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    should I dye my grey hair ??

    "He makes people feel good." This is one of those gems of DJ wisdom that you overlook at your peril. Making women feel good, about themselves, about what they're doing, about anything and everything, is essential. It's not for nothing that "fun" and "f**k" start with the same two letters.
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    Older DJ's, can you relate to my rant?

    It's over in the Tips Section of this site at: http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=46286
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    Older DJ's, can you relate to my rant?

    I'm in my mid-fifties and having no trouble going out with and/or bedding younger/beautiful women. No complaints here. I have to give a big "amen" to the above quote; it's the foundation of success with women of any age. I was in the same place as Bill at one time. And the first thing I...
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    Internet Dating 101

    I've had a good deal of success with online dating over the last three years and I can vouch for just about everything Scordate says. Read and heed.
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    Online Profile Review

    Well, I'll tell you what, al77 has a gregarious and fun loving guy in him somewhere, because he wrote gregarious and fun loving stuff in his profile. I hear it time and time again from the women I date from Match, there are scores of boring guys online. The best women don't want boring...
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    Online Profile Review

    I've been on Match for quite awhile and have had very good success with a virtually out-of-control, outlandish, over-the-top funny profile narrative. I agree -- your first draft of your profile screams AFC. Thing is, your second shot isn't much better. About all that's worth a damn from...
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    The Kiss on the Hand

    An exception: While making out, light kissing on the inside of her wrists is a gigantic turn-on for her. This has never failed to get a strong, positive reaction from any woman I've done it to. Try it. She'll love it.
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    it never fails me. part 2. her clothes will give you the signals

    Forget color, pay attention to cleavage when on a date. The more cleavage and breasts you see, the more she's in the mood for "Bedtime with Bonzo." This doesn't mean she's ready to jump in the sack right this minute. What it does signal is that she's arrived pre-heated for your...
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    Romance vs Seduction

    Nice summation, Squirrels. We've been playing it by their rules when, at least during the first three months of any relationship, we should be following our more seduction oriented path. I've experienced this over and over. Sometimes it's a fast trip to the bedroom. And, alas, at others...
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    The ONLY THING that makes something you say or do look weird or stupid...

    I can't agree enough with this post. This is IT in an easy-to-carry package. Whenever I've had outstanding success, what Duke describes here is at the very heart of it. This thread should be permanently "bumped," or made Chapter One in the DJ Bible. As Kenny Banya on "Seinfeld" would...
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    Online Personals (Merged threads)

    Foul Pole: I'd stay away from the funny photos. Start by posting the best shot you have and check the response. It may be that the shot you think is best isn't as good as another, so play around with it. Concentrate on putting the yuks into your written narrative.
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    My new Internet Ad, What is Wrong?

    Based on my experience, Desdinova and MMRomeo99 have it right. For sure, you can get a big lift in responses by sending out replies to female ads. I send out a customized form letter that's way over the top with the funny stuff. Same goes for my profile narrative. Works pretty well for me...
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    Internet Dating Sites

    I wouldn't worry too much about your posted profile wearing out. I had my first totally whacked, off-the-wall profile posted for two-plus years and it worked great. The picture thing is big. Gotta keep tweaking the pics. And it sounds like guys are catching on to the semi-form letter...
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    Online Dating

    Quit screwin' around, get the freaking digits and get on with it. Oh, and another thing. Don't obsess over this girl. There's more. Plenty more.
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    The "Metrosexual"...effeminate men now have a name. LOL

    Whoa, whoa, whoa! Dude -- suicide? Anyone who even utters that word about himself I take seriously. Do yourself, your family and friends a favor -- a big favor -- get help, now. Right NOW. Nothing is worth suicide. Nothing.
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    Internet personals work for me, but its almost TOO easy

    I've had pretty good results from internet personals, although not quite as good as described above. One thing about the picture. You can post photos on hotornot.com until Venus crashes into Neptune, but the fact is they'll either be overrated or underrated and you won't get anything close...
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    I just interviewed a woman:

    Ragnar's lady friend is one of the rare women who has a firm grasp of the truth when answering the question, "what do hot women really want?" Some her answers, like "outrageous confidence" may be extreme, but for the most part they jibe completely with my own experience with the Ultimate HB's...
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    43 year old needs dating advice

    I agree. If a woman doesn't give me her number and calls me first, I know that I've got some work to do with her interest level. A woman I'm calling tonight for the first time did give me number after I used the approach I described earlier in this thread, so at least I have some idea of her...
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    Doc Love, David DeAngelo, or Art of Macking...who is the best

    Read 'em all, dump the best ingredients into that blender known as your "personality," and pour out a DJ ****tail that works for you. Doc Love and DeAngelo offer more DJ-like stuff. Doc Love's stuff is geared more toward finding an LTR, weeding out loser chicks, dealing with reality and...
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    43 year old needs dating advice

    Stick with it, Frank, you're making progress. One thing to practice in your e-mails is the ****y+funny approach. For background on this, go to www.doubleyourdating.com and get a copy of DeAngelo's e-book on the subject. That'll give you solid groundwork for building up your ****y+funny...