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  1. greatsnake

    The unbelievably pleasuring experience of dealing with girls in their early 20s.

    Women in their 20s are just full of energy and are eager for the next adventure.
  2. greatsnake

    Reply to "Let's just be friends" text

    keep it short, no need to pour your heart out. Don't let someone shake you out from your frame!
  3. greatsnake

    interesting opinion coming from a movie actor.

    I do agree with him. It was time for someone to speak out! Opinions are welcome. https://apple.news/AzBVF78XDTYuKO6g1O-R-Ow
  4. greatsnake

    Momentum in dating

    yep, momentum is key!
  5. greatsnake

    Calling out on her Bs?

    always call a woman out on her BS. However, knowing how to say it is key and all depends on the type of relationship you have/want with her.
  6. greatsnake

    Not banging a chick

    could be that she didn't want to come off as easy, she likes you and wants to you stay interested by dangling the zex carrot. Reasons on why she did it can be plenty, just hit the snooze on her for some time so she can see that you maintain frame and aren't shaken by her move.
  7. greatsnake

    Women in my generation (21) do not like masculine men. They like prettyboy twink f4ggots

    Who cares about social media. Be who you want to be, unless you want to change to fall in someone's good graces. Which in my opinion is a recipe for disaster.
  8. greatsnake

    Why did she try to intimidate me?

    Don't read too much into it. What if it only was a chit test?
  9. greatsnake

    Should I even contemplate moving in with her?

    She sees you as an asset (a good thing)and wants to tie you down. Don't move in just because she wants you both to do so-- do it when you are ready. You set the parameters.
  10. greatsnake

    *advice* Guys, do not waste your time being friends with girls.

    Nothing wrong with having them as friends, as that same girl could be a tool to which you can meet more girls. It has happened to me.
  11. greatsnake


    I find that a lot guys think too much into what women say and do. Don't take the game too seriously or else you'll find yourself going down the rabbit hole. Train yourself not to care, do what you want, not what they want from you.
  12. greatsnake

    What to do when a girl finds out that I frequent so suave for dating advice

    So what if she finds out-- what's important is how you react to it. It's not like she doesn't talk to her girlfriends about her relationships, friends with benefits etc. Your growth is important.
  13. greatsnake

    There Is NO Such Thing as A Busy Woman

    or it can mean that she really is busy. The important thing is not to dwell on it ...
  14. greatsnake

    How to overcome a height sh1t test?

    So what, I'm 5'7 but I care less about someone's opinion about me. She accepted the date, so in my head, you are in the game. That said, lets go to some answers. When a girl chit tests you, she is looking for a reaction. So best thing is-- "no reaction and shrug off whatever she said"...
  15. greatsnake

    Have you ever dates a party chick?

    at the beginning, I did date a couple of party girls but that never worked out. Changed my mentality/approach with those and now they are just for fun.
  16. greatsnake

    rebound relationship

    Talking about an ex isn’t a red flag but not setting boundaries with the ex is what gets me thinking. By the way, I’m ok if they remain friends.
  17. greatsnake

    rebound relationship

    Things have been going great for the past few years, but I've known her about 2-3 months. I do want a LTR that's why a brief face-to-face discussion would be a good idea. If it were just a fast lay, I wouldn't have cared.
  18. greatsnake

    rebound relationship

    LOL read the lyrics-- that was my attitude for 5 years.
  19. greatsnake

    rebound relationship

    that's why I'll cut it ASAP.
  20. greatsnake

    rebound relationship

    lol I see your point of view, but I'll have to cut it personally...