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    Girlfriend is friends with another guy. Shlts me.

    Sometimes it’s really a compatibility issue that is the root cause. A “couple” can start out as FWB, but they actually have nothing much in common except physical attraction. Obviously, that’s fine for FWB. But it can become problematic if it evolves into an actual LTR. So the chick ends...
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    She is not interested on a romantic level

    A lot of women in the dance community just want dance partners (i.e. friendzone). Not saying you can't date or hook up with some of them, but you have to screen hard for solid IOIs.
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    Do you think wealthy men are buying Lamborghinis so as to show off financial status to chicks?

    The other risk is somebody with more $ than vehicle knowledge/experience getting themselves killed with a supercar. They can end up with way more power than they can handle.
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    Interest, friend zone, or marketing ploy?

    What is your conversation/game style like? Like a bit dry/serious, but "deep" with interesting stuff to talk about?
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    Interest, friend zone, or marketing ploy?

    She (understandably) tried to keep the letter fairly professional, so it's hard to say. Honestly, I would go more by how she was and what she said in person.
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    Is Courtney Ryan a Fish Trying to Teach Men How to Catch Fish?

    I’m skeptical about Just Pear_ly Th ings. Just a gut feeling. It seems like she just reads RP topics directly off a computer screen to get a discussion going with her crew; but she delivers it in such a way that seems like she is either skeptical of RP stuff at worst or uninterested in it at...
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    Is Courtney Ryan a Fish Trying to Teach Men How to Catch Fish?

    I think Court is fairly honest and “drinks her own koolaid” because her views are relatively moderate, say purple pill. And she tries to give relatively common sense advice to guys. On the other hand, these female influencers that parrot textbook red pill stuff make my skin crawl. You can...
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    do you mog him?

    What's up with those pecs in the first photo? Muscle + too high %bf = moobs.
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    What do you think of declining sperm counts?

    I'm not a medical person, but isn't the "normal range" of T rather wide? My understanding is the doc telling you that you have normal T is like the weatherman predicting 0 to 30 inches of snow tonight. TDLR: Not to sound conspiracy-like, but I fear the range of normal has been "widened" to...
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    The Psychology of Ignoring Women

    My favorite "ignore-max" story. Circa Y_2k. I was a 30 yo 5'10" introvert guy with Chadlite hair and face*. I was with two normie-looking hardcore-extrovert tall 6'2" to 6'5" buddies. We are all at a bar. They were both gaming this blonde bartender chick HARD. She was laughing and...
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    The Psychology of Ignoring Women

    The OP isn’t proposing it as some kind of mitigation (ie damage control) measure to get over a chick, push back against Friendzone or punish a chick that disrespected you. My reading of it was it’s a general method to handle attractive women in the social circle, even ones that have done...
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    The Psychology of Ignoring Women

    Yes, that’s the next level I’m working on. First I ignore. Fine. But then if a chick starts talking to me, I’m initially caught “off guard,” and our conversation might start out awkward until I warm up. TLDR: The downside is I can’t (yet) go 0 to 60 in 3.2 if she does start chatting...
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    The Psychology of Ignoring Women

    Ignore-maxxing is fun and easy to do especially if you’re an introvert. But, just to be clear, I don’t use it as a “game” tactic per se. In a weird way, I feel like I’m being very respectful and gentlemanly by “ignoring.” I’m not imposing on anyone or putting pressure on anybody. TLDR: “If...
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    SoSuave NoFap November 2022 challenge (Sex is okay!)

    Failed the challenge here.
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    The Psychology of Ignoring Women

    I do this to my female coworkers and friends all the time. I only speak unless spoken to. My phone ends up ringing and/or I hear my name eventually. I do this at the diner I eat at regularly. I focus on my food and the tv screens. I ignore the waitresses except for business. If they...
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    Am I okay looking?

    1. Shave neck beard. 2. Maybe apply daily sunscreen at a minimum so it looks less dry. You appear to have some early sun damage. You don’t want further sun tanning to age you later. 3. Build up those shoulders. (Can’t see your arms.). 4. You have decent hair. Can be styled a...
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    Asian Dude Killed In Colombia on a Date

    I dated a Colombian woman for a few months. She was a US citizen. Very nice girl. But I'm partly glad that it didn't work out. If things got serious between us, the thought of traveling to her home country to meet/visit her family scared the hell out of me.
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    I was driving...

    Or maybe this guy was conventionally attractive but too "clean cut" i.e. nice guy. So, he ended up with a chick below his looks-match.
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    Advice needed

    I'm not defending this jerk guy at all... But showing up late and then interrupting people already involved with an exercise by making small talk with them can be perceived as rude. I know you meant no harm though. For future events, if you want to meet people, try to arrive early so you can...
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    Some musings about advice I receive about my hair and if I cut it for *****.

    If you got it, rock it. Women love to spout their "just cut it short" BS, but they still (more often than not) gravitate towards guys with full, long, thick hair. TLDR: "Just cut it short" should be placed in the same filing cabinet as "I prefer dad bods" lol.