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    Get back on the horse!

    For the past month, I've been subject to the whims of a woman who obviously does not know what she wants, and while I've been a good DJ (at least from my POV) it has taken its toll on me. Maybe I was too focused, maybe I gave it all too much thought, who knows. The only fact that I know for sure...
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    Touch Yourself.

    A lot of issues have been covered in the bible, but I can't find one that covers the easiest & cheapest accessory to master, so I'll take a shot. Your instincts. Are you in tune with them, or do you ignore them? Since we've all been raised in this AFC world, you might just forget to recognize...
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    New Forum?

    Hey guys, I know I'm pretty new here, but I was just thinking about a "weekly" dating forum where we kind of run down what we've done/accomplished in the past several days.. lord knows some of us need to keep track and I'd be interested in knowing what you're all up to... might be worthwhile...