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  1. Jor-El

    More PMs with a common problem...

    Great post,and very true
  2. Jor-El

    Busting your load in a girl on the first date

    People who use the withdrawal method are often called parents
  3. Jor-El

    This is rich - I put my boyfriend on a Performance Improvement Plan to save our relationship

    Hopefully he will engineer a way out of this relationship
  4. Jor-El

    Chinese girl pursuing

    I used to date a Chinese girl,unfortunately,she went back to Peking,and I went back to wanking
  5. Jor-El

    Porn is not unrealistic and NoFap is not a cure.

    Buy a washing machine.Its sorts out your full dirty load,and beats doing it by hand
  6. Jor-El

    Anyone else spending valentines day alone?

    Why on earth would you care ? just another day,single or loved up. Makes no difference whatsoever
  7. Jor-El

    Lacking Chemistry w/ Hottie

    Its nonsense to say men want women just for sex. I mean,some men want their ironing done as well
  8. Jor-El

    Porn is not unrealistic and NoFap is not a cure.

    Cant argue with that
  9. Jor-El

    Porn is not unrealistic and NoFap is not a cure.

    Some women think that old gits are better in bed due to years of experience. They don't realise that we`ve just been crap at it for a lot longer
  10. Jor-El

    Personal looks (and balding)

    I only know what iv read in the media about Rooneys HT so for what is worth,as I understand it he declined to take finisteride so his balding continued as having a HT only affects,literally,the transplanted area,it dosent magically cure your "ongoing" baldness,and without meds,unless your hair...
  11. Jor-El

    Personal looks (and balding)

    As for the OP-no amount of meds will make a difference if he has hardly any hair left,as they are not magic bullets,finisteride will only keep what you have...minoxidil can give you a "dusting" of hair,but again,you need a bit to start with. They are best taken on the first sight of hair...
  12. Jor-El

    Personal looks (and balding)

    Totally disagree. Not everyone has a bad result,iv had a very successful HT. They are indetectable,if done correctly,ie,not at a cheap hair mill. I have a full head of hair and Im told on the regular I look 10 years younger than I am. I did it for myself as I liked having hair to style and...
  13. Jor-El

    Am I coming off as an arrogant newbie know it all?

    "Am I coming off as an arrogant newbie know it all?" You will find on this forum,much as in real life,no one cares,and dont care that they dont care either,im more of a lurker really but iv picked up some great advice from the forum,just pick what sounds good to you,and put to use! id avoid...
  14. Jor-El

    Woman Goes On '6 Dates A Week' To Avoid Paying For Groceries

    I guess after a few months of doing this she will be pounds better off and pounds heavier
  15. Jor-El

    Whats your "type" and how do you do with them?

    I like my partners to be human, female, and alive. But, in a dry spell, I’ll take two out of three
  16. Jor-El

    Tying the knot at 93 to a woman 40+years younger…

    maybe she loves him to the moon and back
  17. Jor-El

    Think i am starting to lose interest in life

    Whats the point of happiness ? it dosent buy you money :D Iv no answers,but a good honest thought provoking post. Makes a change from "text back after 2 days or you`re sunk!"
  18. Jor-El

    What are you thinking?

    I’ll never forget those 3 little words I whispered in the ear to the woman I lost my virginity to. “Keep the change”
  19. Jor-El

    Too good to be true?: Insecurity, suspicion, etc.

    It sounds like the oneitis is well and truly kicking in despite your denial! I would say,dont overthink stuff. You say that she may ghost you,get bored etc but thats a two way street! You might do that to her eventually,despite how you feel now.Look there are no guarantees in anything in life is...
  20. Jor-El

    I am really that ugly?

    Sad that people who rail against simps were simping themselves! Come on lads,very poor