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    Hotels vs Air B and B

    I’m currently working in corporate, and stacking up my cash so that I can live the kind of lifestyle that I desire. One of my goals is to reach the point where I can travel to a different big city every single weekend, and Game there. Even when I live in a big city myself. Basically, one giant...
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    Primary Focus: Where to Direct my Money?

    I was chatting with a member about this topic in the DMs, but I think it would be good to make a separate thread on this topic as well. I currently work as a software engineer at a smaller firm: in a smaller town. I’m not really super concerned about being laid off due to cuts, since we are...
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    She Requested a Raincheck. How to Mitigate Flakes in the Future?

    Met a girl through a social circle introduction. I won’t write too much about her(I have a whole separate thread involving that) but long story short is she seemed pretty high interest and there was definitely a sexual frame set. She even Snapchat closed me before I even asked. When we all went...
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    College Redemption: “So There’s This One Girl…”

    The title is mostly a joke lol. But sometimes, I end up in these very specific situations and I like to make threads on them. Not only because it’s helpful for the situation, but it helps to deal with similar situations in the future. And yes, I Cold Approach every weekend so it’s not actually...
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    11/11/22 FR: Social Circle Introduction

    I don’t know if I should quite call this a date or what, but it’s certainly a situation lol. I wanted to write about it this weekend and get some feedback on how to proceed from here. It’s a little bit long, but I wanted to capture all of the details. So it’s just a regular Friday. I just got...
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    FR: Car “Pull”

    Hello, my SS brothers. I’ve been gone for quite a while. I wanted to share this fun experience that happened to me doing Nightgame. I had a straight to the house wine date set up with a lead. She ended up being a massive flake, which is odd considering how much she was blowing up my phone. It...
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    I Nearly Died in a Car Crash Last Weekend. How Can I Prevent This From Ever Happening Again?

    This thread is a combination of a life update, rant/vent, and asking for advice. I had a life threatening, potentially life ending event happen to me last weekend. I had an extra gig that I picked up in Nashville to bring in a bit of extra cash. After that, I crashed at my friends’ house and...
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    My Wing Burned Out Of Game

    I don’t really have a question or anything, I just wanted to share this and talk about it. Of course I’m keeping things 100% anonymous, but it’s something I still wanted to discuss for the sake of conversation. I recently noticed that one of the guys I winged with occasionally left the pickup...
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    FR: Pull With Wing in ATL (The Return of NickSaiz65)

    Hello, all. I’ve been gone for a while. I feel like corporate has damn near taken over my life and I don’t have time for anything anymore lol. But now that work is a bit calmer, I’ve returned to SS. Wanted to share a FR that happened with my wing last weekend in Atlanta(I’m going to Atlanta...
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    So She Slid Up on the Snap Story… How to Make this one Not Platonic

    Interesting situation here. I don’t want to be just a one trick pony who can only bang girls from direct cold approach: I want to be able to handle more I thought I would make a thread about it. I’ve been going out to the bars and clubs with my bois every single weekend to run game. Oftentimes...
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    FR: Date 7/13/22(Deep Dive)

    I had a date today. I want to detail it to you all, and see what I could’ve done better. This girl was pretty cute. A redhead with very long hair. She was also an artsy chick, which is something that I’m pretty into because I tend to vibe with those chicks pretty well. She was also a teacher...
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    Preventing Stress Induced Binges

    How can I eliminate the stress eating, while I’m on my summer shred? This is definitely an issue I’m working on solving. Whenever times get really stressful for me(usually through work) I end up stress eating, binging, and undoing a whole week on my diet. I am absolutely a stress eater, and I...
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    Settling This: Direct at NIGHT?

    I’ve been going out quite a bit more these days. Especially at night. And there is one thing that I’m starting to think about more. I had a similar thread to this in the past, but I’d like to make this one specifically for the context of Nightgame. Is it even worth it doing these direct opens...
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    Dieting Induced Depression

    Was wondering if anyone else has run into this issue. I’m continuing my summer shred. It’s going well and at this rate I’ll be able to keep the 15 lbs that I’ve lost off. I’m intermittent fasting, tracking my calories, doing my cardio, eating protein, managing the cheat days through fasting...
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    “Don’t you Have a Girlfriend?” The Dreaded Question

    It’s finally happening. I’m 25 years old right now. Everyone around me is getting engaged, married, or having babies it seems. Every time I visit my mother, or other family members, they ask “Don’t you have a girlfriend?” Or “Why don’t you have a girlfriend?” I can’t exactly be like “I’m on an...
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    Sexualizing your Dates

    Been doing a lot more Daygame lately. The aim is to get lots of solid numbers, to get dates and then close them. (Instead of only relying on Nightgame closes.) I’m working on making sure that all of my dates have a sexual vibe so that I’m able to close them. We’ve all been there: there is...
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    Sh*t Test: “Are You Banging Other Women?”

    Here’s a fun one. I used to get this sh*t test a lot, especially in the bedroom as part of LMR. Was curious at some of the lines you all would use to pass this one. I’ve used various ones to varying degrees of success. I think my favorite one was: “No, I’m actually a virgin”:lol:
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    When on a Date… Sit Beside Her or Sit Across from Her?

    I’ve heard differing opinions on this. I get that sitting beside her lets you be more physical on the date but I hate turning my head to make eye contact the whole date lol. It just feels awkward. On the other hand, sitting across from her you can’t be as physical so you risk the date being...
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    Small Town Woes

    I’m seeing a potential issue coming up. I wanted to get some feedback on this from you guys… I live in a pretty damn small town. It’s kind of frustrating, but it is what it is. Ever since I got fired from my weekend side gig, I’ve been driving out to game in bigger cities every single weekend...
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    FR: Nashville Pull 6/16/22

    No close this time, but my wing and I pulled from the Nashville Nightlife. Thought y’all might find it an interesting read: Met up with my wing, and then we went up to Nashville to do some Nightgame. We did a combination of approaches in the bar, and on the street. I’m pretty sure I got used...