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    How did you guys get over hating/negative towards women after taking the red pill?

    well. said bud. this is. absolutely on point.
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    How did you guys get over hating/negative towards women after taking the red pill?

    you thought wrong kid, you dont get it, re read the post above yours..
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    How to Make $1,000,000

    m Its not the speech. Everytime we speak something, we inevitably think what we just spoke, hence why they say, think before you speak. The act of thought is what influences.reality, the water, and rice.. our. thoughts are powerful energy. as has been proven by these experiments, but has...
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    The Friend Zone, Abandon All Hope for Ye Who Enters Here

    I purposely friendzone myself with some women who I dont care to sleep with or who are taken. Ive slept with basically all of them lol. :( When youre the one initiating friendzone, they want you even more.
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    How to Make $1,000,000 (Accurate Depiction)

    I hold your posts in high regard. Im glad you take the time to come here and. make them, Im sure youve helped countless people. over the years, Im one.of them as of this summer. I see no way of you being banned thats just weird. Id stop posting if that happened :) id love to have intelligent...
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    Had the most intense night of sex in my life but the chick is pinball crazy

    phuck her more. record it. preferrably. but not too long. then NC.
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    BF tried to start a fight with me

    Kick his a$$, Seaba$$
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    Sex is not important

    Good post, very true. Most people are not as sexual. as me i guess. but for me the desire to phuck most girls i see is pretty overwhelming, even at 29! No matter how much sex i have, i want it just the same, as much as when i was a teenager. Ive been working very hard on setting this desire...
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    How to Make $1,000,000 (Accurate Depiction)

    hilarious. two things: yannick got banned? that piece of info just made my day SO hard. Please elaborate!!! was there a concrete reason/post? i cant believe it lol, that is awesome. second: i conceretely remember guru posted a pic of himself, why isnt he saying that in defense? was it...
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    How to Make $1,000,000

    is this a thinly veiled brag? lol kidding
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    What percentage of men lie about their bang count?

    theres your answer to the thread title.
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    OLD is not the domain of a Don Juan

    wtf? ok. good points captain obvious? and who said otherwise? and focusing on the process is useless? you cant be serious. and i have no problem approaching to approach regardless of looks, i enjoy meeting people. but thats not what this is about. in answer to your question, NO it is not...
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    How does an internet alpha male look like?

    phuck. i knew i was beta.
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    What percentage of men lie about their bang count?

    im like marmel, no clue whatsoever. id have to guess at least 30, probably not over 50. and thats from 13 years of being pretty phucking beta for the most part. id say my inner alpha has only been present for like two years or so. to be honest though im just getting started :)
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    FR: Double Booked on a Saturday Night...here we go!

    I actually have been on two dates where my going for the bang backfired and the chick decided i was only in it for sex and that i had no class and backed off. so its not like its a never going to happen sort of thing. but these are not women you want anything to do with anyways probably.
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    OLD is not the domain of a Don Juan

    ooh, ok. i get it now. you are literally re tarded. or did you incur significant brain damage? i mean, you just made a post saying 96 times how i seem to care even though i dont care, after i CLEARLY stated to you that we DO care, but we are just not focusing on that. I even used capitals and...
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    childhood effects on the present

    you wish you grabbed the world by the balls when you were 12? you could barely talk. no. I wish i grabbed the world by the balls when I was younger. You? you ARE "younger"... so start grabbing your balls. or ummm, you know what i mean.
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    Clingy girls...your take on them?

    what the phuck? must be yannick's brother
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    OLD is not the domain of a Don Juan

    wow. i thought initially that reykhel was too quick to call you dumb, but you are just simply dumb my friend, no offense. :( go google stuff, educate yourself, you dont have to be this ignorant. its really not your fault. reykhel. you have a big heart for posting as many replies as you did...