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    My (current) thoughts on seduction

    ATTRACTION, SEDUCTION, AND LOOKS Hot or Not? should be called Insecure or What?. Before casting the first stone, I decided to put my picture up there and noticed two things. Inconsistency: Just as many ONES as TENS. Different people like different things. I like redheads and Asian...
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    My (current) thoughts on seduction

    My thoughts on each of these things. MOTU, it's amazing how things come full circle. It does feel like starting over again, where you began.
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    DJ Quiz

    Interesting post - I'll bite First of all, these are some tricky questions! They presuppose that I've taken steps I normally don't take... but I'll entertain them for the sake of discussion, even if you wanted me to say "It's all a trick!" Women play games - not all of them, I'm sure...
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    learning SS, NLP

    I would have responded with exactly this while I studied SS.
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    How do you recover/remain DJ when you're feeling down/depressed?

    I've been in a mighty slump for quite a while... That being said, I find it's most difficult to work my way out of a slump when I get depressed. I tell myself that AFCs have "slumps" and that I'm tired of being an AFC. This perpetrates a pattern of ruminating, negative thoughts. These...
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    Reached my tipping point of AFCishness

    Hmmmmn, I've noticed this pattern in a lot of posters (not just here). shyness depression fear of criticism fear of rejection being much too serious freezing up in social situations and not getting any play whatsoever And often, I've noticed this pattern in myself. I have had...
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    learning SS, NLP

    SS = Speed Seduction, a product sold by Ross Jeffries. He has his own website and mailing list that should come up in a search. You could also search this forum and probably find the information you're looking for. The main reason I'm replying is to tell you that I have used SS and...
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    I'm Back Mother ****ers

    Looks are everything? This whole site is worthless? My friend can put a picture of his azz on the internet at rate-my-azz.com or whatever it's called and score consistent nines and then in real life get laid once every five years by some nasty-azz fleabag. And that's why ugly, fat...
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #3

    I tend to read into everything to this extent and I often wonder if it is helpful. I'm in my early twenties and certainly don't look too much older than your typical college student but I've always felt that college just wasn't my crowd despite the fact I don't find girls that hot elsewhere. DWK
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    Neg-hit over phone.

    absolutely nothing WOops, that one was intended for me. In all seriousnessity, intomyown you may of given this chick a vibe that you're not interested in her and if she has other guys after her... you are history. If you're into a girl, why hide it? I mean, I wouldn't come onto her...
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #3

    Week 3 Not much to add in light of last week's adventure. I'm not having much luck with smiling and waving. I dunno, I do most of my approaches on a college campus where girls seem oblivious to anything that isn't jumping up and down in front of them. I've never tried "smiling and...
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #2

    This all depends. I'm working to be as spontaneous as possible since the more contrived your approach IS the more it will APPEAR. There are three things I have been going for and that is not to say they're the best, or that they'll work for you, or that I won't change my mind about this in...
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #2

    DWK Checking in for WEEK 2 Second week complete! Originally, I thought the instruction was to have conversations with strangers lasting ten minutes or longer! Woops. Seven of my umpteem trillion conversations actually made it to the ten minute mark. Here are some highlights from my week...
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #1

    Observations on DJ Boot Camp - Week # 1 I've been putting a ton of effort and reconsideration into my game after coming to the realization that I need some work. I appreciate how MOTU's Boot Camp is organized, allowing us to examine our approach element by element. I'm working on a lot of...
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    A potential flaw I see in Pook's reasoning [merged]

    I think you make your point. There are a lot of things I would and will do to get better with women but some of the information I've encountered on the internet sounds utterly useless, lunacy at best. This is a perfect illustration of lunacy. "Psychic Seduction," sounds like some tapeset...
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    A potential flaw I see in Pook's reasoning [merged]

    These men are successful with women because there is more to them than being able to pick up chicks? In other words, they have a lot going for them. There is no doubt among any of us that this is part of the reason they are successful. However, I know plenty of guys who are well rounded and...