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    I'm 25, single.. Have my own place.. Yet still want to be in LTR.. Etc.

    Chatting to women on the train doesn't sound like it would be a problem. I'd suggest you give it a try. However, don't make your objective getting them to your place, make your objective to have a fun and engaging conversation with them.. just talk to them, not at them.. Tell them about...
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    I'm 25, single.. Have my own place.. Yet still want to be in LTR.. Etc.

    Your problems are illusions of the mind. Discard them and start living your life. Get out and talk to women, plan as that. Get out, and talk to anyone. Get some interesting fun things in your life to do and meet people, talk to them about what is cool in your life, and theirs, built rapport, get...
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    So in my past 3 relationships, the girl has had major issues with her father

    Ready for the esoteric reply? The Universe tends to teach us the lessons we need to learn. Everyone gets different types of women with backgrounds based on what experiences we need to have. It helps us understand who and what we really want and how to give back to them.
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    ElStud, this is your last hope, so read, and learn!

    The Motivator, You should by now know the saying goes "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." You cannot force the student to be ready or even to show up to class and pay attention, you know this already or you should.
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    The cardinal rules for Men in relationships and dating

    12. Do not seriously consider dating a woman who has significant issues with physical contact, touching, kino, hugging, kissing, etc. She has serious baggage/hangups, almost always due to childhood trauma. You will not be able to fix these problems in 99% of cases, they require professional...
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    Jayer's 100 Approach Journal (Will Finish 100 approaches no matter what)

    Trust me, she isn't different from other girls unless she has a penis. She is feeling you out just like you are feeling her out and she's seein if you will let her run the show. I HIGHLY recommend taking a few days to focus and pursue other interests (and ladies) and let her "feel" that she...
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    To call or to text?

    While tone on the telephone does have a resounding impact, so do the proper text messages and e-mails. Every opportunity has its unique qualities that make every approach and situation different. It is up to you to learn through practice which is proper in each circumstance and to apply that...
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    I'm About To Snap!!!

    If she doesn't call before dinner, hit her up there and make a plan to do somethin with her (ie. setup the next date at the dinner)
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    FR: The power of reframing, and framing.

    Why should she give you her number? You built attraction but no comfort hence she was "uncomfortable" giving you her number. And you got fed a line, she does and will give her number to a guy that she is attracted to and comfortable seeing later. Good approach, nice report, keep up the good...
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    Myspace - Always getting asked "What do you do for a living"

    She wasn't much to look at so I'm not bothered ;)
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    Myspace - Always getting asked "What do you do for a living"

    I tried your response out and it got me unfriended. LOL :)
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    Myspace - Always getting asked "What do you do for a living"

    The garbage man line is funny for sure. I agree that in the scheme of things, if you are pullin in a good income, it really shouldn't matter where it comes from to her as long as you are stable/secure.
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    Myspace - Always getting asked "What do you do for a living"

    On myspace, It seems to me that as soon as I begin messaging back and forth with randoms femz that are my "new friends" I get hit with the questions about "What I do for a living" by every single girl!!! Ultimately the goal is to get their numbers, call them and setup a date. So the question...
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    My GF uses a DJ trick against me!

    You don't need to end things, you need to confront her about what is bothering you though. Confront her immediately. You can start by sending her a text message saying "We need to talk." Those usually come before a break-up so it will definetely put her on edge. Then explain that her threats...
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    How important is weight?

    Dumb comment. Powerhouse Gym's typically have the words Fitness Center underneath. Top IFBB pro's workout there. You've been reduced.
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    f/r: Brought home two chicks

    Keep up the good work. Remember life is about fun, fun and earning a living so you can have fun living!
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    Lay Report.

    We are action takers. Well said. Keep up the good work!
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    LTR: Lack of sex

    Sex TOYS. The more insane, the better. Search online for the craziest **** you can find. This will save your relationship, nothing else.
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    195x11 and 205x5 Bench Press - New Personal Best!

    Nope. I've never gone for a 1rep max because I'm worried about injuring my shoulders. I always lift within my 3-5 MAX REP zone and make small adjustments over-time.