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    Thunder_god's adventures in Europe Part II

    It's time to return back to Europe! After my trip to Europe last year, it really opened my eyes on what I was really missing out on being stuck here in the feminist capital of North America. I knew I had to go back and made a promise to myself that I would, so here I am, about to get on a plane...
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    Getting a job in Europe for people from North America

    Has anyone successfully done this? At the moment I'm trying to figure out how the hell to do this. I'm currently stuck in this ****hole known as Toronto desperately trying to get the **** out. Everything from the ultra hardcore feminists, LGBT, fat ugly bitchy women with poor attitude, extremely...
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    Location Independent Businsess

    Does anyone have any experience with this? I'm currently trying real hard to launch a seo article/blogging business so that I can be location independent and get the **** outta Toronto here but its proven to be quite the challenge. I've switched up several strategies and each one brings me just...
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    Anyone have any experience with blogging and SEO/copywriting?

    I'm looking to start getting my feet wet in this area.
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    How to deal with people telling you, you can't do this or that constantly?

    I'm getting really sick and tired of this $hit. People from my parents since I was a child, to my best friends or strangers telling me I can't do this or that. Take for example, I recently went on a trip to Europe by myself. Two of my friends told me I was being stupid and wasting my time and...
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    Need a good comeback line for this

    Some ***** told me this: Her: I like men with big brains and fat wallets ;) Not sure what witty comeback to write back. I was thinking: "Then I guess its your lucky day, except I like women that shave and have large assets."
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    Teaching English Abroad

    Has anyone ever done this before? I'm really considering this for 1-2 years to pay off my student debt and also to network and develop some skills abroad that I can use to polish up my resume and perhaps try to open up some sort of import/export business on the side or something. I'm really...
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    Tips on how to become smarter with money and how to accumulate wealth?

    So my dream job of becoming a physiotherapist and making a modest living couldn't come into fruition as I got booted from my program. I have around 40 something thousand in government student loan debt as well and I don't think I can afford to return back to school to take another program. I'm...
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    Thunder_god's adventure's in Europe

    Paris, France Day 1: I landed in Paris yesterday at 7am. My flight was the night before at 5pm and there is a 6 hour timezone difference so I didn't really sleep at all. I had some difficult with the machine at the airport to buy shuttle bus tickets and I think I might have purchased 3 of the...
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    Tipping in France and Poland?

    Do you need to tip when ordering food from a restaurant or a drink from a bar/nightclub in these two countries? I know in Toronto, Bartenders expect you to tip them $1-2 for every drink you order which is ridiculous.
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    Paris and Krakow

    I'll be in Paris from June 19-25, and Krakow from June 25-30. If anyone is interested in meeting up and hitting up the streets and clubs, let me know.
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    Weird and Creepy PUA guys in Toronto

    http://metronews.ca/news/toronto/1377764/police-monitoring-toronto-pick-up-artists-video-rant-about-cutting-woman-into-pieces/# I actually met this guy one time last year when I started to try and learn game through another pua. He tried to get me to sign up for coaching sessions with him...
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    Planning vacation to Europe, where to go?

    I'm planning on visiting France + either Sweden or Poland. I'm planning on staying between 1-2 weeks, probably around 1.5 weeks depending on costs and budget. I'll be travelling by myself and using airbnb and looking for a private apartment or at the minimum a private room so that I have a place...
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    Majorly depressed and stuck in a black hole

    I found out about 2 weeks ago that the department in my program is forcing me to withdraw out of the program. I studied my ass off this time around and did the best I could do but unfortunately it wasn't good enough. The depression has really hit me hard these past week and a half. Right now I'm...
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    Flunked out of Physiotherapy School and now lost :(

    Just found out today that I need to withdraw from my professional graduate program majoring in physiotherapy because I failed a practical exam 2 weeks ago because I choked and got really nervous. I busted my ass in undergrad to get into the program and then worked 3x as hard during the program...
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    Jealous Guy Makes Girlfriend Binge-Eat So She Won’t Attract Other Men

    http://elitedaily.com/news/world/guy-makes-girlfriend-binge-eat-wont-attract-men/1000604/ Pathetic!
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    Lost in career choice

    I'm really considering dropping out of my program and switching into something else. I'm not doing very well in my program and I have lost the passion to continue my studies. I want to pick a career in something I excel at, while making a lot of money. Right now I'm really lost at what career to...
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    shoulder pad on blazer too big

    I bought a blazer last week for a good price, however upon closer inspection I noticed the shoulder pads are abit too big and high. Is there a way I can salvage this and get it altered or is it a lost cause?
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    How to fix inner game issues?

    I seem to lack the balls to jump on opportunities or even create ones because I'm a big pu$$y and I'm sick of these insecurities and mental blocks preventing me from doing what I know I should be doing. I mean its one thing to try and fail and learn from it, its quite another when you don't even...
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    Brand name jean suggestions?

    Most of my buffalo jeans have started to tear and fall apart after wearing them for a few months. It kind of pi$$es me off since I spent hundreds of dollars on this garbage that only lasts me a few months. Hell even my gap jeans last longer then this garbage. Is there any jean manufacturers left...