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    This is why you don't go to bars/clubs alone

    I don't deny any of your points there. It is hard. but you're also right about your game becoming much much better than any "mofo on the planet" by sticking at it. About looking buff and being overshadowed though, that's not really the point of discussion. outer game is up to the individual...
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    This is why you don't go to bars/clubs alone

    No it's called Being Social. If you can walk into a bar with no one knowing you before hand, and leave with numbers, invites to parties, or even more, then what's the weirdness of it? Who's talking about just sitting there? interact! You're right that it would be weird for a guy to just sit...
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    Wacky Coeds In Men's Room

    WTF? okay that's a damned peculiar situation. my gut reaction is "Uhh... is it even physically possible for you to use the urinals?" I guess without experiencing it i can't say for certain, but more than likely i'd just raise an eyebrow, say something like above, then gauge their reaction.
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    This is why you don't go to bars/clubs alone

    You guys get my point then! It's not hard to open a set, so unless you're quite literally having the worst night of your life, i see no issue with going out alone! Dancing, drinking, and Macking are waaaay more fun than talking to some "Doood"
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    This is why you don't go to bars/clubs alone

    i've noticed that those who have actually tried (and persisted) at going out alone are the ones defending the concept, while the ones who say it's weird haven't mentioned trying it. Typically i go out with friends, but i've been on my own several times and as long as you can strike up some...
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    Girl got vengeance.

    Oh man, my heart is still firing off like an assault rifle. I'm at the bar last night with a group of friends, and for the most part it's a good night out. One girl in particular i had a thing with but we both agreed not to take it any further than FB status. Last time we f**ked was about a...
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    Women who are comfortable with you are NOT usually into you

    I think that depends on your definition of flirting. if it's just witty banter, then yeah i can see it going south on occasion as it will seem "platonic" and less sexually tense. Pretty much every conversation i have that isn't professional is borderline incurable flirting (with women anyways)...
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    An example of what is happening to "men"

    Hmmm... I see many opportunities for the DJ or PUA in Japan. I should go over there and tear it up. I could see about "helping" the government with their population problem. Hell i'm Latino, and i'm pretty good with a blade, just imagine some Japanese genetics in there! My offspring would be...
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    Was she being friendly just to make a sale?

    Honestly i'd say it was all business. those chicks manning those booths have little if any shame. I've had one girl literally grab my arm to rub the moisturizer in, and she quite firmly pressed my forearm against her boobs while working my hand. It's all manipulation. get a guy "excited" and...
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    Can someone know you farted just from eyesight?

    I recall one ****ed up conversation with my sociology professor about farting. Hell the entire class was involved. As it turns out, Fart is like the oldest word imaginable and there are rules and whatnot for it. He who observed it served it. He who first detected it ejected it. He who said the...
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    Need some tips on on non-alchoholic drinks in a bar/club!

    there's alot of sugar in regular coke (or any soda beverage for that matter.) Last time i had a regular coke was years ago and no one ever grills me for it. Nothing "poofy" about it. If i don't feel like drinking too much i'll just nurse a pint for awhile. Not sure if you want to completely...
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    FR: coworker finally grows some balls.

    this was pretty funny if a little unintentionally mean (Hell i didn't know what was going on and just acted on impulse!) i just started a new part time job while i'm apprentishipping, i meet all my co-workers in the 2 day training session and blah blah blah, it's my third day in. I head over...
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    Tell your story.. im interviewing everyone on so suave..

    1. How old are you? 22 2. Where are you from and where do you live now? Born in Costa Rica, live in Canada 3. How did you find the seduction community? Looked up Kino after hearing it mentioned and as they say, the rest is history. 4. Has the seduction community made a signifigant impact on your...
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    Brother's Craigslist Ad

    a few more replies so far, most of them IM #'s so i'm guessing it's people who want to joke around about the perfect ears. a few have been down downright serious though. here's copy past of one of them "Hi, is your ad real? I'm responding hoping it is because i've really been looking for...
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    Brother's Craigslist Ad

    My brother decided to post this joke Craigslist Ad a few days ago and he sent me the link. http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/tor/m4w/1169903717.html I LOLed at first, but when he actually started getting serious replies i howled on the floor. And here he was teasing me about my "Don Juan...
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    Interesting or Funny Stories

    It's nothing to do with Alpha Male balls. It's common sense. You're trying to fake being an interesting person. Don't you see the flaw in that? Think of it like good literature. SHOW, don't tell. I'm not saying go out and become a rockstar overnight. But is there really nothing you can do that...
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    Interesting or Funny Stories

    Ditto, although you could pretend to be Tucker Max. spend like 2 months just having fun and being spontaneous, if you don't have some stories by then... er... what's your definition of fun?
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    Anyone heard of Amway?

    In a way it's true, but at least from my experience, they use the equivalent of canned lines. It is true though that someone who wants to suceedd at MLM HAS to have awesome communication abilities. but that's not necessarily day game. here's a thought, if you want to go for a bootcamp in...
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    Best way to invite girls to your party?

    Personally i'd do something that would be considered C&F on this site, but to me it's just natural. during conversation with a girl just say "Hey, i'm having a box social this (whenever) and you're expected to arrive. If you can't then you have to sign a waiver for all the fun you'll be...
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    Nice guys don't finish last.

    Hmm... Fascinating. I like the way you've described it in detail. Although i think it depends on the type of girl Nice Guy likes that determines what might happen. Some "smarter" girls might give him a kiss or tease him with dancing at a club or something to string him along even longer, and...