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    Average man dating/committing to a Millionaire girl?

    In this marriage, is this money going to be "her" money or "our" money? Does she trust you to make decisions with the money that she brings? Will she submit to your financial decision making if you want to buy a rental property or invest in some kind of business idea? Remember a woman's...
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    “Attractive guy” not getting desired results on tinder

    The 80/20 rule seems to be on steroids on online dating. You might be in the 90th percentile with looks, but it still may only lead to a few likes. If you see the chart below, women swipe right only 5% according to that data. These apps are also majority men. Bottom line is, it's not that...
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    Money/saving addiction and feeling I'm losing my fire, need input. (successful people)

    I am in a similar place. I run my own real estate business and am on path to becoming wealthy. I also find myself working long hours, letting my house get messy, and not reaping the benefits of wealthy lifestyle because I am always working and reinvest all my income. When I take a break or sleep...
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    Do your female coworkers follow you on IG?

    I get being careful here. It also might be keeping you from some opportunities. I think Rollo and Fresh and Fit say Instagram is the #1 dating app. Even if you meet a girl elsewhere, a lot of women like to see your IG for confirmation you have lifestyle, money, etc. After learning red pill, I...
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Very true. We are also trained in the matrix to idolize love, find our soulmate, and serve women. I think our "protective instincts" for women play a huge role in men's attachment issues. And then if you aren't great with women, you're going to go through sex withdrawal. Then you see that girl...
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    How to make a girl who doesn't like bjs blow me

    I get what you're saying, but I don't think that's a fair comparison. Let's say his girlfriend didn't have sex with him at all. Wouldn't you say it's probably because she doesn't respect him as an alpha or valuable man? Women will do more sexual things with an alpha that turns her on and will...
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    Do your female coworkers follow you on IG?

    I understand. I wouldn't completely reject it either. For women I have to see, I put lower effort in and raise my expectations. Basically, if you are hot and show you're really into me, I'll give it a go.
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    Do you have to be Top 10% to do well in OLD

    Height could be an issue. Here is data from Bumble on girls setting filters for height. If you are above average height (5'10/5'11), just round to 6'. Women can't really tell the difference between an inch or two. You have to have good pictures that make you look successful, have a social life...
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    Do your female coworkers follow you on IG?

    Don't **** where you eat. If you go after it and get rejected, you have to see her everyday. Word spreads around the office, and everyone knows you've been shot down. Does the girl claim sexual harassment? Does it go to HR? HR is like #MeToo on steroids. If you start hooking up, what happens...
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    Am I coming on too strong over text? Asking too soon for the date.

    @Don Dark Horse Why are you carrying on as friends with the first girl? Men and women can't be real friends. And it's even worse off when you start off on a romantic note with the girl. She loses respect for you because you are giving up your want for sex (that she knows you have) to be just...
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    How to make a girl who doesn't like bjs blow me

    Why are you guilting him for wanting the BJ or possibly ending the relationship over this? He should care more about his girl respecting him and wanting to please him. In return, he supports her, would physically defend her, and share his lifestyle with her. I would never stay in an LTR with a...
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    I honestly have never met someone red pill in real life. My friends are all blue pill and...

    I honestly have never met someone red pill in real life. My friends are all blue pill and generally reject objective analysis of intersexual dynamics, femininity, and masculinity. I am interested to meet others that understand this. I also saw your post in your signature, and I'm wondering how...
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    How to make a girl who doesn't like bjs blow me

    Robbydog and @Konada are right. Avoiding the subject is the beta move. You are not setting boundaries and prioritizing your needs. I understand not being too overt and obvious, but at this point, you've set a precedent over the last year that it's not required. Men try to find a way to...
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    Am I supposed to want sex every day?

    Is self care included in the 2 or 3 times a week or do you want sex that often and also do it yourself in between? Do you have ED issues when you do have sex? If you're concerned, Google low male libido and read up on causes. How to reconcile this with the red pill? Sex is the most important...
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    Am I coming on too strong over text? Asking too soon for the date.

    I don't know if it was so bad you took the alternative night. I'm not a fan of pretending to be busy because then that puts the date off for a week and she forgets about you if only briefly met her initially or especially for OLD. Agree with poster. With the second girl you came off grumpy or...
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    I need dancefloor advice. I got be honest I am a **** at this

    Asking every girl at a bar or event can also backfire. Girls are more emotionally aware and can sense "thirsty" better than we can. If they see you getting rejected by other girls at the bar, then no girl wants to be with the guy everyone else rejected. I think we've all noticed "that guy" at a...
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    Why do girls play hard to get?

    This is the right response. Also all the answers above are possibly correct. There are a lot of reasons and without knowing more details, you sometimes can't piece it together. Don't let girls be timewasters. Keep any future conversation to setting up a date and not providing free attention...
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Judge women by their past. She belongs to the streets.
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    Would you rather sleep / marry....a top notch beautiful woman... Or a brainy...lady that has a job like a surgeon?

    I don't interpret it as lacking character. She may or may not be a "hot bimbo". It might be a girl that was raised to be a housewife and wants to be a stay at home mom. Op: I would choose the beautiful girl. I make enough money that money isn't very important to me and I want a woman that is...