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    so how do YOU make your whey taste better?

    You're not just eating the powder out of the container are you? I have the strawbery as well, I blend it with some skim milk, a banana or two, maybe a drop of rum essence, and it's not bad.
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    The Rise Of AFC'ism

    Amen. To all the AFC's out there: You won't attract women by being one...
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    Why not become Operah's "real man"?

    You mean I shouldn't let Oprah tell me how to be a real man? :rolleyes: Great post. The truth is that we live in a feminized society, a generation of men raised by women to become women. It is a revolution led by the same feminists who used to march around the university campus at 3 am...
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    Do women find body bulider types attractive?

    If I understand rightly, your problem is that you believe you have a good body, but still have limited success with women. This is not surprising - looks may earn you a positive first impression, but your personality must do the rest. Let's assume for now that you indeed have a good body. Maybe...
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    Do women find body bulider types attractive?

    Based on your language, I would guess you are still young. But you'd do well to get rid of this mentality and look at what women truly consider attractive if you want to improve your success with them. Don't become a wimp either, but find the middle ground. Women are less judgmental about looks...
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    Do women find body bulider types attractive?

    The majority of women I've spoken to mentioned they like lean, muscular bodies without huge, excessively defined muscles (veins sticking out etc). Think Spiderman, not The Hulk. But this might also have to do with the typical personalities of guys who look like that... in the end it's a question...
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    Stirred Up The Hornet's Nest Over At Gp.com with my "Tips"

    Very true. Besides, a woman who does think you're a wuss because you don't eat meat is likely shallow, egotistic and judgmental anyway. You'd be better off without her.
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    The Awakening....

    Nice post. Have you ever read the Desiderata? It says many of the same things, but in a more succint form. Yet I can't help but think maybe you people should be out socializing instead of sitting here writing these essays :)
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    Stirred Up The Hornet's Nest Over At Gp.com with my "Tips"

    Sadly, I also agree with most of it. North America has for the most part become a feminized society where the men have been taught to become touchy-feely and sensitive, and forget the true nature of a man. If you go to a European country and see how macho all the men are, you'll understand. And...
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    You need a vacation...

    Good advice. Yes, it's quite possible to become addicted to self-help materials to such an extent that one spends most of one's time simply reading and studying. I suppose you can't blame them, they feel like they're doing something positive but without the risks of actually applying the...
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    Random thoughts on how to live…

    Diesel, was it really necessary to quote the entire post just to add a one-line reply, and an insulting one at that? Number of posts isn't everything, and if this, your latest gem, was any indication, you'd do well to remember quality is more important than quantity. Sorry, but I really hate...
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    Clarification of ****y & Funny

    I think a lot of people don't realize how dangerous C&F or neg hits can be if improperly wielded - the line between funny and insulting is a thin and blurry one. One little comment and you may offend a girl (or anyone for that matter) such that they won't want anything to do with you again. I...
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    Nice Guys are just like wine…..Jerks become like vinegar

    Well, I do agree The Edge should calm down - that much anger isn't healthy for anyone. I think he reacted so violently because he may be feeling a little guilty that his parents paid his way through life while others had to struggle. Regardless, such a distasteful and insulting reply was...
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    Only the sagacious...

    A vow of silence, eh? Truly, it is said 'A wise man says little and hears everything, while a fool says much and hears nothing'. Many women admire the strong silent type, and if nothing else, you lessen chances of putting your foot in your mouth. But do speak up on important issues and try to...
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    a womans attitude

    A fine philosophy if you're looking for flings or one-night stands, but for any longer-term relationship with a quality woman you'd have to do more. Similarly, women with this attitude seldom form meaningful relationships, they either go through life on casual encounters and end up alone when...
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    Words That Women Use

    I think this should be titled "Words that Manipulative, Game-Playing Women who read Cosmo and The Rules use". An emotionally mature woman will speak plainly and let you know what's going on and why. Just my $.02...
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    The new kind of losers

    I sort of agree with the first post in that it's not enough to just hang around the board and read & listen to advice... it won't help you unless you go out there and practice. Can you become a star football player from reading a book about it? I think that was his main point.
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    Improving your appearance 101

    I'd have to disagree with this - look at 99% of celebrities who are considered 'hot' today - they are clean shaven. Beards are very difficult to pull off, you need the right body, hygiene and clothes. Otherwise they make you look like a bum. Similarly, goatees used to look evil in the middle...
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    Investment vs. return

    Hey all. Well, after and asking and asking about my problems and getting great advice, I thought I'd better share some of my own. Apologies if this has been said before, but this place is huge and I haven't come accross it yet. It may seem obvious, but hopefully it will put some of the things...