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  1. jaymbrs

    “There are more weak men” is a fallacy

    I agree betas, weirdos and losers have what seems to be more presence and yes it does not apply to real life. Same concept goes with OLD and SM posts/vids of women posting their stupid standards and men assuming that’s how women are now. They’re not.
  2. jaymbrs

    Women have Over-Abudance by default!

    I met one recently who was giving me this sob story about how her furniture is rented and she can't afford the monthly payment this month. I didn't even know furniture could be rented. Anyway, my response was "that sucks".
  3. jaymbrs

    Only date women that show high interest from the start

    It’s an ego thing. We men don’t like failing at things. It’s engrained in us to solve problems and succeed at things. And at the end of the day to most regular guys, there’s far more uninterested women than interested ones and we don’t like swallowing that pill. So we’d subconsciously rather...
  4. jaymbrs

    Women have Over-Abudance by default!

    Well that’s the risk you take. Keep in mind women won’t care about your money if you behave in a way that says “I’m thrifty” So it becomes useless for gaming.
  5. jaymbrs

    Thinking of lowering your standards?

    My advice don't let a few delusional women from online videos make you assume that's how all or majority of women are. I'm finding men are using these types of videos as excuses to go MGTOW or spread false information that all women are garbage. Unless you're experiencing this often and in REAL...
  6. jaymbrs

    Why Modern Dating Is Hot Garbage

    I told a friend who is recently single that most women nowadays want to live that fake instagram lifestyle but can't land a millionaire to fund it. So she'll date 10 $100k men to help with that. I know of one personally.
  7. jaymbrs

    Flakes after successful dates?

    there’s a show on my local radio station called second date update where a person who just had a date asks the radio station to call the other person because they're being ghosted. They paint a perfect picture of their dates. And it’s incredible how majority of the people are revealed to be...
  8. jaymbrs

    Don't know if the party is over.

    According to you that's her only flaw. I'd say there's not much better out there and definitely much worse.
  9. jaymbrs

    It Really Doesnt Matter What Your Opener Is

    I figured it’d benefit the forum to know that just because you pulled a chick, doesn’t mean it’s anything amazing. That way dudes who struggle can stop hyping up their prey before they even go after it.
  10. jaymbrs

    Playing Dumb Gets You Laid

    agree to disagree then. There’s a time and place for when to go with the flow and when to stand up for your beliefs. Getting ***** does not require having integrity. Again, this is strictly for using with women you don’t want to date. I swear this forum is filled with guys begging the question...
  11. jaymbrs

    It Really Doesnt Matter What Your Opener Is

    I told him his dream girl was more than likely nothing special. Turns out this broad has more issues including 2 kids, 1 that she had at 18. But I still agree he should keep her around for good times.
  12. jaymbrs

    Playing Dumb Gets You Laid

    Yes and no. Playing dumb meaning just go along with whatever BS she says and stop shooting yourself in the foot with your morals and principles. Save that for serious dating.
  13. jaymbrs

    Playing Dumb Gets You Laid

    This is for guys who want a basic blueprint for getting laid. Not for meeting a life partner. Early on I've been told on more than 1 occasion when chatting with a fairly newer woman that I look much better when I don't talk. Because I tended to dominate conversations and am a very opinionated...
  14. jaymbrs

    They’re blaming OLD on men now lol

    I’m in no way trying to toot my own horn but the women my friends have settled with know their friends won’t cut it with me. Especially since I’m the “successful friend” with no kids. Their friends have kids and are average in societal terms. Sometimes I feel it’s unfortunate but can’t have it...
  15. jaymbrs

    What I have noticed in older guys that get prime women versus most that struggle.

    Yea they’re called College Professors.
  16. jaymbrs

    Women are spoiled sexually

    I don't know if you're missing the point here but I tend to f*ck the **** out of women I find attractive. It's animalistic type sex and I know she's thinking I f*cked her good afterwards. I'm not doing it for her though. I'm doing it for me.
  17. jaymbrs

    Number Closed but No Response

    His response had me wondering if the pendulum swung the other way already where the unexpected thing to do is to text immediately.
  18. jaymbrs

    Michael Irvin shows how to fight back against "Cancel culture" and #meToo

    That's because it is insane and it won't hold up in court. I'm very happy he's countersuing.
  19. jaymbrs

    I'm stopping actively reaching out to people

    It’s called getting older. People get caught up in their own things or the activities they enjoyed are no longer as enjoyable. Like @LTG71’s experience, I used to ride motorcycles with a group of about 10 as well. Half of them had kids and ditched the bike, others wrecked and never got new ones...