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    I just had the WORST DATE in the Sosuave history.

    It was just a meeting place. Date wasn't supposed to take place there,we were just supposed to meet there.....then the date would proceed from there. I used to read a LOT of dating and relationship-type books back in the early to mid-2000s. One piece of advice I gathered was how women's Number...
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    Anyone have a worse date story than this?

    I once had a date where the chick showed up with her 7 year old daughter in the car. Then,the chick gets a phonecall from her mom saying her 5 year old son woke up crying for her,so she tells me she was going to go back home to get him....then asked me if I'd like to go back to her house with...
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    OLD chick flakes when I tell her I work 2 jobs.

    Agreed. I damn sure wouldn't be texting her "each night" until the weekend when a date could happen. The more you interact with her before a date,the LESS LIKELY a date is to occur. If you reveal too much about yourself to the point where she can form an opinion about you,she may not feel the...
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    Will Smith and why women don't trust nice guys

    Well he was. It was the Oscars,they usually have a comedian host the show. The comedian ALWAYS busts on and cracks jokes on the actors and actresses in attendance. Chris Rock is a comedian....that's what he does. At the least,Will could have confronted Chris off stage. All he did was show how...
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    Reply to "Let's just be friends" text

    I like this response. Either something like this, or don't respond at all. I get it.....no one likes to be friend zoned or rejected,but this girl was straight-up honest. She didn't play games, and she didn't try to lead you on. She just came straight out and told you the truth. I like that. No...
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    Do oriental guys and white guys have a disadvantage versus Latinos and black guys especially in high school and college

    Come on fellas.....racial threads are against forum rules. Thread closed.
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    So there’s this girl…

    Well that's good to hear. It takes time and some hard work to eliminate AFC tendencies. Not easy to do,you have to be dedicated and consistent at it. Ohhhh....kay. Well.......this part ISN'T good. You say she told you she's been cheated on by "A COUPLE" of guys. Sir....that doesn't bode well...
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    Did I not say their would be another matrix!

    No.....not that. The movie is just.....ridiculous. They kept referencing back to the other movies. I mean a knod here and there is fine,but they actually had clips of the original movie PLAYING in the background while the characters in this movie were speaking. Then they had a new...
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    Did I not say their would be another matrix!

    You're going to be in for one hell of a shock. And not a good one either.
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    How are you guys managing restrictions?

    I'm in Texas...we don't have any restrictions,either. All the stores are open,no mask mandates. Some workers in some stores wear masks,but it's optional for the customers. Even with this new variant,it's business as usual. I think people are kinda "over it" mentally. I went into this one place...
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    Older Women

    If you're interested in going out with her,then YOU need to take the lead and set up the date. Geez. This is the perfect scenario for 99% of guys. This chick.... somehow acquired your contact info got into touch with you ASKED YOU about the two of you getting together and hanging out and asked...
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    Friendzone is a MYTH

    So you were friends with a chick for 4 years,and 3 of those years,she was in a relationship. And I'm sure SHE KNEW you were/or had been dating other women the whole time you and her were friends....correct? Forbidden fruit. Am curious as to HOW LONG the relationship with her lasted,though. So...
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    Friendzone is a MYTH

    That's cause I don't know the behavior of the guy she left him for. There's too many possible variables as to why a woman would leave one relationship to go to someone else. Maybe the new guy was rich and famous. Maybe she was cheating for the past three months,then finally decided to leave her...
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    Friendzone is a MYTH

    Umm....yeah. GREATLY decreases it. But understand something...... Avoiding the friendzone DOES NOT MEAN YOU AUTOMATICALLY GET THE GIRL. You're just avoiding ONE of the many possible roadblocks to getting her. Just because you avoid the friendzone doesn't mean you can't screw things up in...
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    Friendzone is a MYTH

    Disagree..... Maybe pickup artists and dating coaches do use warning of the friendzone to motivate guys to take action,but they didn't create it for that purpose. The friendzone was around LONG BEFORE the PUA movement started. The friendzone IS REAL. I know it is,because I fell in it...
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    When a woman says “don’t touch me.”

    Agreed. There's just not simply enough to go on to give any sound,helpful advice. Even now.....two pages in,I still have no idea what they talked about in the dates. And I'm fairly certain the OP hasn't learned anything new going forward,to apply on future dates so as to possibly avoid this...
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    When a woman says “don’t touch me.”

    Well......it might be helpful if you could give some context as to what the situation was LEADING UP TO the women making those comments. Like,did you meet the women in real life first,or online? What was the conversation like/about before they made the remarks.... Like the 36 year old: You...
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    Weird girl

    Oh. Well...then that is weird. Not that she asked that,but that it's the first time you've encountered it after years of online dating with hat pics. I still don't see it as any reason to blow things up over. Not like you found out she was psycho,a murderer,or had some deadly contagious...
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    Weird girl

    Yep. He's created a bigger problem than it had to be. This is just how it is...for BOTH SEXES. If you have multiple pics of yourself with you not smiling in any of them,they'll ask you why you're not smiling. Not because they care,but because they want to make sure you have TEETH. Same with us...
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    Do these exemptions nullify the vaccine passport?

    You got that right. I've gotten to the point where I now CAN TELL when something's being censored. Soon as I type something in and see the list of results,I can look at the whole page.....and notice what's NOT there. Like this video...