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    For the Men on here with kids? How do you deal with the mother?

    ^^^^^^^dude, this ^^^^^^^ Your relationship with your son is far more important than your relationship with her. You can't allow her to define that relationship. Go to court, get orders, be a good dad
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    How to deal with this?

    "Haha, yeah, don't hear many girls saying 'he dumped me bc I was being a self absorbed b!tch'".
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    Tinder/Bumble Online Dating

    When I was doing OLD, I generally asked for a meet up pretty fast, sometimes without even asking for the number. It helped weed out the chick's who were just looking for orbiters or an ego boost. I think the know within a few messages whether they are going to boink you or not. Occasionally...
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    WTF, She Messaged Me Early In The Morning To Say?

    This is why I don't have any co-workers on my fb and my privacy is set to max. I get requests all the time and I politely reply that fb is for family, but I would be happy to connect on linked in. Also, this is why most here say "don't sh!t where you eat". Don't mix your social life and...
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    How to just forget about women?

    Get busy accomplishing goals that have nothing to do with women. Fitness goals, financial goals, person goals. Enroll in some classes. Train for something like a triathlon or mountain climb. Start a business. Do these things and you won't have to worry about trying to get women, they...
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    Custody Battle Advice Needed

    OP, what state are you in? Here in TX I think you would have a good shot. You need to begin documenting all of your interactions with her and all of the time your daughter spends with you. If the judge believes they are just formalizing what is already actually happening it will be much...
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    How to nail it on date 3, if date 2 had only a minor flaw?

    That's my guess. If she was hot for you she would fvck you in church. Well, unless she is 15 and a Virgin, as others have implied.
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    Is this a s*** test or a red flag?

    My guess is that it is a sh!t test to try and get a reaction out of you. I would ignore it, but pull back attention a little - but not too much, you don't want to come across as passive aggressive. If she pulls back too, she is probably interested in the other guy. So if you want to party...
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    Great, but ?

    Does she work? Dude I would think real hard before you knock her up. That isn't likely to get better, it's likely to get worse. You said you were looking for a girlfriend.... You aren't settling are you? What value does she bring to your life, other than the laundry? What kind of stuff...
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    Help me getting my frame back with this girl, please!

    Yea dude, I would just go radio silent and focus on myself and other chicks. If she reaches out, don't get chatty - ask her out again. If it's another no or flake, go hard NC.
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    What would you tell your past you and future you?

    Past self: stop trying to please women. Focus on self improvement. Future self: hope you are enjoying all that money I saved for you. Use it for adventures, not stuff.
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    Is It Time To Tell Her What A Scumbag She Is?

    I agree with the others above, and would like to add: if you just can't help yourself, for God's sake don't do it via email! Do you know how often that stuff gets forwarded with a "look how butthurt/juvenile /sad /mean he is?
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    Dude, this runs deeper than TV viewing. She has no motivation or ambition. She isn't accomplishing anything - well, at least not much. All that can lead to depression and all sorts of bad behaviours. She needs to be busier with her life, so there is no time for TV. Then she will be...
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    After date... she went crazy, and now I stopped contacting she contacted

    Dude, I disagree and this reinforces my thoughts in your other thread that you are trying too hard to please women. If you are interested in LTR's, which you seem to be, I suggest you read some of Athol Kays stuff. OP, dust muffin has it right. Early in the relationship you need less...
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    "Tell me something about yourself"

    Die Hard, how old are you? Your response above makes me think you are trying to hard to please them. I know it's counter intuitive, but that can be a turn off for chicks. When they say "tell me something" and then you pester them for specifics so you can make sure your answer satisfies...
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    "Tell me something about yourself"

    I agree, be funny and absurd. Or serious and absurd. But don't take the question seriously. Think up a few good answers and commit them to memory.
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    How to gain confidence when you have no friends, limited social skills

    I suggest you read "Mastery" by Robert Greene and find your calling.
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    Don Juan bible has flaws?

    Jack, notice the words "always" and "all the time" in the djb. The point is that you shouldn't do those things in excess; not that you shouldn't do them at all. Everything in moderation - anything taken to the extreme becomes absurd.
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    Reality struck me I got too fat!

    Make sure you are lifting heavy. A big gut looks a lot better on broad shoulders and a big back. I am not excusing the weight gain, but if you are lifting heavy, at least you'll get something out of the extra calories. I am working on losing 15lbs myself right now.