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  1. Scars

    woman's perspective

    It sounds like you live in a predominately Asian/Latino area, which both cultures generally seem to have shorter genetics. 5'8 is taller for a girl. I prefer my women around 5'5 or so, but you're certainly not an Amazon woman. I think these dudes in your community are just super short. By the...
  2. Scars

    Should you follow your ex on social media after one year?

    You already know the answer to this OP.
  3. Scars

    Hobbies are bullchit

    That's another thing I'm quite good at.
  4. Scars

    1st date with Ex. Need advice.

    Stuck around for the happy ending before replying to this thread. I hope you learned your lesson OP.
  5. Scars

    Hobbies are bullchit

    Working out, building my business/making money, cooking & meal prep mostly. Some guys need a hobby to distract themselves from going full blown simp on a girl. It's been a tried and true method that works. I have no hate towards them. I'd rather see a man build trainsets than further evolve...
  6. Scars

    Girl asked "what should I do?" when a guy is trying to game her

    I wouldn't trust any woman other than a sister or family member to actually want to come to me for REAL dating advice or how to handle a stalker/weirdo. This was nothing more than a test to get a reaction out of you. Also, anytime I've had a female bring this convo up to me, guess who the...
  7. Scars

    Girl asking for a hug. Interest or jealousy?

    OP, how old are you? Just wondering.
  8. Scars

    Timewasters (Red Flags to Look Out For in Girls)

    I try not to read into things too much. I'll ask for a meetup twice. She has 2 chances. If she blows me off both times, I move on. Generally I won't even give the girl a second chance. But if she counter offers for another time/place, I'm more willing to try again. Some girls I'm just one and...
  9. Scars

    Ex texts me to talk…How should I respond?

    Ignore her. Don't be surprised if she tries to reach out again though. Her anxiety is going to go through the roof.
  10. Scars

    What can you do about a wife who cheated?

    She lost respect for you a long time ago. Eject. Contact a lawyer, as other have stated. Infidelity is literally the most disgusting, disrespectful, and worse thing a woman can possibly do to a man, do not stand for that sh*t.
  11. Scars

    Newbies, Lurkers & Inexperienced (this ones for you)

    I love eating p*ssy. And the Stirling Cooper video said it best. When you eat it out, you're breathing in all those pheromones. It gets me rock hard every time. It's like natural viagra, and the girl loves it. I def agree too many men are consumed with the idea of trying too hard to be "alpha"...
  12. Scars

    Are all girls toxic? Do girls enjoy toxic energy from men?

    Women crave excitement and drama. They're emotional creatures. They need to be feeling something at all times. If life is dull, they will literally create drama themselves. Bad boys tend to bring this kind of energy, and it excites them. Even if the girl is made to feel like absolute sh*t, to...
  13. Scars

    Got turned down by woman on OLD. Feel indifferent about it.

    She was maybe a 7.5 at best. Mexican girl. A little more heavier than I would normally go for honestly. Typical American girl. She really was out of pocket to be that selective and picky, but it's whatever. I thought it would be an easy lay, but apparently not.
  14. Scars

    Got turned down by woman on OLD. Feel indifferent about it.

    It doesn't bother me. I was more or less sharing my experience to remind men that everyone deals with rejection. Even guys like me who are somewhat quite good at seduction. Hours later I was already talking to another girl who is sharing higher signs of interest. Just gotta roll with the punches.
  15. Scars

    Got turned down by woman on OLD. Feel indifferent about it.

    Idk how your troll ass isn't banned yet. Amazing.
  16. Scars

    Got turned down by woman on OLD. Feel indifferent about it.

    Not normally my style, but I had to see what was up. Lol
  17. Scars

    Got turned down by woman on OLD. Feel indifferent about it.

    Was talking to some chick, got her number and started texting. She wanted to see more pics of me so I sent some. She went super cold. After 2 hours, I texted her saying "Damn, am I that ugly? lol" and she was like no, just not my type. I said ok, at least you're honest. Good luck finding your...
  18. Scars

    Women start argument

    If it's a sh*t test, act aloof, say something funny and sarcastic, don't take her seriously.. if she is actually starting a REAL argument and being rude then walk away.
  19. Scars

    Women lose RESPECT for you if you eat them out

    Betas don't even make it far enough to see p*ssy. Eating her is a form of foreplay. You can still d*ck her down and show her who's boss. I liked the Stirling Cooper video that was posted above. Y'all way too worried about being Alpha chad's that it comes off super cringy. I think the answer is...
  20. Scars

    article: The year of the femcel - Why are women struggling to find sex and love?

    Women have no issues getting sex, they just have problems keeping men.