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    Your Evolution [Long]

    III IT’S NATURAL Once you start expanding your comfort circle, you’ll be amazed at the differences in how you act naturally, and how other people respond. You don’t believe me? Ok then, riddle me this… You’ve heard about it, you’ve even seen it. A man walks into a room, and all of the...
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    Your Evolution [Long]

    Confidence CONFIDENCE There are many things that attract women and some of them I’ve already mentioned above. Women like guys who are tall, strong, good-looking, rich, powerful, famous, and talented. Many of these are things that you either have or don’t have – and often can’t change. Luckily...
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    Your Evolution [Long]

    Attraction ATTRACTION I’ve given you a short course on evolution as a primer for the rest of what I’m going to talk about. You need to understand everything I’ve said about evolved behaviors in order to fully grasp the key to attraction, which is: certain actions elicit certain reactions...
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    Your Evolution [Long]

    EVOLUTION I’m an atheist, and a proponent of evolution. If you understand evolution, you can understand a lot about human psychology. The reason for this is simple: evolution shapes behavior. Most people tend to think of man evolving as having a bigger brain or something. While physical traits...
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    "I don't give out my number to guys"

    I got this line not too long ago. Here's what happened: Her: I don't give our my number. Why don't you give me yours? Me: Why don't you give out your number? (Ignoring the request for my number completely) Her: Because I'm a bartender. {thinking...hmmm...we aren't in a bar so what does...
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    Valentines Day discussion thread (Merged threads)

    LMFAO That's hilarious. I hope you get slapped....HARD.
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    This is to Sosuave.com...read please

    You may have asked a relevant question, but you didn't ask it in a clear manner. People were obviously confused by your type of speech. I apologize if I don't spend all day in a chat room, so I don't get your internet lingo. Try speaking in english, and being clear about what you are...
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    Just say Fvck it...."NO"

    be selfish I'm always honest with people. When they ask me for something, I'll turn around and ask them "What do I get out of it?" Unless it's someone that is a close friend, and I know they will reciprocate at a later time, I'll throw this at them. If they say I'm selfish, you can throw...
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    25 Key Rules For DJs

    too good not to bump
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    The best trait to have

    Damnit he rejected me! And I didn't even get a #? Now what do I do? Help DJs!
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    I need a little help with this...

    Than, you have doomed yourself to failure. I've never heard of patterns working in a letter. If SS is what you want, go to an SS website, sign up, pay big bucks, and go to a seminar to teach you how to do it. Ok so you like to steal from people too! You swine. You vulgar little maggot...
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    must read books

    Yeah yeah. I want to read it. We have it at the library it is just checked out. It's supposed to be back in a couple days. Much cheaper than buying it ;)
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    must read books

    Go get a copy of the Moral Animal by R. Wright. The book is about how human nature is a product of evolution, and it's really fascinating to learn why we have the impulses that we do (and what impulses women have). Another book is one called the Red Queen. It's a little old (early 80's)...
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    Stirred Up The Hornet's Nest Over At Gp.com with my "Tips"

    To be honest, I think your method of presentation was over the top. If you really intended to have an effect (other than invoke flames) and help anyone, you could have been less provocative in your wording and even taunting. Though, I do agree that most guys need to see the other end of the...
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    Nice Guys are just like wine…..Jerks become like vinegar

    Re: Re: Utterly disgusted!!!! First off, don't quote an entire post if you aren't going to respond to any of the parts specifically. K? Secondly, wow. This one is just lame. And third, so what if you weren't born with a rich father? Is that our fault? No, it's just the cards you were...
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    think about things that doesn't take skills

    learn type like so we can like understand what you trying say like it's all confusing and no sense can't make of what you are saying when you type like this and like keep going and it's silly like how people talk like this but like when you are typing like try to use like normal english like...
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    A Word About Success

    I think this is normal. This is about what I get too. Lots of girls will give you there numbers, and I'm realizing that while getting a number can be a sign of interest, it isn't a definite indicator. SexPDX had a good post somewhere on how we are all too focused on getting numbers...
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    Whats the strategy? triggering attraction! part I

    No, natural selection does not have a 'mind' it cannot 'think' it is not a 'rational' being. The fact is that certain genetic variations increase the likelyhood of survival and reproduction. Over time, a slight percent advantage gets compounded resulting in evolution. Nobody 'intends' it to...
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    Whats the strategy? triggering attraction! part I

    I don't appreciate how you imply that natural selection (or 'nature') has a goal in mind, a purpose, or is in any way a sentient, rational, or 'human' force. Natural selection does not happen with a "goal" in mind. It happens because of a random genetic change (mutation?) that happens to have...
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    Raise Her Interest in You!

    bizump ------------------ "There are no such things as mixed signals when it comes to women, there is reality and what the guy wants to be reality." - Don Phenom