same place for a reason. Gain the most success by acting like you own the place you're...
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    Leaving YOUR # on the bill !?

    Let me ask you a question.. I grab a pint while watching the Live 8 in Toronto @ the Hard Rock cafe (4 guys at the bar, none of which, the HB 8 is really paying attention to except myself, and I naturaly flirt with her to let her know my interest, with a stratically used smiles and indulge...
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    The Staring Contest Approach

    I've never personally started a convo this way but I could see how it works especially if you add some C+F : After seeing her staring: With a smile - "Hey I would appreciate if you would not stare at me like a cat in heat... I'm not a piece of meat! My eyes are not on my rock hard butt...
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    TORONTO JAN 17: Insane Party @ Guv / Koolhaus

    still the one what did you mean by this - "GOOD ONE " To Krassus defence, at least he is trying to set stuff up. He called me and I was out of the city and still am. We all have different lives and priorities. Nonetheless, I've sarged with him and he has some skills. I think if you...
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    TORONTO JAN 17: Insane Party @ Guv / Koolhaus

    Hey Krass, you know my word is good ;) This time, I'll show you the art of # closing! Elimidate
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    Christmas Indulgance Question

    I hear ya. In the last year I have never eaten as much sugar and crap and fat as I did in the last 2 weeks. Plus breaking my hand and not traning didn;t help. I used to have a good 4pack working on the 6 and now theres this layer over everything!!! I can still see my abs but there is...
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    Note to Self, ****yness isnt funny

    I agree there is a very fine line between ****yness and confidence. Yet in the mind of a women, they are miles apart. Making ****yness funny is an art form and most C+F I hear is either simply ****yness or a straight up insult. I find the key to ****yness is combining it with wit and...