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  1. redskinsfan92

    How to build a side hustle making money from pay pigs, by a 'findomme'

    I'd get off on the fantasy of her sending me money.
  2. redskinsfan92

    Ding dong the witch is dead rip queen elizabeth

    Can someone educate me on any of Elizabeth Windsor's accomplishments? Genuine question from an American.
  3. redskinsfan92

    Sh!t Testing

    I'm half way through the audible version.
  4. redskinsfan92

    How do you guys feel about Courtney Ryan?

    Couldn't stand more than 10 seconds of her talking.
  5. redskinsfan92

    Thoughts on women with dogs

    Large or small? There is a potential red flag if a single girl owns a large male dog.
  6. redskinsfan92

    Rollo Tomassi's take on game in the rational male

    How does she know who you are unless you can demonstrate it with game?
  7. redskinsfan92

    Is it better to have multiple wives or a high notch count?

    Define high quality woman and best guy
  8. redskinsfan92

    Do dating apps work for you ?

    Never worked for me
  9. redskinsfan92

    Rollo Tomassi's take on game in the rational male

    You didn't read the whole book
  10. redskinsfan92

    You're not alpha...

    Are we trying to make abstract placeholder terms literal again ?
  11. redskinsfan92

    Mother laments that her son will be short unlike his tall father

    Define short. I'm 5'7" and have found those below 6' see me as average height, but those above 6' see me as short.
  12. redskinsfan92

    Girls just wanna have fun (no exception)

    But if you would like my opinion on the "grabber" he was not the best leader for the job either
  13. redskinsfan92

    Girls just wanna have fun (no exception)

    There we have the difference in maturity. One giving typical male banter. The other openly cheating on her husband. I must also add she is currently in office. The grab comment was a decade before taking office
  14. redskinsfan92

    you are not entirely socially awkward, people make it awkward for you when talking with them

    I'm convinced lot of women on dating apps are very socially awkward. I realized I'm not when I noticed how easily I make friends in settings like work.
  15. redskinsfan92

    Is crying infront of girls a thing now?

    Only time I've cried in front of women was relatives when my brother passed last year. That one hurt deep
  16. redskinsfan92

    Girls just wanna have fun (no exception)

    It's easy to take important phone calls on a golf course. In her case picture this. An enemy country invades and the leader is drunk and busy grinding against a man who is not her husband. It's not disturbing that she is at a party. What was disturbing was how immature she was acting. Honestly...
  17. redskinsfan92

    Food shortages

    It's been going on for a while now. Have a relative that works for a large company delivering a popular snack to stores. Often he gets way less carts than what he orders to deliver.
  18. redskinsfan92

    Looking back, what were you back in High School?

    Reminds me of when I worked night shift in an Amazon warehouse. I somehow found myself making friends with everyone in the department. Then I realized there were cliques. I'd walk in the breakroom and could pick which group's table to sit at without issue. Then there were friends in the...