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    Don't take online dating too seriously

    More like online dating sucks, not I suck at it
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    Don't take online dating too seriously

    I agree 100%, it's good for hook ups but awful if you are looking for a "connection". This article is pretty accurate. Why Online Dating Is Weird And Unnatural And Doesn’t Work (Updated For 2021) – Double Trust Dating
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    Don't take online dating too seriously

    Had an online date with a 43-year-old (I'm 45). She was tall (5'7") with long blond hair and resembled Cameron Diaz in the face. However, there was something off about her (eyes darted around a lot) and a very airhead personality which is big turn off. She also lived at home with her...
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    “Stop chasing women and focus on yourself then the women will come.”

    Of course women aren't going to approach you, initiate conversation nor ask you out. However, when you focus on yourself and aren't on the prowl, women (who like you) will put themselves in a position where you can initiate. It's still the man's job to pick up on this and make a move.
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    Hard Truth: There is no decent alternative to OLD

    I agree with most of what you said. However, I am convinced most men that are with attractive women met them through their social circle (this is especially true when there is a looks mismatch) There are some attractive women on OLD, but a lot of undesirables too. I almost feel many attractive...
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    If it feels like you are chasing her, her IL is lower than you think.....

    I noticed this "theory" seems to be true more and more. Women who are interested in you will initiate texts/messages at least 50% of the time if not much more. Sometimes I will text a woman who I might have hooked up with months ago or even a couple of years ago to see if I can get things...
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    I'm starting to believe best time for dating in a man's life is late 20's to early 30's

    35 is a good age. I would get attention from 18 -22 year olds. Now, not so much
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    I'm starting to believe best time for dating in a man's life is late 20's to early 30's

    I'm 45 and still in good shape. I can pass for late 30s no problem.
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    Who turns 40 next month?

    Wife passed away? Oh man, sorry for your loss, that is awful.
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    I'm starting to believe best time for dating in a man's life is late 20's to early 30's

    I say it's the best because you have access to peak SMV women in their early 20's. Once you get past 35, it seems a lot harder to land women in their early 20's. When I was a grad student in my late 20's, I did pretty good with the undergraduate women (21 and 22). As an undergraduate 18-22...
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    Maybe dating co-workers is not such a bad idea

    Think about it: Bars/Clubs---Generally no good and the odds are stacked against you Online Dating---Generally no good (unless you look like Brad Pitt) and any halfway decent looking woman is getting multiple messages a day. Gym---Generally no good since the ratio is 70/30 guys and most...
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    Women prefer men close to their own age?

    If this is true, why do so many men 18-29 struggle to get a girlfriend? Abo Akademi University in Finland confirmed that women have a way narrower age preference as compared to men. They prefer the partners who are about their own age or a year or two older not to that Why Do Men Prefer...
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    Women in their 20s and early 30s

    Sexual power. Women are much better looking than men
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    Women in their 20s and early 30s

    I've noticed one thing as I've gotten older (45). Younger women (21 to 32) look hotter and hotter just for the fact they are YOUNG. Even women with normal/average faces look gorgeous to me with their long shiny healthy hair and youthful skin. Gets me upset though, the sexual power they have...
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    Fifa World Cup 2022-Players not shaking hands?

    In all the WC's I have watched in the past; players from the opposing teams would go down the line and shake each other's hands after both national anthems were played. I always liked seeing this as it is a nice gesture. In all the games thus far either they aren't doing it anymore or the...
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    new Aaron Clarey video: Short Guys Shouldn't Date

    What does that mean? Do I have a bad face? Nah, not strikingly handsome but decent. Think Steve Carrell
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    Are men 40 to 55 considered creepy to women in their early 20's?

    Very true. When I was 41 I got involved with a 21 year old from my gym class. She made it easy in the sense that she was ALWAYS looking in my direction making it easy for me to talk to her.
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    new Aaron Clarey video: Short Guys Shouldn't Date

    Yes, my area is not great