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    Does this really work to seduce a woman?

    I know what you mean. It can be both is my point
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    Does this really work to seduce a woman?

    you're thinking about it too much. It has to be natural
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    Does this really work to seduce a woman?

    There was a study that had two groups, one that has people look into each others eyes for like 5-10 minutes and then rate how attracted they were to the other person, the other group just rated each other. The eye contact group was way higher in how they rated their attraction. Eye contact is...
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    Summertime Shred

    interesting I'm thinking its achievable with the corresponding nutrition at that time. Plus it will set up the hypertrophy phase nicely.
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    Summertime Shred

    Its getting close to that time of year again. Personally I like to cut down on bodyfat during April and May and then work to maintain a lower bf % during the summer. Here's my approach, let me know what you think. In the gym weeks 1-3 Set new 6RM strength goals for Bench press, Deadlift and...
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    Leg Day

    1: Its not that it matters that these muscles are biggest and strongest, they already are for the absolute majority of trainees. Imagine the amount of weight you could squat versus bicep curl. You should be able to squat far more for a reason. If you are shooting for looks you can absolutely...
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    Leg Day

    If you are going to train, why ignore the strongest and biggest muscles of the body? That is the rational for not skipping leg day. That said you should not experience pain while lifting. Also the adaptation that occurs in response to long distance endurance training is very different that that...
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    First Major Gym Injury and Limitation

    Sorry to hear it man. Wish you a speedy recovery. How is it now?
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    Aurora Demon's - Diet & Nutrition Journal

    Its a lot of interesting info man and you seem pretty knowledgeable with a lot of things but again what is you goal with this meal plan ? Just to eat "healthy" What does your training plan look like? Are you power lifting? And how lean are you today? All of these things play a role.
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    Aurora Demon's - Diet & Nutrition Journal

    I have a few questions What is your goal? What does your training look like? How lean are you? My advise: overall amount of protein is actually more important that the timing of protein intake. The NSCA recently came out with a mission statement about this if you want to check me. Timing...
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    Girl I'm dating seems very moody lately

    OP have you learned anything here?
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    I am following this post OP. I'm curious to see what you experience. It is absolutely true that the designers of social media platforms did so with this reward circuit in mind.
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    Girl I'm dating seems very moody lately

    Dude all things considered the only action you should take right now is an absolute hard cutoff. Do not communicate with her whatsoever. in the next month if she hits you up then she might still have some interest in you. But your mindset should be " on to the next one" It looks to me like you...
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    Arm farming

    Hey guys I did this today, and I wanted to post it here because I suspect some of you guys like crushing arms too. let me know what you think. A1 Close grip chin up X 6 ( Pause 2's @ top position) A2 Preacher curl X 12 A3 Standing cable curl X 24 Rest 90's A4 Weighted Triceps...
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    The one hour max rule

    Well alright alright that's epic. Keep getting after it man no slowing down.
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    The one hour max rule

    3 km Row and 6km jog 6 days a week? That's a lot of cardio. What are your goals with this program?
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    How to date multiple women?

    Nothing new here but in order to do this effectively the women you're dating have to see you as very high value. And you need to communicate that this is a non exclusive relationship subtly. Basically allow each woman to conclude that on her own. If she sees you as valuable enough then she will...
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    Getting Shredded on Lower Protein

    I don't think you can deny that you should listen to your body on this one. So long as you are continuing to make progress I think you are good to go. Make sure you are getting good quality protein sources. Some days you will eat more than others too. For example if you just crushed a hard leg...
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    Cardio after lifting?

    Well in that case cardio should come second to strength training. The reason is that any cardio beforehand will negatively influence your nervous system and take away from your strength efforts. Whereas you could do a 5x5 squat routine fry your CNS and still be able to get some cardio going...
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    The one hour max rule

    Do you mean 90 minutes not including warm up time or that you never warm up lol?