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    Post breakup reading material

    The "Attitude" section of the DJ Bible. Link Bottom of the page
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    Is a womanizer a disorder?

    Look at the word. "Womanizer". I'm totally a "Womanizer". I turn girls into women. I provide for them a great service: I give them great orgasms they didn't know they could have. As such, I will take "Womanizer" as a great compliment, and not feel the negative connotation that those...
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    Hooked in, married and now divorcing...

    Just do the no contact thing until her emotions die down and she realizes... reality. Uh... and start dumping assets into gold bars and burying them in case this escalates.
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    Another Good Cop!

    Now that you've got all mired in details, step back. The medium is the message. Media? Hello? Forest/Trees? The message is: "Be scared of police, you could get shot!" Terror, plain and simple, and this is just more anxiety cultivation; pretty standard sh¡t, really, considering the...
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    When you feel like you're being lied to

    The ACTIONS not the words. Don't get sucked into the excuses, recognize the action. I got to maintain, as I always have, that this is what you guys get for playing texty-games with women. You feed their hamsters too much attention, too much availability, and the hamster runs off...
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    My Divorce Lawyer

    Maybe he's red pill and is giving you the "good guy discount"? After all, you are a smooth DJ and whatnot. You know better than us what the rapport was like. Consider sending him a thank you card, or letter, addressed to him directly, thanking him for his pro-bono work (A nice one, one that...
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    Gotta Fix This

    Re-reading this couldn't hurt... http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?t=46286 Gunwitch.
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    FR: New kid in town - the rebirth of Vulpine

    Well, here's the thing, I'm pretty much "retired" already. What I've created is a situation where my spending is so low, and sustainable, virtually any inflow of cash is surplus. So, the question becomes, how much do I really need? I have to come up with a new assortment of goals, now...
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    FR: New kid in town - the rebirth of Vulpine

    Yesterday, I reached a goal, the biggest goal I've ever had. I paid my 30-year mortgage off in 5 years. I'm having a hard time believing "that just happened". Being at zero is like being re-born all over again. WHooSH! What a ride this last several years has been! But, uh... now what?
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    Time To Get Some Pu55Y

    *handshakes* *backslaps* *offers Des a cuban cigar* Go get it, man. Congratulations. :cheer:
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    Needy Cli*

    Encourage her to NOT use the vibrator, and tell her the reasoning along these lines: A vibrator "trains" the brain to only interpret those "intense" stimuli. Those "intense" stimuli can't be produced in nature by anything short of hummingbird wings or insects wings. Unless she routinely is...
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    China's housing bubble popping

    China is stockpiling gold, not the U.S.'s soon-to-be-worthless dollars. Why buy our debt when it's a bad investment? Moreover, they've been dumping our debt that they did have back on the market for a long time in attempts to off-load their bad investments and further manipulate the world...
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    godlike Don Juan needed...LTR

    Aww... no, no, bru, nothing like that. I was hoping he would come in and offer the book; the same one you suggested.
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    What happens when America crumbles?

    Lyme's disease.
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    godlike Don Juan needed...LTR

    Epimanes... Paging DJ Epimanes... Edit: Oops... Augustus_McCrae just snuck his post in. Yes, that book.
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    Ever Notice Women Doing This?

    "She's just for looking at; not for talking to." It keeps the barnacles off my dingy.
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    Ever Notice Women Doing This?

    A trick looking for a john? They gotta make it a little obvious.
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    Need some advice here....

    She's involved, she told you. "Get it", and get that you are in her orbit, now. You're hat's in the ring. She'll tap you when she's available. Otherwise, your intentions are known: NC. She's got your number. Don't get sucked into her frame, forget about her. Sure, sure, wave, be...
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    If another "Jesus" exposed himself publicly...

    ...then we'd have another mexican in jail for indecent exposure.
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    Abundance with One Girl

    I would like to believe that one can have abundance with one girl. I have a gal, but when I'm anywhere out-and-about, other women consistently throw it at me. Often, right in front of my gal, which is good for our dynamics. "I can have that if I cared to." ^^^It's a feeling of...