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    Multiple women seem like a lot of work.

    Serial vs. Parallel... Everyone has a preference. There are pro's and con's to both. Determine which one you prefer and roll with it.
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    Doing the right thing ? or Being too moral?

    Guy A and Guy B should discuss being Eskimo brothers and even doing DP on the girl and treating her accordingly. If she's not going to be slumming it up with Guy B, then surely she'll seek out Guy C, D, E, F...
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    Your women can and will find this

    Always remember that sloppy gets you caught. Maybe you didn't clear your history, cookies, etc. Maybe you didn't browse these forums in Incognito mode or stealth mode. etc... Maybe you didn't lock down your computer, ipad, phone, etc.
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    2 girls in one day

    If you want to do it out of curiosity or to check it off on the list, then I don't see any big deal. But from that point onward, the novelty will either wear off in time or you will see that it isn't really your style. I've had 2 in one day multiple times within the past few years as well as...
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    DOGECOIN was quite the ride

    I sure hope so brotha. This Doge ho has been financially draining me lately by getting free dinners out of me without putting out. LOL
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    Single motherhood is the norm in Russia

    I don't think it's a stereotype as it has probably more to do with what age and generation they're from. I also know some guys that would rather lead a free life than to take care of a kid so the woman keeping the kid can be favorable outcome to some guys. But unlike the US, the laws in Russia...
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    America hates older woman

    There is ALWAYS a useful woman to some guy out there. Everyone needs to be loved or wanted. Age, beauty, priorities are all relative. At worst, there is always a sucker born every minute to cater to the worst of these women out there.
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    Hypothetically Speaking

    That's the best time to be a DJ IMO. Remember, being a DJ is no longer one dimensional like in the past. Being a DJ will improve your life in all areas and not just with women.
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    father's side-effect from covid-vaccine

    I would say ultimately do what's comfortable for YOU. If you wanna apply logic to it, look at ALL the statistical data. Figure out if you have any pre-existing conditions, low T, age, obese, etc. Then decide based on that. I've personally had it and it was a good 3-4 weeks of misery for me...
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    So it's come to this...

    A lot of guys have already done this experiment. If you're doing it for your own personal knowledge and verification, then I don't see anything wrong with it. At the very least, you'll be able to see how much worse or better it can be for even a male model based on your results. You can always...
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    Going from poor to rich - advice

    It wasn't clear if you've ever done this? If not, save your money while you transition to do your humanitarian work that you had planned on before. I think you'll probably find that more fulfilling/rewarding in life right now. Also it's a good time to do that kind of stuff before you settle...
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    Single motherhood is the norm in Russia

    If you research the divorce/custody laws of Russia, there are many ways for males to manipulate or get around them to favor them.
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    Starting from scratch.

    Does she know you only broke up within a month? Have you communicated this with her? Just manage her expectations and keep the communications channel open. Definitely make sure that she knows you only broke up within a month and you're not ready for anything serious yet.
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    Did you get the vaccine? (poll)

    It's ironic that the Dem's are the ones that said to follow the science yet they only selectively follow certain portions that aligns with their agenda. This pandemic was never about physical health but more about mental health from what it didn't mentally to people IMO. Also I found it funny...
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    Is it really easier to meet women if you live in urban environment?

    Agree. In my experience, females having that herd mentality will claim themselves to be liberal when they really aren't, to any extreme. A lot of them are often confused or lost and just need the right leadership to get them to see different perspectives. I've dated the most hardcore...
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    Did you get the vaccine? (poll)

    Just like the Flu shots that's become less and less effective over time due to mutated strains. The new Delta variant for the Pfizer vaccine is now only showing a 64% effective rate. Who knows what other mutated strains will affect the effectiveness of the various other vaccine manufacturers...
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    Is it really easier to meet women if you live in urban environment?

    Yes. I live in the burbs due to my kids but my plates are in the city. Every time I go in the city, there are tons of single and available poon on the streets with a lot of IOI's.
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    Single motherhood is the norm in Russia

    I think what you're seeing is guys not willing to cave into women and these Russian women are trying to live and think like girls of the west with their feminist attitudes they've been infected by. And that clashes with the stern and masculine nature of Russian guys where they would rather just...
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    Is omission deception?

    In YOUR eyes it was an "awesome relationship". Everything you wrote about was about you, you, you. You were only looking at it from your perspective, not hers. Let's break down some key words, YOU wrote about: You told her you guys can see where it goes(play it by ear). In no where did you...