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    "I Have a boyfriend"... so what assassinate him

    I want to meet your GF or future GFs TheAssassin. Because according to you it's a win win situation, everyone can get a piece of her or make you have no confidence in her eyes.
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    A game you can always win.

    GOOD JOB DREW! Everybody needs a boost!
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    Staying on Top (For Guys in Relationships)

    Good info LittleDon! It's interesting how all the things you do to get a girl go right out the window once your in a relationship. Things get tricky!
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    Getting a number doesnt mean high interest...why?

    Only 4 girls? There is your problem mate go get some more numbers! Hell with only 4 girls thats like trying to win the lottery! Increase your chances bud
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    My Pet Peeve

    I agree with allen. Most of those posts I dont even read because its a waste of my time. Subject matter that has already been discussed.
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    You are better off!!

    I agree, I feel lucky because I know that now I have what it takes and before I did not. I was clueless.
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    Hanging Up with Diginity

    Very nice! I like that
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    Don't Leave Home Without It

    What about one of those nifty palm pilots? Thats where I store my numbers
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    Ch.5 The Cruise! Sect. 2 The Power of Social Proof

    very true dorian, but why did they pick me over the other guys?
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    Ch.5 The Cruise! Sect. 2 The Power of Social Proof

    The power of social proof is truly amazing combined with confidence and charm. I experienced first hand how women react to a guy that has a crowd of women following him around. Basically what happens is you attract the average to not so average girls with confidence and charm. Once you have...
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    Patience: What truly makes a Don Juan

    Great post!
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    The Ultimate Don Juan: ME!

    Good post my english friend
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    Ch. 5 The Cruise! Sect. 1 Jersey

    I was lucky enough to go on a cruise about 3 weeks ago from Miami, FL to Nassau, Bahamas to Cococay, Bahamas to Key West, FL and back to Miami. I traveled on the Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas cruiseline for 4 nights. This was the best vacation I have ever had by far. I am going to tell you...
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    Forgive me if this is blatantly obvious but...

    Yep! There are more things than just that, but thats about the simplest way I can think of to get someone to like you.
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    It's a Man's Man's World

    Good post!
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    So true, you gotta put your balls on the line. If you don't how do you expect to get anywhere? [This message has been edited by MaMo (edited 08-02-2000).]
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    Excellent input AD, sugarfoot, and bigdon. That was a nice addition to the post.
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    I want to talk a little bit about goals. One of my teacher's once said that achieving your goals is great, but its not always the end prize that helps you the most its the small things that you learn along the way to achieving your goal that benefit you the most. I advise you guys to set some...
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    Keep 'em guessing..

    Now that we are on the subject of take-away's I want to share a lil somethin that gets them extra hot for you! This only works when the chick is already interested in you though! Your about to end the date and its about that time where you are both feeling awkward on what happens next. Ok this...
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    The Don Juan Pledge of Honor

    "Screw it, just go out there and get the chick, to he!! with a pledge of honor." "Dont get me wrong, the pledge of honor was nice" haha, Mr. Smooth you make me laugh