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    Who turns 40 next month?

    40 in March..I joined back in 2009. The good old days. I was brought here by a hard breakup where I did all the wrong things to get her back. I learned about No Contact and healed myself. Got married in 2012. Daughter born in 2016 Wife passed away earlier this year. Right now a widowed single...
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    How to respond to women who cancel you last minute.

    Thats right. I respond as if i was her disappointed father. I usually respond with. You're canceling???? Listen Megan .... My time is not a joke. It has value... Work on that character. flaw adiós!!! Then I keep it moving and ignore her next few messages. Then I start again. It's all...
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    The vicious cycle of how individualism is destroying society

    Individualistic??????LOL... The Biden Regime is controlled by collectivist Marxists.
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    Observations on Miami's scene.

    I speak Spanish.. So that's a plus for me... Do you? If not i suggest you start learning the basics. There are travelers videos in YouTube to become familiar with foreign cities. Pick a city of your choice (Mines cartagena) And search cartagena nightlife
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    In all my years doing PUA I have realized Western/American women are harder than women around the world and most guys could get laid if they travel

    I go to Colombia every few months. The women there are top notch. They make American women look like expired cheese. Don't waste your time with American women.. Grab your passport and EXIT THE MATRIX
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    Reddit is filled with woke feminists and cucks.
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    Observations on Miami's scene.

    I don't even bother dealing with women inside the matrix (USA) I go to Cartagena Colombia and have the time of my life. Beautiful women all the time
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    New women

    How old are both of you. Is she divorced?. Kids??
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    feminist told ‘You’d Be Much Happier at Home!’ on fox news

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLc4UNt5zIg skip to 1:45 for entertainment.:cheer:
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    Nobody cares! A must read! Read this and change your life forever!

    One of the cold hard truths is YOU ARE ALONE. once you come to terms with that truth then the Original post will make sense
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    Problem with new GF

    By NOT projecting an outcome dependent personality. Have a life outside of her. Do you work out. Bicycle.. Canoeing... Skydiving... Paint... Sing.. Dance... You must have a passion.. The need for vagina is not a passion.
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    Regret moving in with GF

    OP resolved the issue.... She slept with another man. They talked it out. Gave her one more chance
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    Not giving herself fully into the relationship -- leave her?

    Go read book of pook... She got you acting like a lil b1tch. All confused and sh1t. She is manipulating you without you even taking the hint.
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    Caught hook line and sinker

    She sensed you were drunk. A drunk is a sign of a man who's not in control of himself...and that my friend is why you jerk3d off over the weekend. Hanging out with friends who caused havok at the club was just the icing on the cake
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    Help! I would like to get my Ex back.

    you ignore until she shows up naked unannounced.
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    18 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Woman Who Has Her Sh*t Togethe

    1. She wants you to make plans. Robert Frost said it best: "Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired." If you love her, blow her mind by making a plan. Seriously, taking initiative goes a long way and will make her feel the love. 2. And please, be specific. Quite often she...
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    divorced women who bring up the children have some legal value

    At last! The supreme court has just rocked the apple cart of unequal divorce. It has pronounced that being a parent is an obligation that lasts. Even if one parent is no longer around, for better or worse their fortunes are inextricably bound together. Particularly if those fortunes are for...
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    homies new wiffeey trippn

    Thays wrong my nyggah.. Ya niggah betta cobfess6to homboy al sharpton. Ahhhh shyt :box: Br0s beforez h03ssss You aint hood you aint hood. Cvm on my niggah hiw culd you?? P. S. Was h3r kitty kat tight?? Never had black pvssy on my life. Im latino and been craving black pvssy...
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    Getting revenge on my ex

    An eye for an eye is the way to go. Who cares if the world goes blind