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  1. Arcturus

    How to handle this situation?

    Is she the one who wants a relationship and you're holding back? Women love to come up with mysterious "other guys" to try and spark a territorial streak in the guys they are with, so the men will give in and upgrade the relationship. Only a fool wouldn't know who they want to be with, so...
  2. Arcturus

    Some days I struggle to find motivation

    Many men struggle with this at one time or another bro, you are not alone. It is just something you need to ride through, usually after a few weeks you start to feel better. You can try to change parts of your schedule if it is really bothering you. Chemically I think low GABA is linked to...
  3. Arcturus

    From almost in a relationship to nothing?

    Sounds like she got hyper emo and emotionally sensitive. She was probably feeling intimate and emotional and asked you what you wanted, because she wanted to escalate the relationship and your joke was taken over the top seriously and she got super duper butthurt. This is a bad warning sign in...
  4. Arcturus

    I messed up with this hot girl and need help on how to get her back out.

    You are way too interested and acting needy. You also probably said something awkward to her when you got overly excited and nervous. You need to stop messaging this girl for a week, unless she texts you first. Take this time to clear your head, because she is clearly too deep inside it...
  5. Arcturus

    Advice on a Girls interest level that dropped

    Keep as your play thing on the side, but yeah it looks like she is talking to someone else. She probably wants to meet a guy who is daddy material for the kids and interested in a relationship. This isn't unfair and you shouldn't fault her for it, heck I'd even be happy for the girl in this...
  6. Arcturus

    Are they trying to qualify or shyt test?

    I see this as a big win. Women have come over to my place in the past and started doing dishes and other domestic chores. Those women always had the highest levels of interest. It signifies that these girls are feeling caring and nurturing towards you out of high interest.
  7. Arcturus

    How many sexual partnesr is to much for girls?

    Some guys pretend like this matter, but it really does to me. If some girl has been with like 200 guys and then wants you to be Mr. 201, to me there is nothing more repulsive. Maybe for a quick bang, but I'd never get into a relationship with a girl like that. Now I don't believe in being too...
  8. Arcturus

    It's not the friend zone, but is this better or worse?

    Are you particularly overweight or unattractive? Could you be asking them out in a creepy way? How long have you known these girls before you as them out? There seems to be some key information missing. Can you give us more details?
  9. Arcturus

    Girls rejecting me after seeing my face?

    Curious myself bro, send me a copy as well. Do these girls not see a preview of what you look like, before you start talking?
  10. Arcturus

    Try again after getting rejected possible? Someone did it?

    Did this just happen or was this years ago? You can try again in 6 months to a year if you really have to, but it is almost always a bad idea. Has anyone done it? Sure many times, but the chances of it not working out are much much higher. You might also want to do some self reflection. The...
  11. Arcturus

    Feelings over Facts: Pregnancy scare

    If it is any comfort, your chances she isn't pregnant are a lot better than she is. If she does end up being pregnant, make sure you get a paternity test as soon as possible. I've heard of guys getting really invested in the girl during the pregnancy, finding out it isn't theirs after it is...
  12. Arcturus

    Daygame to attract mature women

    Daygame works on everyone
  13. Arcturus

    How can I make the most out of college?

    1. Practice bantering all the time, everywhere you go, everyone you run into, old women, ugly women, guys, just attempt to strike up a one minute conversation and see how smoothly it goes. Practice really helps. You can take a comedy workshop, or watch videos of really witty guys socializing...
  14. Arcturus

    Went on date last night everything was good except..

    You can counter being desperate by having a lot of other women in your life. Having plenty of other options will kill scarcity and choice. If you find yourself too horny on dates, some guys have reported success with masturbating right before a date. Seems like you are doing fine escalating...
  15. Arcturus

    My decisions have left me lonely and miserable.

    Look in the mirror, stare straight ahead, ask yourself out loud, "is this the man I want to be", slap yourself hard, now think of her, every time you feel sad or depressed, slap yourself over and over again. Stop when you finally stop being sad and just feel ANGRY. You don't need to work on...
  16. Arcturus

    Dating Older Women

    Everything will work just fine at that age, from an in the bedroom perspective. You should go after all sorts of women, but it doesn't hurt to add older women to that list and isn't really being lazy, unless you feel you are using it as a crutch. I'm in my 30's, I've been dating girls in their...
  17. Arcturus

    A girl I've had my eyes on for 3 years - recent facebook chat

    I think you're doing great man. That was really solid game, the kind that is so rare to see here when it comes to texting. Most of the guys who think they have solid text game, have just mediocre game that doesn't make a lot of mistakes, but its not truly "good game" either, this was solid...
  18. Arcturus

    So f*ck on the first date or bust?

    Women are very state (emotion of the moment) based. On the date you slowly got her worked up and excited to the point she was open to making out. Now out of the blue, you send her a text when she is calm and bored and not in that frame of mind at all. By mentioning it the way you did, you...
  19. Arcturus

    I don't understand how are guys easily getting girls

    If I had to guess, I'd say it is your personality. I have a buddy who's really in shape and really good looking and bombs with girls, even with me right next to him running epic game on whole crowds and trying to pump him up. Do you have social anxiety? Do you get tense and awkward around...
  20. Arcturus

    Should I give this new girl a picture? Text Analysis Needed.

    I've had this happen a few times, some girls just put a pic to every number on their phone. It isn't a big deal, especially if she can see your profile pics on the website. Just send her one, or let her "earn" it, via some sort of game, where you tease her. Or you can ask for a concession in...