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  1. Black Widow Void

    Ex GF wants everything, what do i do?

    I really wanted to quit posting after post #1981, but your posting brings me out. And by the way, welcome aboard. Although I've never been in this situation, do not... I repeat do not move out. Once you're out, she can change the locks. There may also be some legal channels that could work...
  2. Black Widow Void

    Can it ever work out without a strong initial spark?

    You raise some interesting questions/points. These are things that I've also thought about for quite some time. I don't claim to have the answers, but after a lot of analogy and thought, I've reached my own personal conclusions - which I'll share. When I was younger, I used to feel sorry for...
  3. Black Widow Void

    Newbies, Lurkers & Inexperienced (this ones for you)

    I would imagine that most of you discover this site and think that you'll be unlocking all those mysteries about women. I wish that I could tell you that it is this easy. Yes, you'll find some good advice and answers, but you'll equally be mislead as well. These "misleaders" aren't out to...
  4. Black Widow Void

    Anyone have a worse date story than this?

    OP - Yep. You were blindsided. This was out of your control. Considering what she did... Wanna have some fun with this? Sure you do. And here's how --- Hopefully the gal that arrived with the ex has a common name. Let's say that her name was "Susan." When you cancel the upcoming date, you...
  5. Black Widow Void

    Best Post Coital Responses

    This wasn't an 'after-glow' moment, but her words were most flattering (she always held her cards close and this wasn't shared until she had a few drinks). She mentioned that on the night she lost her virginity, they were caught by security. This disruption occurred while she was orgasing...
  6. Black Widow Void

    Women who get plastic surgery

    Major turn off. Well, if someone is a cancer survivor or anything else relating to reconstructive surgery (and this helps to build their self-esteem) I'm totally supportive of their decision. Otherwise.... get away. Eventually (if you live long enough) you'll be either married to or tapping a...
  7. Black Widow Void

    Where do us great guys find women like you guys?

    Thanks for sharing. For years, I've had sleepless nights... wondering if you could recognize wise women and express your appreciation for them. In fact, that's why most of us signed up on sosuave. Now that our prayers have been answered, we might finally have a good nights sleep.
  8. Black Widow Void

    Where do us great guys find women like you guys?

    I have nothing against their forum participation (the more varied perspectives, the better) … but these two women are your “favorites?“ Perhaps you should consider turning in your man-card and joining loveshack.
  9. Black Widow Void

    How is it not worth it to date a girl who is less physically attractive but ticks all the other boxes?

    My avg. now is typically dating women that would rank between a "7" or an "8." When I was younger, I strived for 8 and above. When you start into the "9" category, you usually deal with higher maintenance and female smugness. You are also guaranteed that if you walk away from your bar seat...
  10. Black Widow Void

    Older I get the more I hate women

    This is the first. I can’t figure out if Zimbabwe is trying to play ‘white knight’ to the few women on this forum or to the rest of us men. Either way, it’s not a good look. OP, I completely get where you’re coming from. I’ve openly told those I know… “I love women, it’s just that I don’t...
  11. Black Widow Void

    SW15 Appreciation Thread, recover well brother!

    How was the make-up secs?
  12. Black Widow Void

    The one who gutted me after my marriage ended. LONG POST.

    Once you heal, I hope I'm never in female competition with you. You may not see it now, but man.... you really do have your sh!t together. It's been very long ago since I felt pain that you described, but I haven't forgotten. Hopefully, you haven't been to this depth, but there was a time that...
  13. Black Widow Void

    Should I settle.

    I'm glad to be responding to this before all the "she's just another b!tch" type responses come rolling in. In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with spending time with someone that doesn't check off all the boxes. Let's not fool ourselves. We've also at some point, been the person that didn't...
  14. Black Widow Void

    She kicked me out of her house - enlighten me what went wrong

    A lot of your current posting is a rehash from one of your earlier postings. Obviously you didn’t take advice given in that earlier posting and now you are facing the consequence. And by the way, I wouldn’t take offense to @Zimbabwe ’s posting. Consider the source. Keep in mind, this is a guy...
  15. Black Widow Void

    Anyone here spent some time in Jail? I know were not suppose to glorify this, but describe your experience.

    Step aside, boys, I've been locked up Six times. Unfortunately, I now lose any 'street cred' because the longest I've been behind bars was around two hours. I've never eaten the powdered eggs (or so I'm told that they serve). I've also had to do three or four side-road sobriety tests. I was...
  16. Black Widow Void

    Thoughts on sleeping with your exes?

    Most of the responses confirm what I've always suspected - a lot of forum members recite what they've read (or watched on youtube) and try to pass it off as their own. It also confirms that a lot of these (so-called) "gurus" do not have a clue. I've recycled plenty of women. And if anyone of...
  17. Black Widow Void

    When it makes more sense to go to her place instead of yours?

    When it's a new girl, always opt to go to their place. It's human nature that our guard is dropped when there's familiarity. To give an example; if I'm planning on making out with a new gal, I always let them choose the music. I may not even like their choice, but it's more about them feeling...
  18. Black Widow Void

    Getting the runaround when trying to set a date

    Your response: "I realize that on these sites, the typical protocol is to "ghost" but that's not my style. No offense (though you may take it that way) but the more you reveal about your personality, the more my interest in you seems to diminish. Although we'd not be a good fit, I wish you good...
  19. Black Widow Void

    I feel like I overreacted thinking back - need help

    I see a lot of postings; where a forum member will refer to a girl as a "plate" (when it's obvious that she means more). I guess this is due to them not wanting to get a lot of flack from other forum members. Bottom line; a "plate" it not someone you spend 15 paragraphs or more posting about...
  20. Black Widow Void

    Girl flakes as im ten mins from picking her up

    @BackInTheGame78 I bet that you run some cool serious game. Not only is Jake_Gyllenhaal69 attempting to qualify himself to you, but you also got him 'claiming' to "not give a damn" yet, his actions are stating the opposite. If you can have this affect on some random internet sosuave dude, then...