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    “There are more weak men” is a fallacy

    So what do you propose as an alternative? I don't disagree that the corporate environment (especially more than ever these days) is poor for encouraging masculinity, but capitalism as a whole is not the issue. Security is evolutionarily attractive, that's the whole point of being able to...
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    Reading Material question : Credibility of writers on the subject of PUA

    Love Neill Straus, love his Motley Crue book The Dirt, loved reading The Game (actually have read it multiple times). Didn't know the bit about the mismatch of timelines with Courtney Love, makes me agree that he may have taken some "creative liberties", but I do think the majority of the actual...
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    2 banks collapsed

    I work for a large community bank (meaning smaller than a true regional bank than you're hearing about in the news, but still operating in substantial markets, couple billion dollars of loans on the books). I can not stress enough how unique each of these actual failures were. Most responsible...
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    What stocks do you guys own?

    I'm all for owning individual stocks, but please do me a favor and don't make more than 50% of your portfolio individually picked stocks. Get at least 50% into funds, doesn't have to be super boring index funds, but those aren't bad either. And while you're at it, my best advice is find an...
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    Cold approaching is overcompensating/gambling

    Why not do both, no harm there. Be big & be bold. I guess we've had different experiences. I've found that the women who are most expressive of interest early on tend to be the most troublesome. And I'd add that for lower confidence guys cold approaching might do wonders to boost confidence...
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    Cold approaching is overcompensating/gambling

    This sounds more like an excuse to not cold approach. All quality women aren't going to demonstrate interest all of the time, even to high value men. I don't see the issue with cold-approaching, other than it's become more difficult due to societal and technological changes. Those who can do it...
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    The Official Thread: Which Car(s) to Get?

    My answer... Whatever you can buy in cash, aka no financing a vehicle. Personally I'm still rolling with a 2009 Honda Civic, will hit 200k miles this year, and I plan on another 50k. I'm thinking Jeep Wrangler or Toyota Supra for my next vehicle (a few years away), and I'd definitely go used...
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    Monogamy is the way forward

    I think this whole post is probably the most rational opinion on this thread, but the last paragraph is particularly key. I echo the one year moratorium on OLD to REALLY focus on self improvement. I'd highlight the fitness potential being the most critical. People are surprised with how much of...
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    Top 5 AI Cryptocurrency To Pay Attention To In 2023

    Conceptually this doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. It's reasonable to believe that the technology behind some of these coins may prove to be economically valuable, but if your hypothesis is that these cryptos will appreciate in value because of that economic viability seems flawed. If...
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    Monogamy is the way forward

    Both sides to this question have validity. What I see in some of these comments is a general distrust, possibly even a hint of despise for women in general. This perspective won't satisfy you in the long run. A healthy skepticism of women and refusing to ever roll over is preferable to a hard...
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    How many hours is too many

    I'm not disagreeing with the general principles your making, but let's be honest, David Choe is a multi-multi millionaire, having an extremely wealthy guy preaching these tenets kind of negates it to some extent. He had to have the means to even be able to have those experiences in the first...
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    How many hours is too many

    There's some good advice here. Time, especially the younger you are, is your greatest asset. I'm a big proponent of having the end-goal, or some intermediary goal in sight, and always frame your work in the context of moving towards that purpose. If the work is just a means for getting a...
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    Why squat more?

    Not to discredit you or be discouraging, but it really sounds like you're trying to validate excuses to not do the difficult work. For plenty of people, 90kg is impressive (despite what others here may say), but it certainly shouldn't be the end-goal for men in or near their prime. I see far...
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    Buffalo, NY is a "bachelor's dream"?

    Not really sure where you're getting your job market stats from, but the Buf area has actually rebounded pretty decently in the last decade. Plenty good jobs in all sectors. Unemployment rate is 3.2% vs US average of 3.4% and has been below US average since pre-pandemic. With that caveat I...
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    RazorRambo's Fitness/Nutrition Log - All are Welcome! (Log your Progress, Stay Accountable)

    Like the thread so figured I'd chime in. Current goal is essentially to pack on muscle mass without losing ab definition, a balancing act. Was doing heavy cardio first half of last year, didn't realize how thin it had made me. Had gotten pretty into lifting about 2017-2019, but the gym closures...
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    Buffalo, NY is a "bachelor's dream"?

    As shocking as it may seem, I actually think there's some truth to this. I have a lot of friends in Buffalo, live a bit over two hours away. I visit probably about once a month or so. Bar/social scene is still very active even in the winter, the city is very much about drinking culture. Frankly...
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    If you had 5 million dollars, and wanted to leverage money to get more women, how would you do it?

    I realize practical advice might not be the point of this thread, but as a CPA I feel obligated to give some. I'd stash $ 2-2.5 million away immediately in a diversified mid-risk investment portfolio that incorporates high-yield dividend paying equities. Rationale: you could feasibly live off of...
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    Improving bench

    I'm a big proponent of leveraging deadlifts (safely) to improve bench results. This is especially true if you're a beginner or intermediate lifter (I consider myself intermediate at this point). Don't listen to the bros that say deadlifting is only important to powerlifters, the fact is that it...
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    "Classic" PUA & Suave Relevancy in a Digital World

    Some good points made here. That reddit page has some interesting viewpoints/attributes that might be worthwhile to implement, but also some really cringe worthy stuff. I think as collegeman22 said, and I kind of alluded to, the core principles don't change with time, so this should always be...
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    "Classic" PUA & Suave Relevancy in a Digital World

    Long time lurker, first post. I've had stretches of good success with women, and have periodically been drawn to these communities, as well as the "old school methods of Style, Mystery, and similar guys from the time period. I've actually applied a lot of their methodology and thought process in...