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    Word Gets Around Quick!

    Gotta go with Karma here. The potential good (casual banging), you can get from women who are far less of a time bomb. There are feelings there. I wouldn't want to add a catalyst to it. Find a young, hot chick and start with a clean slate. Part of the game is knowing when a freebee may be...
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    So...last night was interesting...

    Oh yeah, I was talking about those who were reading into her sexual history based on what you wrote. I do it too. It's hard not to read about someone's situation and relate it to an experience that you've been through. Good luck and keep us posted.
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    So...last night was interesting...

    A woman is direct and shows interest and we label her as being easy and a potential wh0re. The next woman goes out of her way to show she's not easy and we complain how women are game players who speak a different language. Her intentions were clear. She likes you. Stop analyzing and take the...
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    What is this lady after? Is she tying to use me?

    Maybe she's using you to make your buddy jealous. Maybe she's wild and wants the both of you. Maybe she's into you and is using Chris to make you jealous. Nobody knows for sure. The only way to find out is to do what she told you to do, ask her to dinner. Stop meeting with her when she's...
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    Yes or No

    "Just letting you know, I'm fine. The AIDS usually flares up on me the same time every month."
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    Have great chemistry with a girl, I find out she has bf...wtf! what now?

    A couple things... 1) As you know, her having a boyfriend is irrelevant. She still could have connected with you and, depending on her morals, she still could want to be involved with you. 2) However, if there was liquor involved on the night of your magical "connection", you may need...
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    get involved without your own apartment

    That's not the point. If you're dating a girl and going home just isn't an option then be up front with her: "Listen, I really want to take you home, pretend to want to watch a movie with you so I can molest you on the couch but my parents are crazy and there is no room. So lets go for a ride...
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    What?! Don't Pay for her Dinner!?

    I can assure you that you paying for her isn't what made her lose respect for you. You did something else wrong or the connection just wasn't what you thought it was.
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    What?! Don't Pay for her Dinner!?

    Exactly. And if you can't afford a fancy dinner just downgrade it with confidence. Once I took a girl to Walmart for a first date and we had a lot of fun. Another time I took a girl to a diner for our first date. We would up seeing each other for 4 months and to this day she remains one of...
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    get involved without your own apartment

    It does work the other way around... 5 years ago I was in the same boat as you. I was 21 years old, and going to community college. I had a decent job but just didn't make quite enough money to move out on my own. I lived with my miserable parents, in their basement. Did this make me keep...
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    What?! Don't Pay for her Dinner!?

    Pay for the damn dinner. The entire point of the "don't pay for dinner" topic was to stop guys from dropping 100-150 bucks per dinner (on a first date) thinking that it's going to make a damn difference whether he gets laid or not. You're a man. If you're interested in a woman and offer to...
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    Horrible slump but got cute girls # today!

    Atta' boy! You call when you want to call.
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    Watching TV to improve social skills?

    True. But if you don't enjoy those shows enough the watch them to begin with, then why would you go out of your way just to feel part of a conversation that "might" happen. If my conversations are based on nothing else besides American Idol and the NBA Playoffs then it's pretty certain the tie...
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    date today... how'd i go?

    Do you know if she just wants a fucck buddy and somebody to hang out with? What is she looking for? She probably wouldn't have told you in plain English but no doubt she hinted towards it. It's always helpful to know what the woman's expectations are because if they don't match yours then the...
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    date today... how'd i go?

    Just to let you know... chances are, her lips aren't going to change anytime soon. So if you didn't physically want to kiss her then, you're probably not going to physically want to kiss her next time. Unless that isn't the true reason.
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    Horrible slump but got cute girls # today!

    I agree with all of Danny's advice. Stop going to the store. Call her when you feel like it. If she doesn't answer, leave a message with your phone number. Wait until she calls back. Period. If she hasn't called back in two days, call her once more and that's it. The ankle bracelet...
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    gf going to parties

    Congratulations. You broke up with your new girlfriend because your old girlfriend cheated on you. You dumped her because you think "since my ex cheated, this one probably does too." You have to get past your trust issues or you're going to break up with every girl that doesn't agree to...
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    Watching TV to improve social skills?

    Develop your social skills by going out and communicating with people. And when talking with someone, really *listen* to what they have to say. Figure out where it's coming from that's making them say that. Are they feeling nervous? Excited? Down on their luck? Listen beyond their words...
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    Absurd online "laundry list"

    There's a fine line between a woman knowing what she wants, and a woman vividly describing the man who broke her heart in the past who she is still in love with.
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    Girl that is afraid of commitment

    I don't agree with this. I agree with what Stem said: If you enjoy the once/twice a week arrangement then keep doing what you're doing. Apparently she's choosing to see you and that's good enough for now. If for some reason you don't enjoy how casual your relationship is and require...