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    Myspace - Always getting asked "What do you do for a living"

    On myspace, It seems to me that as soon as I begin messaging back and forth with randoms femz that are my "new friends" I get hit with the questions about "What I do for a living" by every single girl!!! Ultimately the goal is to get their numbers, call them and setup a date. So the question...
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    Deadlifted 315lbs x 6 - New Personal Best!

    Today was back day and I did 4 sets on the deadlift. Set #1 135lbs x 12. Set #2 135lbs x 10 Set #3 225lbs x 10 (felt easy, could have gone for more reps) Set #4 315 x 6 On the last set, I struggled at first just picking the weight up to even begin with. The first time I tried it slipped...
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    195x11 and 205x5 Bench Press - New Personal Best!

    About 5 months ago this year, I started really focussing on quality form in my bench presses. I am slowly bringing the bar all the way to touch my chest as opposed to only bringing it a few inches above my chest on bench. So yesterday I did for the first time 11 reps at 195 without a spotter and...
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    Deadlift Personal Best!! 295 x 9!!

    I've been straight-leg deadlifting for 6-8 weeks now and I am amazed how quickly my strength has been increasing on this amazing lift. It it by far my favorite back exercise second only to pullups and I am finding the strength gain to be sky-rocketing. Yesterday I warmed up with the bar, did a...
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    More Multivitamins when Bulking?

    I noticed that lately my multi-vitamin (GNC Megaman Sport) is barely noticable as far as how it feels to be affecting me. I have been bulking though, with a 5000cal/day consumption so could this possibly be the reason the multi's are not feeling very effective? Thoughts?
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    Wide Grip Pullups - It took me a year but now...

    It took me a solid year of back workouts only skipping 4-6 weeks out of 52 in the year but I can now do a solid with good form 12-14 wide grip pullups as my first set of pullups on my back workout. When I started doing back exercises, I could not do ONE pullup. So I went to the assisted...
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    Marriage Topic: The Prenuptial Agreement

    One of men's biggest fears due to the rise in feminism has been asking a woman he wants to marry to sign a prenuptial agreement to protect his own assets and to provide her some guarantees if they do end up separating. The excuse most commonly give is "Why get married if you are planning the...
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    Motivational Bodybuilding Quotes (POST YOUR FAVORITES)

    - I do today what you won't, so I can do tomorrow what you can't - Every man is the builder of a temple called his body - Train beyond the pain, until death is your only release - We know what we are, but know not what we may be - There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you...
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    Tired of Feeling Alone? Start Feeling Connected. Ask for what You Want.

    Many times when I give advice, I like to dish it out with a flavor of vagueness because it lets people fill in the details for their own life. Today i'm going to give you a mixture of both vagueness and the details. This section, the Mature Man for me is a place for men who are serious about...
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    I'm planning to break up with my gf today after work

    I don't find myself compatable with my girlfriend any more on an emotional and physical level and am ready to move on to new horizons. I'm not as attracted to her as I was in the beginning of our relationship and have been smothered by her for the last three weeks with constant...
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    How I Delt With a Mouthy Ho Yesterday

    A big group (25) of us were playing ultimate frisbee last night at the park and a girl shows up about 2 hours after everyone else had wearing makeup (eyeliner, lipstick, whatever else) and long black dressy pants and a dressy top, we'll call her HBMouthy6.5 and sits down on a park bench. A few...
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    Where are all the single women? This US Map Shows You

    Here's some fun with demographics — it's a treasure map! Actually, it's a map of where the excess single men (in blue) and excess single women (in red) are located. http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2007/06/where_are_all_the_single_women.php I happen to live in a blue dot place. I am...
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    Beautiful Words about Mr. Rogers (Fred Rogers)

    http://www.mentalfloss.com/blogs/archives/5943 15 Reasons Mister Rogers Was the Best Neighbor Ever Back when I was in 7th grade I stood up in front of my English class and delivered a tongue-in-cheek, poorly researched presentation on why I thought Mister Rogers should be the next...
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    List of Movies That Will CHANGE Your Life

    :rock: :rock: :rock: I've taken the painstaking voyageinto the world of movies to emerge from the pits of the inferno with a compilation of movies that will undoubtedly change your life. The first list of movies are movies for Men that cover topics such as dating, acting cool, being driven...
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    Speed Seduction Links from 2003 Fixed

    Just some links from someone who tried it back then: http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?t=18070 http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?t=18069 http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?t=18102
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    PUA Material HERE! - Openers, C&F, Responses, Ideas - No BS Theory

    I field test a ton of material and want to share some that I have used out in the field. It may or may not work for you and using these techniques to obtain your desired outcomes will depend on your state and tone of incantation as well as the state you have your target in when you apply it...
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    Date with a Feminist in the Makings & Woman Study Courses too!

    So while I was out on this date I met this HB7.5Blonde who was really dancing crazy with me and I number closed her up by the stage. Recently I texted her and then called her, no answer, but she called back and totally remembered me. Long story short: She's going to a feminist documentary movie...
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    Never Beg for a Number

    Watch this example of what not to do: http://youtube.com/watch?v=euJny6iiYrQ&mode=related&search= The second guy shows you what is a good idea to do.
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    Good Pickup and Number Close Example

    Check this vidoe out by Karaoka Kid: http://youtube.com/watch?v=CYcFxKo1PDI "Put your number in my phone, Ill do the rest."
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    Field Report - Date 1/2 Came a Day Early

    This report is in response to this girl: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang I decided to call her the night before our date to confirm (I was on my way to the gym). She told me we were still on for our date tomorrow night and that tonight she and a few of her girlfriends were going to a rock and roll concert...