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    conversation structure

    you've basically correctly answered your own question here: People spin their wheels and try new PUA methods etc, but I think in the end we all come to the same conclusion which is that if you are her type (and she decides within about half a second before you've finished your first word in...
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    Women are spoiled sexually

    Pretty much. Every guy thinks he's a sex God tbh. I think every single friend I have thinks he's 'amazing in bed'. And yes, girls will tend to tell you you are if they like you Kinda true too, tbh. Lots of guys like to pretend they have mystical 'skills' in bed when it comes to fukking, but...
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    Keys to the VIP

    lol, true. It would basically fall under 'harassment' unless the girl thought you were hot. The British government said it was backing a bill to make 'persistent STARING' a crime punishable by up to 2 years in prison! So you can imagine the issues with not only staring at some hot girl, but to...
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    Keys to the VIP

    i've heard it was 'semi staged'. I heard that people in the club basically knew what was going on (told that there were cameras everywhere and that there was a dating show with guys doing pick p going on or something like that) and possibly told to lead the interactions a certain way. A bit like...
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    Reading Material question : Credibility of writers on the subject of PUA

    There were a few rare infields of roosh floating around back in the day which seemed to confirm what you say, tbh. Just basically him awkwardly approaching groups of young girls at the bar, getting rejected (more 'ignored' in fact) and then walking back to the cameraman looking half dejected but...
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    It Really Doesnt Matter What Your Opener Is

    that's basically what's been the massive shift in the community over the last decade or two. It used to be about MAKING her like you. 'How can I get her attracted to me in the same way she's attracted to that good looking dude playing pool who she clearly keeps looking at and flicking her hair...
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    It Really Doesnt Matter What Your Opener Is

    Of course. And the same can be said for what you say after the opener etc - e.g 'your game' If you are her type, you just need to not be super socially weird and uncalibrated. That's basically the bar. The fact that people need to take bootcamps and stuff to learn this is a separate issue lol...
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    Cold approaching is overcompensating/gambling

    correct. Of course it's his looks (but that comes under 'value' in the Sexual market value equation, no? His looks make him high value to girls) I think we're in agreement lol
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    Cold approaching is overcompensating/gambling

    I 'liked' the OP because I agree in parts (mainly the idea that if she's not into you, it's not a 'game' issue but an SMV issue) However, I also agree with @mikedee too an extent. Some of my hottest lays have been on girls who I completely 'cold' approached who gave me no IOI's and who I...
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    Approach Journal: The Summer of NickSaiz65

    Especially when his 'method' is: open - 'hey can I meet you real quick'. She repies transition; You tell her she's really hot and tell her you're a DJ or something to dhv. Ask how tall she is and tell her you're 6'5'' (dhv) transition 2; Ask he if she likes grey goose vodka. She'll likely say...
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    Is ANY dating coach actually effective?

    All the dating coach can do is really push you into sets. It's not like there's amazing lines and methods etc that one can learn to suddenly massively improve the odds of not being rejected. I'd say most in the game have 'put in the work (in terms of reading a tonne from loads of books and then...
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    How do you “pick up women” if you’re ugly?

    If you actually breakdown what most 'outer-game' is, it's basically flirting. Negs, teasing, pushpull, sexualising convo, kino etc etc What is it? It's flirting. What do even 10 year olds know about flirting? That it only works on girls who want to be flirted with by you (because they are...
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    20-24 yo Male not going to work

    I'm kind of with these 2 guys, tbh. I probably got laid the most in my life when I was unemployed and living at home (ps - in the UK it's really not uncommon to be living with your parents at an older age as the rent can be unbelieveable to the point lots of young single people can't even...
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    What happened here?

    Interesting post. I'd answer it a slightly different way. I know where you are coming from as I remember when the whole community was very different and the kind of answers you'd get to questions were very different to what you'd get now. If someone on an PUA forum from 2008 was like 'There's...
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    Does anyone have an experience with London as a city for daygame?

    if you watch infields from the old London Day gamers, you realise that about 95% of their success is from girls travelling in London from the US and Spain and Eastern Europe etc. Their rejection rate with local girls is through the roof. I spotted this many many years ago when I was just...
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    Another reality star goes down !!!

    lol, did we need a 'reveal'? That's like Jocelyn Wildenstein 'revealing' she's had plastic surgery. Shocker
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    You guys have done cold approaching all wrong

    You can't negotiate attraction. Comparing to sales where someone might actually be interested in buying solar (Good salesmen tend to qualify the potential buyer early for a good reason!) to dealing with objections because you're not her type is kind of apples and oranges I had a funny reddit...
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    Women Don't Respect Guys They Haven't Slept with Who Give Up

    If she's legitimately not interested/attracted, then 'persisting' is pointless. As for chase. You only need to look at him to know he's not some sort of slayer. He's just a reasonably smart guy who can write who capitalized on the easy money of being a 'dating coach' where anybody who can write...
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    Get big

    'game' is irrelevant if she's not attracted to you. Although tbh i'm not necessarily in agreement with the muscles argument. I'm sure it helps with some (I always found that older women seem to love muscles) but of all my friends who slay and those who don't, it's the facially handsome guys who...