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  1. redskinsfan92

    Geico reminds of Tinder Hoes

    So, I've been trying to communicate with Geico about my windshield. They won't answer the phone and replies via email take hours and sometimes days. Meanwhile that green little gecko ho is shaking his @ss around avertising online. I realized its just corporate representation of our current...
  2. redskinsfan92

    Meanwhile in Australia ...

    Appalling stuff going on down there supposedly. Anyone here currently in Australia with any insight about this?
  3. redskinsfan92

    I was right about topic I will not mention

    There was a controversial topic on here last year related to last year's events that I will not mention. I drew a line on a particular issue. Pointed to it as a slippery slope. Then everyone proceeded to blast me. Now we are here Mark 1:51
  4. redskinsfan92

    Godzilla vs Kong review

    It was somewhat interesting at first, then it started going full bs mode. Depicted men and boys as idiots and women and girls as fully competent and capable. I immediately lost interest and fell asleep on the sofa. Was tired from my workout anyway.
  5. redskinsfan92

    Richard Cooper charging outageous price for his private "community"

    Some of you may be familiar with Rich Cooper as he has pretty big "manosphere" following on Youtube and Twitter. Well, today I saw he posted a tweet about joining his private community. I looked at it and thought, "Okay, cool. I'll go on there and see what people are saying." Well, turns out he...
  6. redskinsfan92

    NoSoda Challenge

    Basically, I have a soda addiction. I drink a particular flavor like people smoke cigarettes. I have decided tonight that in my effort to prepare for walking shirtless at the beach this summer and going forward, I am immediately ceasing all soda consumption. Water and coffee will be my only...
  7. redskinsfan92

    Reliable Cars

    Haven't seen anyone talk cars on here in a while. So, couple of topics for discussion here. Reliable Cars: What are some brands and models you have found to be particularly reliable? Everyone says Toyota Camrys and Corollas are, but they are pretty boring looking. Also, I knew someone who...
  8. redskinsfan92


    I have discovered one thing. Money makes me happy. It's not the only thing in life, but being poor never did me any good.
  9. redskinsfan92

    The Book of Numbers:Analyzing the ROI of the Pursuit of Women by Aaron Clarey

    This book was an interesting "read." Just finished listening to it on audible. Basiically he goes through the stats to determine what is the average American mans chances of a happy marriage. Not good gentlemen. Not good at all. Basically, he goes through the numbers. It is determined the...
  10. redskinsfan92

    What's a solution in today's world for having kids?

    Ok, been thinking about this problem. Obviously todays world is not ideal for a man who wants to have children. The tradional route in the USA was courtship, marriage, then kids. The man provided for the family. The woman stayed home and raised the children. Worked pretty well for a while...
  11. redskinsfan92

    Redskins Discontinued Cheerleader Squad

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30996155/washington-football-team-replaces-cheerleaders-dance-squad%3fplatform=amp This one hurts. Team has turned into pc f@gg0try! I would like to request a name change if possible.
  12. redskinsfan92

    Did Feminism ruin GTA 6?

    https://hypebeast.com/2021/1/grand-theft-auto-vi-first-female-protagonist-rumor-info?amp=1&__twitter_impression=true Thoughts?
  13. redskinsfan92

    The Rational Male Religion

    Looks like Rollo's new book is out today. Should be an interesting read.
  14. redskinsfan92

    I got vaccinated for Covid

    It may surprise some, but after careful consideration I decided to get vaccinated. I see more pros than cons. If the government wanted to poison me, then they would have already done so. I work in hospitals. Even walk down halls of Covid units. So, the vaccine was made available to me. The...
  15. redskinsfan92

    Would you rather sleep with

    Or ? Lmao
  16. redskinsfan92

    Spinning Plates Works

    I have recently confirmed second hand the absolute success men have when they are banging multiple women. I have two roommates. Both have brought home several different women in recent weeks. Rather attractive women too. Both are getting laid pretty much on demand. The common denominator is...
  17. redskinsfan92

    Wish I had preordered a bunch of new consoles

    Really missed an opportunity there. I'm more decent than these resellers and would undercut everyone's prices too. $1100 for a PS5 is ridiculous. So there is a money making idea fellas. Figure out what is the next hot item that will be sold out for a while, but in high demand. Buy a bunch...
  18. redskinsfan92

    Taking a Break

    I will be taking a break from the forum. It is no secret that I have some disagreements with the mods, but that's fine. They can moderate as they see fit, though it seems inconsistent. I don't own the website, though I would gladly pay a subscription to a redpill forum open for all topics. I...
  19. redskinsfan92

    Many Meaningful Threads Taken Down Lately

    Honestly, what is the point of even having this website? We were having a legitimate discussion that was overall rather civilized, yet the thread gets closed. To what purpose? To what end? You'll probably say political. How? We were discussing Covid? Are we supposed to pretend like that doesn't...