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    American Football

    It's best to make a video of both your games and results from physical tests.
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    American Football

    Honestly, if you're a good rugby player, you've got a chance at being a good football player, especially kick-off and return since you're used to running down the field and trying to knock the nearest opponent out. Also, at 16, you're still young enough to train to play. What I know the...
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    Is Steroids Worth It?

    I've lifted weights without steroids and can say I wouldn't touch them. I took my time getting stronger and felt good because I knew my efforts and my God given body is what got stronger instead of a certain pill or a liquid. Along with the physical strength I achieved, I got a boost in my...
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    Ditch body weight conditioning for heavier weights?

    I know, but I was just saying that there isn't to much benefit to condition yourself for free weight before hand with body weight exercises since you can start off light to build your technique and endurance. Now understand I'm not ragging on bodyweight exercises since they give your body...
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    Ditch body weight conditioning for heavier weights?

    The best way to train for something is to do it. Starting Strength is a good program, but I've had personal experience with this one when I got back to lifting weights: http://stronglifts.com/stronglifts-5x5-beginner-strength-training-program/ At your size, it will work pretty fast.
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    started bodybuilding ended up with worse body...

    I applaud your training regiment, but they both still look alike to me. And it's not because I'm just being contrary, but the smaller powerlifters from 130 to 170 can be stronger than the big guys proportionately because of the lower body weight relative to how much they can lift.
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    To go to the gym or no?

    Why pay money for a membership and gas to get there when you already have most of what you need? I'd get a squat or power rack, some more weights, maybe some rubber mats and just work out at home. If you get a basic grasp on the techniques for certain lifts, do it in moderation, and know what...
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    started bodybuilding ended up with worse body...

    To be honest, a gymnist's physique looks basically like a small powerlifter's.
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    My ex wife told me I had it easy

    Wow, sounds like hit you hard. So your ex divorced you, took away the kid, and is getting ready to start selling pills. It's not all your fault; how you deal with it though will be. First, concentrate on getting a job. Second, work out so for the next few months you'll be tired enough to...
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    Girlfriend is not into sex anymore

    Been two years? I think either she's waiting for you to move this relationship further or she's getting ready to jump ship.
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    My view on racism is that it is basically just perpetual theft and all theft amounts to is taking something against someone else's will. See the easiest way to get something from someone else is to make them believe that a certain scenario is the only way things can exist, and a racist will use...
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    Managing unhappy employees

    I just got into a management position and I'm still learning the ropes. Two things I have stuck with are letting the other person see you working and to not add anything negative. One thing I hated working at one job was a lazy manager. I understand there are duties to be done, but being in...
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    Miss Piggy

    It's the snout.
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    Can one survive in this day and age without a cell phone?

    This year I've had it were my phone was off or broken and I've made it by going back to what I had to do before I had one: finding a land line, remembering numbers off the top of my head, and having patience. It's convenient to have one, but I could honestly get by with a house phone. The only...
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    Article: " Male Rights Activist Calls for Valentine's Day Boycott "

    This discussion of Valentine's Day reminds me of this time a radio station had guys calling in about how they would convince their wife to give it up in the morning. I found two things wrong with it. First, if you're using your mouth to ask your wife to have sex with you instead of using it to...
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    would anyone here really date a porn star

    To be honest, how do you know the "normal" women aren't any different? The only difference between a woman who married a dependable guy who she constantly cheats on and a prostitute is a ring.
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    Field Report - Ghetto Chicks

    Man, leave that broad alone. I don't so much an issue with a woman being "ghetto" as much as she not knowing how to make a good choice. You work, have a future, and don't have to worry about the police raiding your place at night, but she thinks there is something wrong with you? C'mon...
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    What's Wrong With Single Mothers?

    Honestly I see nothing wrong with a single mom as long as you know what to look for. If she can take care of business, keep her kids under control, know how to balance her time out so you get to spend time with her, doesn't throw her kids in your face, and knows a man's role in a family, she's ok.
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    Why do women loathe pornography so much?

    There two reasons I think of: women hate other women and insecurity. Chris Rock told the truth when he said women hate each other and it's been my experience that without men, they would kill each other. Since birth each woman tries to compete with either a real woman or some imaginary threat...
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    Apartment Keys

    Should not do it. If a woman is stressing you and you give in just because she's mad, she'll run over you from now on. Better to be alone and free than confined with a miserable woman.