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    Speed Seduction

    Donjuanpablo, I'm simply of the mindset that speed seduction and anything "DJ" work very well together. One is about opening the door, the other is about keeping it open. But I think another forum wouldn't be such a bad idea, I'd hate to see more newbies get the abridged version and skip...
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    You Benefit by Whitening Your Teeth

    On a side note, I got all of my teeth capped about three years ago (long story made short, I had some spaces and missing adult teeth which required "implants" to replace) even though my smile back then wasnt too shabby, it still made for a HUGE boost in my confidence level. I can now smile and...
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    I'm with pimp on this one (of course). Don't go out of your way, in fact, it might work to your advantage to let the door close in her face. They don't remember the nice guys who hold it open for them.. it's their job, isnt it? On a side note, I'll always open my car door for them on the...
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    SEDUCTION: Your key to attraction!

    Dave, I think what Pook is saying does not exclude the nature viewpoint, but rather alludes to someone "faking" that they are a good "mate" when in fact they are nothing more than an imposter posing as the ideal candidate. Think of a young guerilla finding some way to dye his back silver...
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    SEDUCTION: Your key to attraction!

    Sorry guys, but I'm with Pook here. In fact, he has beautifully executed my thoughts over the past couple of months. I've been successful over the past couple of years, using one tactic or the other, but where has it lead me? Absolutely nowhere. I sincerely wish I could have that time back...
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    Ten Things chicks look for, in order

    I'd have to say that you're on the money, however this isn't true for One Night Stands or just some sort of casual interaction, this list is geared more for LTR's. For a ONS, 1-4, & 6 would be all that is needed.
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    masturbation is dangerous-super tip

    I dont see anything saying that masturbation is any different from sex itself, at least on the brain. Does this mean that we should also avoid sex because of it's unhealthy effects? Most people I know who are in relationships have sex far more frequently than I can "punch the clown" in a given...
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    Jake Steed & SexPDX Pound Pavement in Portland! (Long)

    Yeah, but I think it's human nature. I don't get pissed at that because you can't take it personally. If I'm on a roll one night, I could end up doing this several times. Nobody wants to limit their options. The thing that changed my perspective on a girl showing interest, then switching really...
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    Jake Steed & SexPDX Pound Pavement in Portland! (Long)

    DING DING DING! We've got a winner! I thought it was pretty obvious myself, and believe me, I've had it happen. But of course, I've done it myself, so I'm not going to complain. We commonly refer to this as "getting thrown under the bus". Maybe the dance trolls see the UG's as we look at our...
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    Jake Steed & SexPDX Pound Pavement in Portland! (Long)

    Nick wasnt the first, I met David_med@hotmail.com about a month back, and even though we've got different tastes, it's kinda fun to see this stuff applied in the real world. We both live in the San Fernando Valley area, in case you ever get up this way.
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    How to tackle the club scene?

    I don't care how good of a friend they are, if they have already let you down in the wing department, go alone. They don't have to be aggressive or even good with women, but if they sit there looking about as fun as a sack full of rocks, it'll kill your game. My wingman and I have a routine...
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    Living together with your girlfriend

    Don't buy into this BS of a reason. I heard the same thing when I was getting pressured. Once they get tired of living with you, they'll blame the exact same thing on why - "You're just expecting me to be your mother, I'm not here to pick up after you.." etc. You can't win. Hold your ground and...
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    Living together with your girlfriend

    Jake, all of your reasons are valid. Here are my answers: Knowing the disadvantages of moving in with a gf you don't intend to marry, why do men continue to do it? "The grass is always greener on the other side, this time will be different, she's the one, I'm spending so much time there...
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    A revelation about dance clubs

    Jake, you're allowed to break the rules. These are just outlines for guys who have never been out to a club before. Once you get your game/confidence in order, you can wear whatever the hell you want. One night, my wing and I went out to a club directly after spending the afternoon working on...
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    A revelation about dance clubs

    Guys, in all seriousness, I see a lot of anger on these boards from guys who are first-time clubbers. A lot of it is directed at the women themselves, and in all honesty, you won't find a better place to practice your skills. There is no where else that you can try out 50 different techniques at...
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    Checklist before venturing out into the field

    Vatican, I agree that the talk about can appear gay and pointless, but there are some simple things a guy can do to improve his appearance without coming off as some vain mofo. If you'll notice, I've actually suggested that they do LESS than the list. Less jewelry, less shaving, less...
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    Checklist before venturing out into the field

    Some of you guys really make me wonder. 1. NO UNIBROW. Go to a professional salon and have your eyebrows trimmed into two separate ones if you're unsure how. This is not up for discussion. 2. Jewelry. The only jewelry a man should wear is a stylish metal/leather watch (ditch the casio) and...
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    A revelation about dance clubs

    Guys, as far as I'm concerned, there are only three types of women at clubs: Girls I don't want to sleep with, Girls that I have slept with, and girls that don't yet know that they want to sleep with me.
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    Judging compatibility for an LTR

    While I think the rest of the post was just about common sense, I think the sentence above doesn't get practiced enough by some of our more experienced members. I know that I usually get so focused on the chase I forget that I'm usually painting myself into a corner. Thanks for the reminder.
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    I thought it was strange, but it does work. Try not to focus on more than a few things at a time though. Making it rhyme somewhat, like "Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better" (20X a day) is a nice start. Be careful NOT to include any possibly negative words because the...