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  1. IKO69

    Who's going at it tonight for St Patrick's day?

    It's a really nice day today. I am throwing a bbq at my home & invited a couple of friends over. I am the lone wolf - I am going to be surrounded by about 4 other couples. I am looking forward to throwing the Pineapple onto the grill. Doesn't exactly capture the spirit of yesterday's holiday...
  2. IKO69

    Are we older men (35+) deluding ourselves about younger women?

    It's not unrealistic at all - the last time I really dated someone close to my age was when I was still engaged in my late 20's. All my serious relationships after that were with women in their early to mid 20's. My age has not really been an issue but maybe that is because I don't really look...
  3. IKO69

    What to do to keep your youth after age of 40

    Comes down to sleep and diet, gents. Also minimizing stress. Seems like a no brainer but in my estimation there are probably only a small % of people who are on point when it comes to all 3.
  4. IKO69

    You guys are losers.

    takes one to know one ---- (lolol) All kidding aside, yes, there are some occasionally bad/dopey threads but we have to understand there are a lot of young people that find there way here and/or men that are confused, misguided and have been hurt quite a bit. Have to demonstrate compassion -...
  5. IKO69

    Dating schedule - how do you do it?

    If that's what you want to do, that's fine. I've seen on here were some were of the opinion that to suggest going out for coffee is a kiss of death, that her legs will instantly close at the suggestion. If you're dealing with someone who has no/low interest in you or is an extreme golddigger...
  6. IKO69

    Why she pulled away when I treated her well, need perspective

    You have your **** together and are fit, charming, financially stable and interesting. You treated her well and she pulls back... You are asking for perspective - you don't need perspective lolol. She is a nutcase. At some point in the past some guy probably pulled a fast one on her and it...
  7. IKO69

    Is divorcing a woman because she Became very overweight justified?

    Depends why. Does she have a health issue or something? Or is it a matter of self loathing and so she eats for comfort? I have plans on taking up some form of exercise for as long as I live so I would like a wife that at least looks after herself. My issue with it would be that she doesn't...
  8. IKO69

    Dating schedule - how do you do it?

    I don't have time limits on dates but what I do is dedicate a day for each woman in my rotation. I will adjust this depending on how I feel. A lot of times see them after get off of work. I currently have three in rotation that I have picked up since about the summer time. I looked to fit...
  9. IKO69

    Facial Hair

    If the facial hair suits you, go for it. It can certainly add to your desirability. In my early to mid 20's I used to have a longish goatee. Not ZZ Top long, but it would hang down from my chin slightly. I used to dye it different shades of red/orange. It honestly served as an ice breaker...
  10. IKO69

    Why the Gym will make you more of an Incel than a player

    It doesn't hurt at all, but it's different from the Porsche. I have a soft spot for the 4th generation Camaro's of the 90s but I never actually got to own one of those. The one I have is a 2017 and women like it, they say it's a cool car when they see it. I have to confess that I don't think...
  11. IKO69

    If you have no female friends you are forced to rely on picking up girls at clubs, OLD or PUA.

    Right. You dont even need her to play match maker (some guys have mentioned this doesnt happen) and usually she won't -you just need to be invited along to what shes doing. She is likely going to have other (hot) female friends as you said. If she's inviting you to private parties or other...
  12. IKO69

    Why the Gym will make you more of an Incel than a player

    There is truth in both. I used to have Porsche. I bought it used in 2016, a 2013 Carrera 4s. I sold it during start of pandemic and now have my other dream car (Camaro). I miss the Porsche and it helped meet women but they weren't always the best. I'm a big Formula 1 freak and I own a...
  13. IKO69

    Which coaches are the real deal?

    Best coach is someone that is actually with you to guide you along. As an undergrad I made friends with this guy that had worked as a bartender. We were in the same program and both Greek so that is what kicked it off. He was really good with women and I would talk to him about this stuff. He...
  14. IKO69

    Best breakup song ever?

    Type o Negative - Unsuccessfully Coping with the Natural Beauty of Infidelity Not the best but gives me the most chuckles
  15. IKO69

    Tomi Lauren is fed up with players who consider her to be a plate

    They air a lot of erectile dysfunction ads on Fox. Not sure it is needed with all their on screen female talent. I saw a picture of Compagno's cheerleading days. Like her more with her natural hair color, think it looks better. She has a great set of sticks. Whenever i've put it on there...
  16. IKO69

    Tomi Lauren is fed up with players who consider her to be a plate

    That lady is borderline retarded. I would probably smash but she's not someone to take seriously. I would probably laugh at her the majority of the time. I like that lady on fox Emily Compagno. Fox has a great employee model: they hire good looking women lol.
  17. IKO69

    Women are too extremely fickle and flakey for regular guys to have a chance in this day and age.

    I read the opening post with great interest. It seems true and I remember at one time in my younger years I thought that way too. Nothing has changed in this regard and it simply boils down to her not being interested in you enough. There is no mystery. **You** MAY think it was a good...
  18. IKO69

    If you have no female friends you are forced to rely on picking up girls at clubs, OLD or PUA.

    Ofttimes the guys that struggle to have romantic relationships with women have difficulties having any sort of contact with them, period. They simply don't know how to relate to them and come across poorly-- yes this is indicative of a problem. I'm not saying a guys social circle should consist...
  19. IKO69

    Women believing in woo woo magic

    Don't write them off completely, a lot tend to be good at doing "the thing" lol. They tend to be pretty open minded so it makes sense. Back when I was living in San Diego I went out to the burning man event one year and I met this really hot new agey woman there. I didn't hook up with her at...
  20. IKO69

    Tom Brady feels "abandoned"

    I grew up in New England and am a die hard pats fan. Tom will come out on top. Giselle will gets some material stuff out of it but won't be able to secure another man like him as some of the posters already pointed out. A couple of romps at best. She is overplaying her hand.