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    is it too late

    yea, thanks for the replies guys. even IF it is too late i guess it's better to be late than never. however it isn't too late. i look at some of my other friends who are my age and they refuse to go to dance parties/clubs or talk to anyone they don't know. and i realise i'm faaaar ahead of them...
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    Brazilian Blues Boy - help needed please

    i want to say, well fuking done my friend. training with the BJJ team ey? well done indeed. i love MMA, i train in boxing myself. how old are you and how long you been in BJJ for. man i love vale tudo. i'm looking for a place here in sydney which do it but cannot find anywhere that's relatively...
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    is it too late

    Lately, for some obsurd reason, i keep thinking that it's somehow too late for me, this whole DJing thing. i keep feeling like i have missed out, i keep feeling like i'll never "catch up". i'm 17 by the way. i have no idea why i've started to think like this, no idea!!! You see, i came on...
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    has a woman ever told you off and you had no comeback?

    holy sh!t, dude. what are you a critic. those comebacks aren't things i chuck at girls when i get rejected. when i get rejected it doesn't get to me, i dont give a fuuuuuk. those are comebacks i chuck at girls when they're disrespecting me. ahh, and also, its very much HOW you say it...
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    sex drive

    i'll tell you this. rest harder than you workout. my min hours of sleep are like 10 hours, that's when i'm not working out. if i get like 8 hours sleep i'll be sleepy for the rest of the day and i can't concentrate in school.
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    WTF, is FAKE confidence???

    right. thaaank you. coz recently all i see on the forums is "you've got fake confidence" or "fake confidence is not good" and i'm thinking that fake confidence is reffering to when you want to approach or whatever and you feel nervous but you act confident anyway and try to do your best...
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    has a woman ever told you off and you had no comeback?

    my comebacks are fine. i just meant this as like an exercise for C+F and to be ready to destroy the girl with a massive comeback when she says something. i usually just say, "what crawled up your ass and died?" or just a simple, "suck me off...*****"
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    Sydney, Sydney, Sydney!

    man you fvcking lucky c*nts. i seem to be the only 17 yr old DJ from sydney here. sh!t man. i wanna hang wit some wingmen too. btw what nationality are youse all and how many of youse is there. i'm persian, btw.
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    has a woman ever told you off and you had no comeback?

    has dat ever happened to you? when she just tells you off, she embaresses you and you got no comeback. tell us any of these so we can practice our C+F skills. see who comes up with the best one. Take care
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    WTF, is FAKE confidence???

    wtf does this even mean. you either got it or you don't. if you don't then you work hard and you get it. how can you have fake confidence? maybe it's me, maybe i'm doing now and i'm not realising it. TELL ME what is it? gimme examples. Thank you
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    Karate/Ju Jitsu/etc... Which one?!

    i would also like to add, muay thai.
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    sex drive

    are you seriouse? maybe a coincedance, but i find that after i have a good excercise session, whether it be pumping weights or running or boxing or whatever, i am HOOOORRRRNNNNYYYY for a couple days after.
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    Girl coming over on saturday, yayyy!!!!

    tell her that you came up with a new idea for the game, youse play in the nude and its 10 points if you can get it in her puzzy and only 5 points if in the butt. but its 20 points if you can get your finger in her puzzy and your c0ck in her butt or vice versa. then add in rules as you go...
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    Wrestling with Girls?

    if she does sit on top of you just say in a c+f way: hooh. damn girl...your comin on strong! i want to get to know you first. say this while you pull her face close to yours but as you pull it close act as if she's trying to kiss you so seem like your pushing her away from your face and...
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    Holy Crap :-d

    HOLY SH!T :D man, i would have jumped in. i can't help it when i'm horny. just grab a couple tities and SQUEEZE. HOLLLLLYYY SH!T why can't girls around here be like that :(
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    Dips on Tri Day or Chest Day?

    why da fvck are you doing chest and bi on one day and back and tri on another. WTF:confused:
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    Eating mcdonald to bulk up

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    Australian, Sydney

    c'mon at least one DJ from sydney.
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    Australian, Sydney

    I'm 16, turning 17 in bout a month and getting my Ps the second i do. any DJs out there in Sydney who wanna sharpen the skills and have some fun, lets get it on. I'm a wog boy btw.