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    How to tell a woman (politely) that she's annoying??

    My current girlfriend is a HUGE pain in the ass regarding a certain matter. She wants to speak to me EVERYDAY. The other day we spoke for 50 minutes, send to each other several SMS and she tells me that we've been speaking very little!!! We are having kind of a long distance relationship...
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    I broke with my ex-gf, now, after 6 months of dating several girls, I want to go back

    Hi guys, this is related to this post I made 8 months ago: http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?t=166465 Basically, I'm 27, broke with my GF (38 now, I know... looks younger but it's 38). The thing is that I've been living the single life, going semi regularly with an 18 years old and...
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    This girl I'm dating doesn't masturbate, nor has any (visible) orgasms. What can I do

    I'm dating this 18 years old girl, who has about 2 years of sexual experience.. I had sex with a good share of women. Of all those I had sex with for some time, they all had orgasms, some mostly ****oral, some regularly vaginal. So I think I'm a good lover, not the best, but good enough. The...
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    How to game 2 friends?

    Hey guys, yesterday I went out with these 2 girls to a club. It was an AMAZING night, I was in a great state, had tones of DHVs. It even happened that I was standing at the bar with them, and this random guy looks at me, I say hi and he nods at me... We tried to get into the VIP, they were...
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    I'll arrive tomorrow at Rio de Janeiro.

    Hi guys, I'll be arriving tomorrow at Rio for 10 days of party, I'd love to go out with a fellow PUA from our neighbor country (I'm from Argentina). Whomever wants to join, day or night (I'm free all day :D), PM me with your mail address!
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    How to talk about sex, when you still didn't do it?

    Hi guys, I'd like to know how you face this situations. I always had a hard time discussing sex with women I didn't go to bed with. I'm always thinking I might cross the line and be rude or untactful. How do you escalate things? A friend of mine says that you should first start saying...
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    Sending an SMS the next day to keep up the good vibes?

    I know I know, all the DJ literature says "do not contact for at least 3 days to avoid showing to much interest". But a small SMS after Kiss & # closing her is such a mistake? Maybe it helps keep her interest up? Perhaps not the next day, maybe the one following. And what about post...
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    How we assign social status to people based on emotional responses.

    A very interesting abstract that talks briefly about how we categorize people in different social stratum, based on their emotional responses. It mentions that a high status person is more likely to feel anger in a negative situation, that to feel sadness or guiltiness. Keep reading below and...
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    How to overcome impotence!

    This is an important subject for any male. Most everybody has had this happened to them, where it just won't get up no matter how hard you try. He, I've have this happened to me the first night with THE best women I've ever had... She's 18, I'm 27 :P .We were entering the hotel room and I saw...
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    Injuries can happen to anyone!

    Hey guys, how are you? I'm writing this because I wish someone had written something similar when I was younger, also it would have got to get into me to have that effect. If you are training, are younger than 25 and never been injuried, READ THIS, it's very important. Right now I'm 27...
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    A thanking note to everything that is Sosuave.

    Hi guys, I'm writing this because I'm very happy for a lot of changes that are happening in my life and my world view (actually, I think the opposite relationship is true). A very important factor was an article from Allen Thompson, which said that in a study it was demonstrated that, with...
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    Play hard to get vs spontaneity.

    Hi guys, I'm having doubts about how to handle this. Let's say you just started dating a girl, right? You should try to limit messaging, so that you show that have a life (MUCH better to actually HAVE a life besides her, of course :D ). But, on the other hand, let's say you feel the need...
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    Living abroad for a few years? Please review your country / city.

    Hey guys, I thought it would be a good idea for all of us who are thinking about living abroad for a few years to have an honest insider view on how's living in a certain country / city. I'm very interested about hearing your reviews of Sydney, Melbourne, Barcelona & Madrid, the 4 cities I'll...
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    I'm 26, need advice from mature guys, maybe you can help prevent a huge mistake.

    Hi all, thanks for the interest in helping me. I'm currently in a position that it's quite complicated. Basically, I've been dating this girl for 2 & half years. I'm 26 & she's 37 (looks 30-31 though). The problem is that, quite reasonably, she wants to have children. Not RIGHT NOW at this...
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    How to fight back at jealousy :

    Wow, I just found the best text on fighting back jealousy EVER. It's written with polyamorous people in mind... so if it can help someone see his girl get kissed & ****ed in front of him :crazy: :nervous:, it MUST be able to help us :D VERY interesting...
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    Approach statistics. How many you need to do to get a date? And prize mentality.

    I read the whole Anti Dump's Machine post the other day (one of the best series of posts by far) and found a very interesting concept. Let me quote our beloved Pook: I totally agree with Pook. I think my rate is somewhere along the above lines... 100 approaches, 10 turn into dates, 3 would do...
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    To be a bad ass mother****a or a gay-tard???

    OK, now that I got your attention, I have a dilemma. We always been told by countless """gurus""" that we should smile when approaching... but David D. says to smile rarely, like James Bond. I actually feel J.B. looks way cooler than, say, Tom Cruise with his million dollar smile :D Both...
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    Full contact 2-3 times a week plus gym 3 times a week.

    I recently started doing full contact and fell in love instantly (is that AFC ;) ). I'm also going to the gym doing a 3 times a week routine, which is divided as follows: Day 1) Legs and shoulders. Day 2) Chest and biceps. Day 3) Back and triceps. Full contact is VERY and I mean VERY...
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    Deads on legs or on back day?

    I always used to do Straight-back Straight-leg Deadlifts on my back day. A few days ago I talked to a guy at my gym and he told me it's better to do them on leg day because they are mainly for hamstrings. I do them on back day because squats stress the legs a lot and another big compound...
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    Can´t remember people names!!!

    I hate this!!! Whenever I'm introduced at someone, no matter if he/she is male/female, there's a big chance I'm gonna forget there names like 10 seconds later. It's incredible frustrating and embarassing to have to ask a person for their name again because you weren't listening to them!! Maybe...