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    AFC girl

    Just to show that not all women fit the sterotype we have of them. My girlfriends best friend (I'll call her Ann) is 27 and a virgin. Last year, about december 2008, her work colleagues orgainised a blind date for her and another guy who I'll call Jim. They met and liked each other and...
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    Being Addicted

    The reason most guys become addicted to women or anything else for that matter is because their thoughts are dominated by it. Focus all your energy on one thing and that thing takes over your life. This builds up your need to have more until it starts to become unhealthy. You'll notice...
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    No regrets

    I have a story about my girlfriends friend. Her friend (we'll call her Sarah) Sarah is 25 years old and never been on a date, never been kissed and I presume is still a virgin (so it happens to girls too :D ). Shes ok looking with a nice body etc. So not stunning but about average in looks with...
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    Strong Vs Weak personalities

    This is mainly a tip for shy guys who are comfortable staying in the background. A DJ knows who he is. He has a rock solid sense of self. Therefore if somebody says/done anything bad to him it won't have the slightest effect because of his strong personality. Never let anybody effect your...
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    Pretty Women Make Men Stupid

    Well most men are AFC's...
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    I just heard them advertising for more women saying that they're "overrun with men". And the men actually have to pay to be on it :rolleyes:
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    A little tip for shyness/self consciousness

    So you're talking with a person and if you're self conscious that means you're focusing on yourself. "Whats he/she/they thinking of me". Your focus is on yourself instead of the topic of conversation. Usually people are more self conscious when they're in the presence of a person who they...
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    I have a few questions regarding counselling. Does it do any good or is it a waste of time? Do counsellors help a person or do people think they're being helped by talking about their problems? I'm not looking to go to counselling incase anybody asks. (If theres any other threads on...
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    Bouncing back from arguments

    Nearly every couple have arguments and disagreements. Although DJ's don't argue much everybody can have bad days from time to time. From my experiance over the past few years I noticed you can turn a negative situation into a positive situation for yourself. After the argument you can show...
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    Scientology advert on sosuave?

    Just saw it advertising Scientologys youtube channel. So why would they target a site like this?
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    Creepy + weird

    Ever see those bad salesmen trying to sell something to you. They're trying to be nice to you because they want you to buy their product? They come across as being fake and a little desperate for the sell. It makes you feel uncomfortable and want to get away as quickly as possible. The harder...
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    women contacting you after a year

    Anybody know why it happens? I got a text from a girl last night who stood me up on a date a year ago. She was asking how I was. Turns out things have been great with me but not so good for her.
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    Cheaters caught in the act

    I came across a show called cheaters on youtube. Heres an interesting video. After watching it think to yourself who you'd like to smack the most. You'll find that out at the end. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uTXCoHN2Bg&NR=1
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    I'm just wondering if you check somebody's MySpace do they know somebody was looking in? Does your IP address show up? Today I found my girlfriends. She told me before she was on it but I only looked today but I don't want to be caught checking it out.
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    Motivation/Giving The Mind Directions

    Anybody ever wonder why they can't get motivated to do things? I used to be like that. Always putting things off and even going out of my way to avoid things. I'm much better at getting motivated to do things now and getting better all the time. Its mainly because of a change in mindset to...
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    Eating and muscle mass

    Is what you eat important in gaining muscle mass? I bought dumbells the other day and I'm starting to use them. They are 8kg's each. I want to bulk up a bit because I had big arms and shoulders/neck etc when I was in my late teens because I was lifting heavy things in work. Now I'm gone...
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    Making mistakes

    When most men go on dates they go in fear. Afraid of doing something wrong or saying something wrong. Anybody dating with this mindset are at a big disadvantage before the date has even begun. Then the date comes along and they are paralysed with fear. Thats why we see all the "I fvcked up...
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    Seeing Women in a different light

    I was just thinking back to some of the dates I've had in the past 18 months. Most of the time I got rejected and I really liked the girls but looking back I'm happy because some of those girls who rejected me, I'd class as not being good enough for me now. It feels like I've dodged a bullet now...
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    Confused.. just after sex or does she like me?

    I'm a bit confused at the moment. It's regarding a date I had on friday and the girl seems to be sending me mixed signals. My gut feelings are even all over the place. So a girl is on holidays in my country. We dated for just 30 min a few months ago and she had to then go home. We've been...
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    Breaking up with women and their behaviour

    "Us women never tell how we feel". I was told that the other day by German friend of mine. She's a smart girl and we were discussing relationships etc. This got me thinking about the behaviour of women when they are upset with you. How do women behave when you are breaking up with them? Do...