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  1. ubercat

    Ive noticed women giving more positive comments on OF content

    Lot of solid looking guys with Asian chicks in tow around Australia. Voting with your feet is always an option.
  2. ubercat

    Relationships expose your inner demons

    Same with Serbians. My mate had this girl he was dating try and stab when she found out about other girls. They hadn't even had the talk. I ve had Greek and Serbian chix ditch me because I wasn't moody enough. I think one of them actually wanted to be slapped around. Damaged goods.
  3. ubercat

    The Psychology of Ignoring Women

    Wow is this guy going for the record of pissing off the most senior members in one thread. He seems to be missing the foundational social strategy. It's better to make friends than enemies.
  4. ubercat

    The power of flaking

    Nice post. The power on females is undeniable. I guess it comes down to your own personal code. If it was a hot but fairly worthless chick who I was using because she was using me then game on. If we are talking very early dating I might do it because at that point they don't give a s***...
  5. ubercat

    The Psychology of Ignoring Women

    The post could have done with a little less shotokan and a bit more aikido but the principle is sound given one big caveat. If you have clear value she will make the move in normal chick style by putting herself in proximity to you so that you know to make the move. I agree with BE overall...
  6. ubercat

    Are men 40 to 55 considered creepy to women in their early 20's?

    Geeze this thread is a good advertisement for humble brags. Biblebelt was doing quite well with the younger generation for awhile. Maybe he could offer some advice for aspiring Daddys Of course he was tying them up. All consentual they wanted to be tied up.
  7. ubercat

    Still amazes me

    There is a balancing to it. That's I suggest that guys who are in dry spell either voluntary or not self maintain. I.e. ay sports and get massages - legit non-happy ending ones.
  8. ubercat

    Potential wife past sexual history

    Omg with all the other odds stacked against these days guys have to find virgins too? Well it will solve overpopulation quickly.
  9. ubercat

    We schedule to talk tonight to solve that situation, she gave a excuse that she probably can't do that.

    Last post because I really need to get going with my work. Point I am making is everything needs to be a system. When sh1t comes down your systems should protect you. So I just got hit in some project cutbacks me and a bunch of other contractors out the door. Not good at this time of year...
  10. ubercat

    We schedule to talk tonight to solve that situation, she gave a excuse that she probably can't do that.

    Men do well with routines. Then you do swap outs so you don't kill your soul and stay an interesting guy. Ok this 2 weeks I will swap out my usual routine for making hiking dates with chicks hopefully really fit ones. This weekend I am going to book myself some dirt bike lessons...
  11. ubercat

    Do Movies Have Any Semblance to Reality

    The mass market has the mass. Yes I have seen artistic type guys score hot birds too but I have seldom seen them them keep them unless a couple of kids came along. It's notable because it's against the run of play. I'm one of the moderates here so I'm not saying that you have to be an...
  12. ubercat

    Do Movies Have Any Semblance to Reality

    Even colder reality your hot girl doesn't stay hot forever even if you do win the geek lottery. I know a couple of marriages that have struggled because the guy is now fat and bald and still expects his ageing trophy wife to look hot. At some point you have to grow up and accept the realities...
  13. ubercat

    We schedule to talk tonight to solve that situation, she gave a excuse that she probably can't do that.

    @Blacksheep I d suggest opening a journal thread. And START wit a SIMPLE routine. I keep base fitness by: - climbing 6 flights stairs and riding lift down and doing it again at end of my 30 minute morning walk - shadow kickboxing workout with 1 kg hand weights in front of TV - play tennis...
  14. ubercat

    We schedule to talk tonight to solve that situation, she gave a excuse that she probably can't do that.

    @Blacksheep I m not self promoting here just can't type so much again. Read some of my back posts on how to handle the usual fvckers socially. I would say you need to be personable before powerful. 48 laws is good. I d add my posts for a bit of 'how to' plus the social skills guidebook -...
  15. ubercat

    We schedule to talk tonight to solve that situation, she gave a excuse that she probably can't do that.

    Idk why you would ever want somebody back who disrespected you. My policy is one chance per wan per lifetime.
  16. ubercat

    Relationship that starts with sex on day 1

    If they give it up on the first night we can get over it they can't. It's the whole classic Madonna/ haw dissonance. Women have both natures but don't want to admit being the haw.
  17. ubercat

    Can you Alpha Widow a woman if you never slept with her?

    Nope. If she doesn't think yr worthy of her eggs u ain't the alpha. Holes gonna get filled.
  18. ubercat

    Leadership - Being a Leader people follow vs. a Boss people resent

    I m a contract PM by trade. Believe me permie managers hoard the stars and give me the C team to deliver with every time. Everything people is like dating a mix of tough and tender gets it done. Agree with the modern sales guy you have to treat your team as human. Know some personal stuff...
  19. ubercat

    Ready for monogamy, but screwed it up

    Yea for me it's one and done. When it comes to relationships there are normally multiple reasons. Build the past baggage on top of those fault lines and it is very low probability that this is going to work out. And it is brilliant that you understand you need to work on yourself because...
  20. ubercat

    Dealing with other peoples doubts

    BTW family is tough. My sister's are extremely dominant people. I treat them like difficult stakeholders at work. Tell them they are wonderful agree with their ideas and ask them lots of questions. I would love to have a more honest relationship with them but they are not capable of it.