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    GF -> Enemy

    Ya...the EXs can be that evil just to get their revenge. I think the key is their uncontrollable feeling of Jealousy. Any EX that go and date either your friend or bestfriend is just to get back at you is BAD. Women are the most dangerous creatures in the world when they can't have what...
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    Picking Up Oriental Woman

    ya dating asian chick is so hard especially those in very traditional family. I am asian and I dated one in my country and I found it so god damn hard. I dated a girl for 3 months...got home late one night and her mom won't let me take her out anymore. (wasn't even my fault) SO i...
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    EX GF experiences???

    man I think if your EX trying to get with someone I know as a friend is just wrong. Good thing the guy is not a close friend But you know what I should not care about this. the EX can be so complicated...............
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    EX GF experiences???

    I broke up with her after getting home late one night and her mom won't let me take her out anymore. (wan't my fault...she didn't tell me what time she had to be home at) The mom still let me come to the house and spend time with her but I mean a relationship can't go any further with just...
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    EX GF experiences???

    What are some of the Worse problems you had with your EX GF? What happened when you decided to stay friends with them? Disadvantages and advantages? Good idea to stay friend with the EX? What happened when the EX try to hook up with your friend? What should you tell your friend or let...
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    Sometimes, you just deserve better

    ya keeping in contact with the EX is bad idea. Like last night...my ex MSN me out of no where and saying why I totally ignored her at a wedding party while flirting with another hot chick. She told me that friends don't do that to each other. So I told her that I never wanted to be her friend...
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    My Ex Girl just came over

    What do you guys do when you see your EX? I just saw my EX at my friend's sister wedding and the only word that I said to her the whole day was "HI". I totally ignored her the rest of the day. (was that a good or a bad move on my part?) During the dinner...I went with a HOT friend as my...
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    6 months and still on 1st base

    I think you are right he is a Mama's boy. I mean he is 23 years old. I believe his GF is in control of the relationship since she probably has more experience than he does. If they ever break up...man he is going to hurt like hell. I don't get it those...I thought girl doesn't like this...
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    6 months and still on 1st base

    I am not joking guys...I am DEAD serious. The guy is the worse...this is probably his first GF so he doesn't want to mess up probably. Hell I dated his GF's younger sister and I got way farther than him in 3 months of dating her until her parents won't let her see me anymore.
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    6 months and still on 1st base

    What do you guys think? My friend who is "dating" this girl for 6 months. I asked him and he didn't even get pass 1st base yet. His GF is already talking about marriage and giving him a time line of 2 years. All I can say is he is a wuss and afraid that she gets mad if he goes too far...
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    Did I made the right choice?

    I am 23 and she is 18. Not much of a difference. We had been going out for more than 3 months and the parents know of this.
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    Did I made the right choice?

    Hey guys, Background information: I only see her one day in a week and I only ask for a few hours for going out. So I think I was not asking a lot for dating her. After a fun Friday's night with my GF...we got home a little late (11:30). She told her mom that she will be home at 9pm...
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    GF hinting that some guy likes her

    My GF and I were talking on the phone about stuff and all the sudden she brought up this thing about some guy liking her. So she asked me do I want know who it is or what it is about. The good thing is that for some reason I just started laughing and told her that "I don't care". But then...
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    Stirred Up The Hornet's Nest Over At Gp.com with my "Tips"

    what address is that gp.com? i went to www.gp.com and well it is some weird home builder site. so what is the true address?