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    On Clooney

    Clooney treats women like rental cars. He leases them for a couple years and trades them in for a new model.
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    Fat girls love me!

    Fat girls will gravitate to anything that gives them a second glance, they are the worst-case scenario last kid picked for kickball and equivalent of the male AFC. They are tired of humping traffic cones. They practically have a flashing neon sign flashing that says: Open for business, with...
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    The mind set of a typical nice guy

    Or just watch any episode of Vampire Diaries or Heart of Dixie to see wuss-dom in action.
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    So sick of flaking b!tches

    Spin plates.
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    water sex

    Bad idea to wear a condom in the bath or a pool. Not only will the chlorine in the pool eat at the rubber and risk leakage, but it's very awkward. Just don't "nut" in the pool. That's gross man. :box:
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    Conversation To Her Heart

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    Avoid getting attached?

    Yes, have more than one. Preferably 3 going at once. And you won't even need to worry about that dreaded "L" word. Let her say the "L" word first. Then be like.. "I love me too." And don't even think about the "M" word. If you think marriage is expensive, wait until you have a divorce.
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    Is there a racial barrier?

    Society is becoming more acclimated to the racial and gay stereotype. The 90s paved the way, but there will always be a level of intolerance to a degree. Go for it.
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    muscle size attracts women?

    Just look on the cover of just about EVERY paperback romance novel and tell me what you see guys? Hmm? Do you think a girl would fantasize about what the book would be like if they put Mr. Pretzel dude with a pocket protector on the cover?
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    Creepy old chick at work

    Tell her you have a raging case of herpes simplex and that you only get 3" when hard. That should do the trick.
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    My LTR of 1.5 years left the bar with another guy...

    His sob story sounds too contrived and half-baked to be taken seriously people. Delta pilot, huh? I'm sure he volunteered this info while he was macking your girl, right? lol But, hey, I got to run to the "Shell" to get a tin foil hat. BRB.
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    Our govt. lies worse than any woman

    CAUTION: tin foil hats required beyond this point. There's nothing more salivating than witnessing the birth of a conspiracy. On October 26 Nuclear Missiles Go Offline after Computer "Error" in Wyoming. (yeah, if you believe that cover story), Now this happens... I find it hard to...
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    you people that think racism doesn't exist in America watch this

    I don't need to watch some video to know racism exists. It's a foregone conclusion that it always will.
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    My LTR of 1.5 years left the bar with another guy...

    slloɹʇ ǝɥʇ pǝǝɟ ʇ,uop
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    How to get a girl

    "How to talk to a police officer." There, fixed the title of this thread.
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    Are most men AFCs with women?

    Most pu$$y whipped guys are AFC through and through.
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    Is Facebook and Texting Killing Game As We Know It?

    Unfortunately, this has almost become the rule and not the exception. Girls wanna do an instant "background check" so to speak and to look at your pics and see if you have any pics of other girls on your profile. :eek: They usually nag you until you give them your address to it then they...
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    Is Facebook and Texting Killing Game As We Know It?

    Rando = random loser Creeper = usually a guy that's older say 10 years at least that's making advances on a younger girl. Sketchball = ugly, undesirable person: basically an synonym of "creeper."
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    The Ultimate Secret to Attracting Her To You

    "I CAN and WILL walk away at any time." Fixed it for you.
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    Made a fake account on a dating site as a female...

    Looks like a copy and paste job he sends to hot girls all the time. :rolleyes: Notice the itemized list with those nerdish questions. Seeking acceptance, approval and validation is so... SCARY and REPELLING to women! Don't do this unless you are trying to get a guest appearance on that show...