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    Whatever happend to nommariage.com

    outside of this site it was very informative and insightful. Was a member on here that put me on to it.
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    Best places for single guys 40 and up to travel pluawesome websites that help you travel there.

    What are some awesome place for guys 40 plus to travel for hot women? Top of my list Rio de janeiro would be tops Cali columbia Havana cuba as well toursgonewild.com offers awesome travel packages. Include some spots and travel sites that you have traveled to or plan to travel to this upcoming year.
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    The pros and cons of resistance band training

    I have resistance bands now I wish I would have used them somewhere very underrated just like the kettle bell
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    Turned on the documentary that epitomizes my life from the age of 18 to 29

    . This documentary basically sums up my life on the age of 18 to 25 if not 29 only difference is that I actually made an attempt to join the military in 2009 at age of 25 how many you guys could relate to being addicted to p*** online dating or just the hook up culture
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    Is it safe to say that most guys are here are introverts im a intj

    How do you identify as?
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    How do you measure your body fat?

    Tape measure? Skinfold?
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    Andrew tate vs paul the plot thickins

    Hope tate wins
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    Apparently these are the best dating sites

    Don't think I agree with match.com but I could be wrong https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/best-dating-apps-for-serious-relationships
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    What are you guys doing for halloween and where are you guys located

    In miami here right now was beautiful we just passed peak hurricane season so should be fun
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    Awesome article about the best cities for young people nowadays

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    Your thoughts on the current kanye west drama.

    Hollywood history has shown that men and women of all ages have come back from worst situations I think as long as he's financially sound he'll be okay what do you think?
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    Can anyone tell me the most popular steroids by sport pros and cons of each one and have you taken it hope this doesn't violate any terms on this fo

    I know dinobal was very popular in the 90s cuz a lot of guys like Mark McGuire and social took it and the least side effects. And the clear is what barry bonds took during his home run race. Again I hope this post doesn't get banned or moved or censored I don't plan to take their words and never...
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    Only fan model accused of murder!!

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    What's supplements do you take and where do you get them at?

    I'm 39 and have used amino acid creatine and tons of different protein shakes come to find out protein shakes are highly overrated along with diet pills and mostly protein just wanted to know what's something to take and where do you buy it from i'm a huge fan of vitamin shoppe.
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    Has this only fans model figured out what most guys on this forum have known all along?

    She speaks the truth when she says that the christian base is very hypocritical and girls will continue to shop around their bodies via sugar daddies stripping or escorting
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    What teeth whitening system do you use

    It seems like the traditional dental route where they shoot UV into your mouth for an hour is highly overrated and expensive anyone have any recommendations?
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    Eddie murphy's getting raped in child support

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11292569/Eddie-Murphy-agrees-pay-ex-Mel-B-35-000-monthly-child-support-daughter-Angel.html Still love his work and his comedy but a mistake like this will go to show you some things .it could cost you a lot prenup condom and common sense goes a long way...
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    Anyone here in medical sales?

    Just wanted to know what's been your experience and how long have you been doing it and what test do you have for a semi experience salesman
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    What's the situation with Qatar can someone please educate me!

    Is it really that bad to have the world cup or olympics hosted by this country I know this corruption but that could be said for tons of other organizations what are your opinions and thoughts about the situation.