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  1. Kailex

    Did your wife/ex-wife change after kids?

    I'm guess I'm never going to find out. Got the vasectomy locked down already, so I'll never have to worry about a future where I end up posting on Reddit's Dead Bedrooms because of kids or because that's the excuse my wife would use.
  2. Kailex

    No butterflies...

    Some of y'all are overthinking this. It doesn't matter what she says or the why she says it, it's how she's acting. Butterflies, no chemistry, it's me not you... they're all the same thing. Instead of analyzing what she's saying just move on from it and onto the next one.
  3. Kailex

    Insane living dilemma.

    You need to get your own apartment or kick her out. Then, go find someone to have a REAL relationship with.
  4. Kailex

    Gf putting on the weight.

    My view is that it is an "excuse". Sure, she said that, but what' the excuse NOW? Has she gone back to the gym, is she making an effort? If not, then guess what... essentially YOU will symbolize her WEIGHT. Yep. Just as she stopped caring because [Insert Reason X Here], she'll probably apply...
  5. Kailex

    A Tale of Three Women

    samspade, to comment on your point - I think anything is fair as long as you have control over the situation. The deck is stacked more in our favor as we grow older and see past the curtains of deception and we also know what hands they are playing with. It's funny because out of the three of...
  6. Kailex

    A Tale of Three Women

    Just to preface this... this is not a tale about three women that I am actively dating or have ever dated. These are three women that for one reason or another are actively in my life. It's interesting to me to post some observations about the three of them, because it's finally happening in...
  7. Kailex

    Ex wife wants reconcilliation...

    At some point in your marriage... you were Plan B. At some point after your divorce... you are still Plan B. Don't be Plan B. Don't be Plan Z. Be no plan for her ever again.
  8. Kailex

    Attempting to reconsile why I broke it off..

    I went through this years ago and do NOT regret it at all. The regret is temporary and will go away once you find a woman or women that meet your criteria. She didn't do anything wrong, but neither did you. You two just aren't compatible.
  9. Kailex

    Disrespect or am I overreacting?

    So my girlfriend and I have been in similar situations. We are generally very friendly at breweries and bars and will meet other people. Now she would NEVER and never HAS mentioned getting someone's number to meet up with them again. The idea was hers. Which fine, it might be an innocent...
  10. Kailex

    I went AFC on her, is it too late to pull it back???

    You're outcome dependent at this point. I hate to say it, but you are probably better off letting her go and going out with other women.
  11. Kailex

    I Have Anger Problems/I Don't Know What To Do

    Man, why are you dating? How are you supposed to like anyone else in your life when you can't even like yourself?
  12. Kailex

    She plays mind games very well

    Women... and themselves.
  13. Kailex

    Break up closure

    The only closure you need is to close the door as she's on her way out. Seriously, I didn't finish your whole book of Genesis before thinking to myself, "Why was he with her in the first place?"
  14. Kailex

    She plays mind games very well

    She doesn't play mind games "very well", you're just terrible at it.
  15. Kailex

    The High Quality Women Are Lower Than You Think

    I think defining "high quality" woman is entirely subjective. The problem is that for most men these days "high quality" women ARE yesterday's "average" woman or even "low" at fault of the man. I hate to say it that way, but the amount of bullshyte that men are willing to withstand just to be...
  16. Kailex

    She HAS a backup plan...

    According to this study, 43% of the women surveyed were being honest.
  17. Kailex

    My game needs vast improvement. Just exited marriage, tip's,advice welcome

    Man, you need to get away for at least a week or even a weekend, or something. Go hit up a brewery at a new town, or just a new town in general. Go run a 5K in another state. ANYTHING. But the last thing you should be doing is thinking about women right now, especially if you are recognizing...
  18. Kailex

    On Leadership in Relationship

    It's funny that you use the example of salsa dancing, because as a hispanic male who was raised in Latin America and now resides in the United States, I can tell when there was a newcomer to either a lesson or the dance floor. More often than not, the "true" American woman between the ages of 20...
  19. Kailex

    Got too desperate with a girl. How to proceed?

    What in the BLUE HELL are you doing and why are you doing it? Your first paragraph is a litany of reasons as to why you should STOP talking to her, but you like her? Why? Not only that but you did the right thing but then APOLOGIZED for it. Forget it buddy, you lost the frame with this one...
  20. Kailex

    Too soon but have fun with it anyway?

    Whenever someone tells me that they are smitten and just want to have fun, I see a contradiction. It's a recipe for disaster. I wouldn't go along with Florida, and yes, she is qualifying you, repeatedly. I don't like it, but hey if you are smitten, and want to see how the tables can turn on you...