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  1. Cerwin Vega

    Beirut anyone?

    @DoubleBarrel is your weiner that small bro?
  2. Cerwin Vega

    What do you do for work?

    I usually ask them to guess. FYI, your profession has 0 impact on whether a girl will sleep with you. A friend tried to "wing" me once by introducing me as a doctor to every set we've tried to open. If anything, it made the girls less interested...maybe it was the wrong crowd (hippie girls)
  3. Cerwin Vega

    Told one my plates, her hair, body and breath stink

    @OP The whole situation could've been handled differently. Of course, she deserves it, but the outcome of this situation is not in your favor, unless you just wanted to kick her out of your life and make her resent you.
  4. Cerwin Vega

    Told one my plates, her hair, body and breath stink

    I disagree. It's easy to be an @sshole to an unattractive woman. Hell, I've done absolutely horrible things to girls who were below average, but that didn't stop me from being a "nice guy" to the hotter ones
  5. Cerwin Vega

    Is there any hope? 37 year old and broken

    Summary of my thoughts: -If your foundations are rocky, a woman will just topple you over. The fact that you think that a woman will be a magic solution to your problems, proves that you are not ready, and you are not aware of how much damage they might inflict on you. -Never open up to women...
  6. Cerwin Vega

    She broke up and I fcked up

    Visit your doctor and ask for PEP (TRUVADA/EMTRIVIR TEVA), an STD panel, and next time use a rubber.
  7. Cerwin Vega

    My supervisor more info

    She knows your intentions. Move on.
  8. Cerwin Vega

    Is online dating devaluing men in women's eyes? Has online dating ruined dating?

    Yes. * Women don't even have to leave their houses to receive tons of validation * In the past, as a man, you would either grow bigger balls, or doomed to be forever alone; these men nowadays just simp/pay for online content, blowing up the value of women, wheres in the past they would just...
  9. Cerwin Vega

    Just Set Up a First Date 10 Days in Advance

    I've once set up a date about a month in advance because of a big exam I had. One time I was at a different country and scheduled to meet when I came back, which was about 4 months later lol Sh1t happens
  10. Cerwin Vega

    Girl asked "what should I do?" when a guy is trying to game her

    Surprise surprise...she literally just texted me to tell me that a classmate is hitting on her. Texted her back "I would be surprised if he wasn't". Next time my response would be "I'm used to people admiring my Ferrari" lmao I think I'm handling it better but this is getting old. Why are hot...
  11. Cerwin Vega

    Am I doing something wrong here?

    Huh. US sucks then
  12. Cerwin Vega

    Is it possible to be a serious PUA while living with parents?

    Am I the only one cringing at the word PUA?
  13. Cerwin Vega

    Am I doing something wrong here?

    Meh I've been with 19-22yos and I'm 29. It's never a problem unless you make it a problem
  14. Cerwin Vega

    Drunk dialing

    Once I took 3 sleeping pills and ended up calling a girl I was supposed to F-close the next day. We had a 9-minute conversation and I had no recollection of the contents. Still smashed. All good.
  15. Cerwin Vega

    Mid Twenties virgin, need advice on realizing potential

    I totally feel ya. My main problem, besides being a 10/10 blonde with blue eyes, having a 12" c0ck, being world-class MMA fighter, ex-navy seal, and having to switch a phone number every 2 weeks because of females stalking me, is that I'm way too humble. I dunno what to do with it.
  16. Cerwin Vega

    (Guest post) Second shot?

    A friend of mine without an approved account is looking for advice (@Moti_Zayn_Bagadol) I went on three dates with a girl I met on tinder, everything went really well, I broke the physical barrier by escalating on the first date. She doesn't speak much english, we communicate mostly with google...
  17. Cerwin Vega

    Girl asked "what should I do?" when a guy is trying to game her

    I highly doubt that this is the case. The guy works at her uni as a professor assistant, and tried to "get her" and her friend by being pushy and offering them a spot at his department. They ended up not caring for it, and he kept insisting and even told her she owes him for it (lol). 2 days...
  18. Cerwin Vega

    Girl asked "what should I do?" when a guy is trying to game her

    The guy is a c0ckroach and he sabotaged himself plenty, but I know exactly what you're talking about. He built up some attraction, she really likes the attention, and he'll try his luck again later. Good thing her friends think he's a creep. Ultimately, it doesn't matter who she f**ks after I'm...
  19. Cerwin Vega

    Girl asked "what should I do?" when a guy is trying to game her

    I see where you are coming from, but there should be a balance between acting aloof when I am clearly not, and pretending like everything is fine and I don't care (=ultimate beta cuck) and going to jail over someone talking to her (=convict). The most important thing here is to make her feel...