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  1. Solomon

    A Lot Of Women's Past Online Will Come Back To Haunt Them

    I don't ususally post gossipy topics like this but yesterday Jason Alexander broke into Britney spear's wedding. The video went viral and clearly the guy is of his rocker but what I found interesting is that Britney Spears sons didn't attend the wedding. If you go on her Instagram. She has full...
  2. Solomon

    Best City/State For A Single Man To Live in his 30s/40s?

    Long story short I have outgrown the liberal dunghole I live in, most of my friends are either married (which I'm not) or have moved to other places. The main critieria for my move is to advance my business(es) because I will be starting a new one this year. Some of the critiera I'm looking at...
  3. Solomon

    Women Have Infinite Options

    ^^guy gets 100s of messages using a "female filter" smh We have seen this before however the modern thirst in men is surreal 1 out of 3 men not having any sex(probably 2 out of 3) is getting worse solution? level up! get in a high quality social circle, travel (outside of the country get a...
  4. Solomon

    Picking Up A Woman On a First Date

    I recently had a woman cancel a date because I wouldn't pick her up or pay for her Lyft (lol) The reason I do not pick women up on a first date is simple, I've had some bad dates and the ride back was awkward and weird Usually this has not been an issue a woman driving to the date venue herself...
  5. Solomon

    Brief Massive Internet Power Outage!

    ^^amazon, bank of America, wal-mart, home depot etc were all affected by this I'm shocked that this wasn't covered more, mark my words this is was a "practice" run I'm shocked this didn't get more coverage John Mcafee's "Dead Man Switch" dropping in less than 5 hours which supposedly has 50...
  6. Solomon

    Social Circle VS Online Gaming (1 Key difference)

    I see a lot of threads arguing that quality (looks, behavior, tangibles) regarding women in real life vs women online isn't different However as a guy whose virtually done all sorts of game i.e. daygame, nightgame, social circle,online I disagree. Recently I had a woman flake (or ghost so many...
  7. Solomon

    "I Got A PHD"

    I've noticed women who are highly educated Masters/PHD degrees Think that for some reason it's something to be impressed about However In my experience, these women tend to be least feminine, and combative Don't get me wrong some of these women are sexy and I understand why they have the energy...
  8. Solomon

    How Has Covid19 Affected Nightlife In Your City

    I recently went out for the first time in nearly 4 months and boy oh boy have things changed One of the premiere bars in my city had a 30 minute wait and guess how many people where inside 20 people.Usually this place is packed with 200 people or more! Yes they are following social distancing...
  9. Solomon

    Buddy Knocked Up Tinder Chick And Married All Within A Year

    Long story short one of my best friends met this Tinder chick a year ago In May Come to find out this is a chick that I had hooked up with on Tinder 3 years ago(no sex we just gave each other orall) Mind you when I met this girl, she admitted to me that she was fuccing around a lot on Tinder...
  10. Solomon

    OnlyFans Model Cries About Not Being able To Pay Rent And being Essential!

    https://www.barstoolsports.com/blog/2444152/i-have-no-other-talent-onlyfans-model-cries-in-video-begging-fans-to-subscribe-as-she-is-an-essential-worker-too ^^^The scary part is this chick is faking the crocodile tears and has roided up boyfriend. I honestly think that with men willing to pay...
  11. Solomon

    Why Did Julian Get Banned?

    I leave the site for two weeks and a 14 year sosuave vet is banned why? It seems every week someone is getting banned now on this site
  12. Solomon

    Another Reason Not To Use Tinder

    Another reason why not to use Tinder and hit the field Sad, Tinder knows it's a "Hook up" app but they are trying to change the stigma so bad. 2012-2015 where the hayday's. Now it's a "Feminist" app to pander to women smh
  13. Solomon

    Guy makes video crying on the Internet Wishing For His Girlfriend Back

    Some Background, this guy use to make videos on why he couldn't get girls. One of his subscribers ended up being a girl. They started talking and by some fluke he hooked up with her once. The video is sad and shows why a lot of men now are MGTOW or TFL
  14. Solomon

    37 Years Old and Still In the Clubs....

    I have a buddy who lives in a nice part of town, works as an engineer, in Good shape Makes 6 figures. Travels all the time Cool Guy. However when I see his life as much success as he has in life. I can tell he's lonely. The guy lives in a big house drives a fancy car but he's in nightclubs 2-4...
  15. Solomon

    MGTOW: The Blind Leading The Blind?

    I have been studying this MGTOW thing for the last year or so more than ever, I have been aware of MGTOW since 2013. However I always found it curious that most MGTOW don't show their faces. You can certainly hear the effeminate voices, but I always found it odd about how guys claim to be alpha...
  16. Solomon

    How The Game Has Changed

    Now and than I get nostalgic and watch some oldies to brush up ^^^around 2005 noticed there are no cell phones people are engaged talking, hard to believe it's already been 12 years since this movie came out ^^Noticed how women are actually socializing and not being retards on their phone...
  17. Solomon

    Things Done Changed....

    It's Saturday night, I'm checking my stocks drinking vodka and working on my side hustles 5 years ago I probably would have been at some night club or bar Honestly the appeal isn't there for me at all, ever since I turned 30 I really don't care to go out to clubs/bars that are superficial...
  18. Solomon

    Girl Flakes So She Could Smoke Pot

    Gentlemen It's been awhile since I posted a thread, but a quick overview. Met This Chick on OKC. We went out on Sunday for drinks. Everything went well. Afterwards we are texting she sends me the flirty snapchats etc. We make plans to hang out on Wensday, she flakes says something came up...
  19. Solomon

    Self Proclaimed "Alpha male" runs "Beta" out of his Ex-Girls house

    http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh0eM25GoK9X05fgNV As soon as he called himself ALpha I thought about sosuave this what an alpha looks like :crackup: :crackup: :crackup:
  20. Solomon

    Tampa Bay, FL

    I'll be in Tampa in a couple months and was wondering if anyone got any good intel on bars/lounges areas to hit up? thanks