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    How to alleviate muscle soreness

    man I preffer aliviating muscle soreness the old fashioned way... getting a massage with happy ending. Out of curiousity though, WTF is lactic acid?
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    Article Interesting article... media seems to be realizing on the joke that metrosexual guys are. Comments, thoughts?
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    Signals from Uni girls

    That's not true... Ask yourself: what do I have that distiguishes me from the rest of male population of the school. A guy who is really good looking, buff, sports star... whatever, I'd bet the house that he gets them. So the problem isn't the nervous women, but rather generic men. Some...
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    Biatch flaked on me. Where do I take it from here?

    It's a flake buddy... guys who spend years approaching women in clubs still get them and it's relatively common. The reason is you didn't establish enough value when you met her to distinguish you from another guys in her life
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    Does being understanding lead to no sex?

    THE TRUTH THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH If they are telling you personal stuff it means you have established some levels of trust and comfort with them, which is a big :up: Now it's important not to get stuck in a role of emotional tampon, where the whole relationship is based on...
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    Too ask her or not to ask her, that is the question

    Hey nothing wrong with that... I'm sure when I'm 37 I'll be banging the hot 20 something year olds! It's completely OK to be attracted to youth and beauty! WTF is the dilemma here? Uhm you dont ask her you go back to watching porns or maybe boning some fat middle aged mommy, and if you do...
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    Types of guys who arent getting chicks

    uhm... it's kinda counter productive to discuss them, WTF is the point... focus on the guys who are getting the results. And you quoted examples of guys who have no social circles as well as guys who have large social circles who aren't getting the girls... what does that tell you? Maybe game...
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    MASF vs Sosuave

    MASF is much more oriented to developing social skill with women, also known as The Game. Where as this site is more focused on you becoming an all around cool mofo. I detest the accusation made at the beging of the thread about MASF. Just because people observe a pattern of certain...
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    another one of those college giudes

    I am not at an expert level in this video game of seducing chicks just yet... however I can win quite often at the moderate level setting. From my experience in college there are certain situations in which it is easy to get a really hot girl, as opposed to others for which, unless you've had...
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    3rd year of Law School

    Just so i can get this straight... It's possible to just take and pass the bar and become a lawyer without breaking ur nuts at the law school??? REALLY?
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    FR: faith in clubs reaffirmed

    Nice job! Good wing game It's probabbly a fake or that she won't remember you... to me sounds like the whole pick up was rushed. This one sounds pretty solid! IMO do not reinitiate contact with her on the studying pretext... studying puts you in a bored/logical state, and is a sure way to...
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    Working in a Nightclub - Suggestions

    I work at a club and it's a goldmine! I'm a bouncer so I get to walk around wherever I feel like or just chill at a cool spot... It's really easy to talk to girls and often they'll come up and start chatting me up... It's funny when girls try to pick you up cuz they are so clueless...
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    Career Choice

    Re: ic Get more confidence and not worry so much about pointless stuff that's far away in future. BTW if you come to study in Toronto there'll be plenty of Indians around
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    Anyone been/studied in Toronto?

    T.O. is a cool city man... At Ryerson you'll be right in the downtown area and there'll be plenty of stuff to do. A word of warmning: you'll be a block away from where all the hookers and fags hang out and there'll be a bunch of homeless people around too. But it really sounds worse than it...
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    why women test - the whole picture

    You got to work on your reading compehension buddy... back to grade 2! Good post
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    hb10 seems to like me.. but what to do?!

    Well for starters I would read the posting guidelines and fck her... You are overanalysing this like a girl... if she's a 10 you are so far outside her reality you have no idea... she's got bf, circle of admirers and players who are onto her. It's in her habit to try to get attention from guys...
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    GF at Wild Sleepover Party

    Man all these guys are doing is creating doubt in your head... even if she's a slut chances are good she wouldn't hook up. Most dudes are too AFC to f-close a girl. Just make sure you don't act all insecure and start accusing.. then you'll lose her for sure. Try to dig the truth from her or her...
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    Need Some Advice

    :crackup: :crackup: :crackup: :crackup: I agree 100%
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    I cant keep a girl!!

    great sex; great connection and great advantures togheter